Asian Cravings at Haiku, Hyderabad


A fine dine oriental restaurant in Hyderabad, Haiku has artfully done interiors is extremely spacious and picturesque.  This rustic comfortable Asian restaurant churns out reliably tasty sushi and other classical Japanese and Thai dishes, all served with the sincerest of smiles from their knowledgeable staff.

Coming to the food, don’t miss out on the Haiku Special – ‘Khao Soi’, a blend of hand cut rice and noodles with coconut milk. This was by far the flavorful perfect Khao Suey’s I have had.  A refreshing try would be the ‘Tangy Lotus Stem’ which is stir-fried with honey and spices, very crispy topped with generous sesame seeds and spring onion, it’s a perfect snack dish amongst other innovative dishes on the menu.


Chef’s recommendation of ‘Spicy Miso Glazed Chicken Wings’ was cooked to perfection and not to forget the ‘Chicken Cilantro’ which was zesty in a traditional bao.  Accompanying our meal was lovable bubble tea in flavors of Soy Milk and Rose.
The portions are good enough for two heavy eaters and help you fill in easily. From the main course we also tried the haiku special fried rice in ‘Khao Pad’, which was sticky rice Thai style, not one for my taste buds.  Indian Lifestyle blogger

IMG_8832My clear favorites were Khao Suey and Salmon sushi. For desserts i enjoyed the layered Indulgence of caramel, biscuits and cookie dough, ending lunch in proper Asian style, we had green tea and endless conversations.

So head to Haiku for mouth watering Asian food and don’t forget to click some Instagram worthy pictures at the lovely place. Hyderabad blogger, Indian travel blogger, Best Hyderabad blogger, Hyderabad food blogger


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Love Fashioneatista

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