Spa Ceylon Product Review

Ayurveda has long been the healing science in India. A solution for all things physical and mental that balances your life. Spa Ceylon in Hyderabad is one such place that, as a brand combines Ayurveda wisdom and fine natural ingredients to bring you the ultimate in Ayurveda luxury.

I reviewed their spa service (read here) a short while ago and coming out at total bliss I was handed over a goodie bag of their products. After using and obsessing over them for more than a month i am sharing my review on the Spa Ceylon products.

While the in-house spa treatments give you a luxurious familiarity of their products (they use their own products for all the treatments) it is only a surplus package while the USP is their products. You can buy their products to transform your home into your very own little (aromatic) spa.

The products not only smell and feel good but heal your skin and body at the same time, thanks to the natural ingredients as well as keen focus on skin type that helps you buy right kind of products for right skin/concern. The line up of products is pretty amazing categorized based on dosha and skin types. They offer bath and shower products and several unique balms and body oil mists which I found really interesting.

Peace- Bath & Shower Gel Spa Ceylon

This one is from the peace range, it smells wonderful earthy, a nice change from the floral and fruity scents that we usually find in bath care products. I find this wash very gentle on the skin and the relaxing spa-like fragrance feels really uplifting!
I think this is a wonderful range for both men and women and if you like earthy scents, I highly recommend this!

Spa Ceylon Cardamom Rose Hand Cream 

This is the best hand cream ever, I am addicted to the light texture, hydrating and quick absorbing lotion and of course the sweet scent. The pump bottle is really handy and his has indeed become a part of my daily skin care essential (i use it on my arms and legs as well and have already restocked on the next).  If you’re a fellow rose lover then you’ve got to try this out, as it is one of the most subtle rose product i have come across( In  terms of smell) leaving the hands soft and fragrant with the sweet scent of rose and cardamom

Sandalwood Soap

The goodness of this all natural soap is that it smells like sandalwood, looks like sandalwood and is made of it as well. It has honey, and natural vitamin E from soya and fatty acids. It frees your skin of excessive oil (so great for summers) so if you already have a dry skin you will need to go for something else, acceding to your skin type.

White Jasmine Facial Cleansing Balm

At spa Ceylon you will find a complete range is white jasmine that is dedicated exclusively to facial care. This is my super star product and i recommended this to each one of YOU. Just massage the product on your stuburronest make up and wipe it off with wet cotton, makeup removing pad or tissues (anything that is slightly moist is better when you remove make up as rubbing anything dry will rob your skin of its natural oils). It leaves your skin soft, moisturized and with a natural glow. This literally is the best beauty product for me. Since i have a combination skin i have always had product that left my skin either dry or oily, but this is just amaze.

Sleep- Hydrating butter

A little strong in aroma for me, but i still haven’t figured this one out yet. The days i am really tired i like to pamper myself with this, which obvious has got a place at my bed side. So i really don’t know if it was the cream that soothed me out or the tiring day, either way its hydrating butter so no loss.

I have also used their Hair mist and Shampoo, which went a total loss on me and weren’t that effective. I would really suggest you to try the product before you buy because the aromas can be strong for some people who are sensitive to smell. Also consult with, happy to attend staff for right product according to your dosha to get maximum benefits.

Hope this blog helps you. For more instant updates follow your favorite Lifestyle blogger for Instagram @fashioneatista for food in Hyderabad, fashion and lot of travel stories

Love Fashioneatista



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