Virtual Tour of Amritsar

While I unravel on my new journey here is a tour of my last one. I travel so much I often forget to add iton my blog. I mean yes I do share snippets on social media but now on I am going to capture every essence of my travel journey and share it with you guys on my blog.

My Flight from Hyderabad was via Delhi
Taj Swarna, a new gem in Taj Hotels welcomed my stay for the Trip
Sunrise or Sunset, The Harminder Sahib  (Golden temple) soaks you in a bliss
The mouth melting bun maska  with chai is a hidden gem, within the Gurudware premises and boon in chilled winter morning
The Mesmerizing details overpower every corner of golden temple
Generation old Kesar da Dhaba for authentic Amritsari food
Heritage architecture, Golden Details, Water that Purifies and Epitome of peace, only at Golden Temple
kadai doodh
Winters are incomplete without the Hot Flavoured Milk, Cooked and simmered for hours with added Almonds, Saffron and Pistachio, found at almost every food outlet outside Golden Temple
Its not just gold plated at Golden Temple, it is handcrafted with art and inscriptions, maintained with love and adored by devotees from all around the world
Even the floor has a Persian style designs, spread all around Golden Temple.
Soya Chaap are a food lovers delight available at Aloo Katra every evening, for few hours only
wagah border
Unmissable moment between two nations at Wagha Border
Tikki Chatt at Aloo Katra are yet another evening delight, served with fresh salad and tangy chutney
Guru Ramdas De Jalebi, your trip will be incomplete without savouring this hot and sweet delicacy (the best jalebi in the world) available at Aloo Katra, Amritsar


Recall history and martyrdom at Jalianwala Bagh
Kulcha’s are not hard to find, but Kulchas at Kulwinder Singh Kulchas are a must try
Ahuja’s Lassi Is by far my favourite pick in Amritsar

In spite of Lakh of Devotees that visit Golden Temple, Amritsar it sees discipline and innumerable amount of seva round the clock. Here there is no morning or evening only peace that one can breathe in just by being in the premises. Sit by the lake, enjoy the moment because as Sikhs believe there is god in every devotee and just being among them is being with god.

Visit the Maze like Markets, take home Phulkari suits/scarfs or handcrafted Juttis (footwear) as souvenirs, enjoy the local cuisine that drips of Desi Ghee (butter) and feel the pride by visiting Wagah Border that shows a magical moment of ‘Lowering of the flags’ of two counties.

So make your next visit to the spectacular city- Amritsar. If you think I missed out of something leave comments below and don’t forget to follow me on my new journey to Neemrana Fort and Palace on Instagram @fashioneatista.

Love Fashioneatista

*few pictures like pictures of Jalianwala Bagh, wagah border, ahuja lassi has been sourced from the net.

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