TDH Menu by Marriott Hyderabad

Marriott Hyderabad always welcomes you to some of the finest delicacies and this time i was invited to taste a 6 course- Inspire me chef ‘TDH Menu’ handcrafted by Chef Yogender Pal (fondly known as Chef Yogi) that will be available Okra, Marriott Hyderabad every Saturday.

It is a complete experiential menu by chef and his team, inspired by his journey and experiences around the world. Mixing up unusual ingredients with new techniques and recipes, every dish was a surprise to the palate and eyes!

This menu will be available every Saturday (and will have something new every week) as part of the a la carte option, that will let guests choose options in Appetizers, Soups, Pasta & Main course, but has a preset dessert, sorbet ( well trust me when i say you wont be left with space for any separate orders).

Amuse Bouche and Soya Glazed Chicken Terrain at Marriott Hyderabad

The first thing that came to table was ‘Macaroon’ and i almost got excited (with me being such a dessert lover, i thought the meal was starting with a dessert.. but it wasn’t) it was after all an experimental menu and once i was told its ‘Amuse-Bouche’ macaroon, but with Chicken Liver Patty i was amazed, crispy outside and rich of flavor inside, it was just delightful.

Next came ‘Soya Glazed Chicken Terrain’ in appetizer, i mean just look at the dish below, what i loved the most about this dish was use of red wine jelly, this dish was burst of flavors as much as it is in colors.

IMG_8468 1
Green Pea Soup with Butter Poached Prawns  at Marriott Hyderabad

‘Green Pea Veloute with Butter Poached Prawns’ for soup was creamy and flawless.

Lemon Chili Sorbet

Giving us a beak, we were served ‘Lemon, chili and vodka sorbet’ that acts as a palate cleanser, helping us prepare for the next dishes, because we were not even half way there yet. Hyderabad blogger, top food blogger in Hyderabad 

Squid Ink Ravioli

Coming to Main course, we started of with ‘Squid Ink Ravioli’ with tomato and seafood butter Which also helped me tick away a Trend of the year in food- which is obviously Black Food. The first bite i took, i was a little skeptical, but then i bit into the more central part which had the filling and also the tanginess added by seafood butter just made my mind change about it, for good.

Pan Seared Lamb Lion

In Main Course chef served us ‘Pan Seared Lamb Loin’ served with Red Cabbage Puree, Fondant Potatoes and Glazed Baby Carrots, i wasn’t very satisfied with this particular dish as it was harder and chewy. I did chew away all the little carrots  and of course swiped the wine jelly off the plate.

The Earth, with Raspberry Curd Bar in backdrop at Okra, Marriott Hyderabad

‘Raspberry Curd Bar’ is a tiny pre-dessert that cuts through the richness of all the flavors we experienced in our main course to create a perfect balance between sweet and savory and an ideal bridge towards the sweeter finale of the meal. ‘The Earth’ a citrus Vanilla Mousseline, Sour Cherry Compote, Chocolate Soil’ is so Instagram friendly dish, its almost heartbreaking to dig in. Chocolate soil in an edible Chocolate mold, served with citrus vanilla mousseline and sour cherry compote; infused with perfume was a Grand Finale to the exceptional meal. Hyderabad blogger, Indian travel blogger, best Hyderabad blogger

Food was great every course of our meal was detailed to perfection, it was a real delight to eyes as well as my taste. Plating that could win a heart of any artist and  colors that brighten up your mood, i would definitely recommend this fine meal at Marriott.

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Love Fashioneatista


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