Barsho Baran, The Park Hyderabad

Enliven your taste buds with some authentic Bengali delicacies, a 3-day ‘Barsho Baran’ Food Festival at Aish, The Park Hyderabad starting 14th April-16th April. In tune with the festive season, Chef Mandaar Sukhtankar in collaboration with home chefs (and sisters) Swarnali and Sarbani curated a special menu to take you to a culinary journey of East Bengal.

Served in form of Thali menu for both lunch and dinner, Bengali food is all about artful presentation and flavorful experience. This is the first time when I was introduced to flavors of Bengal and must I say I was fascinated with food and delighted that Chef cum curator Swarnali was there to enlighten us about sourcing of ingredients, how masala’s are used distinctly in this particular cuisine and lot more, making my experience a source full one.

Aish, The Park, Hyderabad

The menu offered some strong and fiery flavors in scrumptious meats, flavorsome vegetables and delicious desserts. We started with traditional ‘Aam Panna’ undoubtedly I went for refills throughout my meal. The starters included dishes like ‘Dimer Devil’ Eggs with crispy crust outside and kheema filling inside. ‘Fish Fry’ was a thick chunk rather than a skinny fillet but great in taste, there was also ‘Echprer Chop’ a dish made out of Jack fruit and ‘Singadha’ which is bengali samosa. All these served with chutneys like Mango chutney, papaya chutney and tangy tomato chutney that only added to the flavour .

While the main course had the famous ‘Shukto’ a mix veg delicacy cooked in milk, ‘Potol Posto’ is what I am familiar with as parval which has a touch of khus khus, ‘Prawn Curry’ and  ‘Doi Mach’ were all distinct in flavors and I thoroughly enjoyed each one of it. Coming to favorites I really liked  ‘Begun Bhaj’ that was sliced brinjal coated with spices and fried to crisp;  ‘Kosha Mangsho’ well this one I couldn’t keep my hands off you really have to taste to understand this tasteful dish.

Bengali food Festival at Aish,The Park. Hyderabad

Don’t miss out on the appetizing desserts such as Malai Rasogolla and Pati Shapta was soft and nice too. Go ahead and treat your self with some Bengali feast at Aish, The Park.Hyderabad

Love Fashioneatista

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