Tea Time with Gardner Street

If you have been following my feed you would know I am a huge coffee person, but I have taken it upon myself this year to cut down on the amount of caffeine. To be frank I never understood the flavour of tea, it just never appealed my taste. But whenever I travelled I would try all kind of  flavored tea available in my room just heat the water and dip the sachet and keep going. That’s when I realized, my cup of tea is just without milk in it, green tea, black tea, flavored tea, name it i can have it.

Green tea helps in so many ways you will almost loose count. So when I received the pretty little boxes of flavoured (natural) green tea from Gardner Street  with exceptional health benefits I was glad to try them out, and must I say I am in love with the brand.

Full time work, part time blogging, back to back meetings, shoots, social commitments, i hardly get time to add the much needed me time. Even when I am travelling I am on my toes, exploring, shooting, my brain is always brainstorming.


I remember when I made my cup of ‘Chinese Whisper’ I sat across my laptop and ready to write a new post and sipped my first sip, the aroma filled me transferring me to a complete zen mode, and your brains automatically demands you to shut the multitasking mode and concentrate on this elixir. This was the moment when I truly understood people’s craving for tea, because after this cup I sure was going to crave for my daily dose of it. Then what, i switched of my laptop, moved to my balcony instead of my couch and enjoyed my cup of Gardners Street Tea finally having some me time.


 CHINESE WHISPERS is green tea with blend of Jasmine

Sachets: 20 silken sachets

Price: Rs.450.00
Flavour note: Floral
This is my favorite, the subtle fragrance is refreshingly soothing and can lift your mood no matter how long it has been.

FLOWER POWER is green tea with blend of Rose and Hibiscus
Sachets: 20 silken sachets
Price: Rs.450.00
Flavour note: Floral
Yet again the rosy aroma fills you up with this one  while the Hibiscus strengthens your immune system. Its great for and building immunity perfect for knocking off that stubborn weight

LEMON AID is green tea with blend of Lemon
Sachets: 20 silken sachets
Price: Rs.450.00
Flavour note: Mild Citrus
A natural dose of immunity booster and antioxidant.  This tea is great as an immunity booster for those looking to fight off infections like the common cold and pneumonia, so keep it in stock for the coming rainy season

KASHMIRI KAHWA is green Tea with blend of almonds, rose, saffron, cardamom, clove
Sachets: Comes in pack of 50 gms of loose tea (use 2 gm per/cup)
Price: Rs.500.00
Flavour note: subtly sweet
A sweet aroma of  saffron and cinnamon takes me back to the first cup of kahwa I had back at foothills of Himalaya. This tea has been my winter favorite, a part of their luxurious collection this  Improves Skin Complexion, Aids Digestion and Helps in Weight Loss


Every tea they offer have befits that speeds up your metabolism, Lowers BP & Cholesterol, relieves stress and Expedites weight loss and some even great for your skin. They have Three collections you can choose from- signature, wellness and Luxury. Well to be honest I do keep the kashmiri kahwa in my room for those special days when I really need some extra dose of pampered feeling, with a candle lit, a new book and some good music.

Truly speaking gardners street helped me rediscover importance of taking few minutes in our chaotic life, pause and just enjoy the moment.

So go ahead an order yourself there amazing range of tea’s, I definitely vouch for them. The best part is you can also have them as ice tea, so go ahead and beat some summer heat.

Order at : https://gardnerstreet.in/

Have an amazing week ahead 

Love Fashioneatista

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