Chettinad Food Festival at Westin Hyderabad


Westin Hyderabad presented yet another gastronomical treat with their ongoing Chettinad Food Festival, curated by Chef Jagadeesh.

I was glad to be invited to relish the flavors of south. Chef Jagadeesh and Chef Mukesh joined us, and were kind enough to describe each and every dish with so much zest, listing out miniscule detailing that went into the preparations, while sipping on the welcome drink- coconut water served in khullar, which was just right to build up the appetite for the spicy chettinad meal ahead.



In appetizer came ‘Mushroom pepper fry’, a vegetarian twin of pepper chicken. Variety of  marinated ‘Fish’,coriander marinated fried chicken ‘Kozhi Malli Varuval’,  a traditional mix of Chettinad spices along with herbs is what makes the difference to the flavors.

Chettinad as hyped is not about spice but spices, and mind you there is a difference, spicy food overpowers all flavors and chettinad cuisine is all about using spices to create right flavors. This cuisine has always known to be high on heat, owing to the liberal use of peppers and chilies, that’s traditional to their cooking.

While we waited for main course i gorged on beautiful assortment of chutneys and pickles , trying every one of it with paratha.  Next came assortment of dishes in specially curated thali, huge enough to accommodate almost every dish on the menu. My favorite was Kothu Paratha, a result of scrambled partha mixed with chicken curry, very authentic in flavor and taste.There was also ‘Kootur Kari Chor’ a Mutton Pulav which is from the royal cuisine of Chettinad. there were other dishes like ‘Kal Appam with Kadala Curry’Kavi Poo Melagu Perratal’ which is cauliflower with hint of pepper, ‘Vathal Kolmbu’, and ‘Kai Gari Khorma’ which is ‘Mix Veg in Coconut Gravy’


For dessert there was  Payasam, with subtle hint of sweetness from tender coconut. Also there was rawa laddu which is much more common during festivities.   


The entire evening was a culinary journey of flavors, delightful in every sense chettinad Food is one relish able cuisine, hoping to get more of it soon.

The promotion is on until 12th February for both lunch and dinner (while menu is on rotation with new additions for every meal)

Address: The Westin Building, Raheja IT Park Mindspace, Hi-Tech City Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad. Ph: 67676888

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Love Fashioneatista

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