Sheraton Spa Review

Pamper yourself at The Spa, Sheraton’s holistic oasis that incorporates ancient Ayurveda practices and aromatherapy into each service for a true awakening of the mind, body, and soul.

Upon arrival i was warmly greeted by the Spa head who helped me choose my treatment for the day. I opted for their ‘Hot Stone Massage” for 60 minutes. While i waited in the waiting area, i took note of the interiors, soft tones of brown and pearl, plush sofas with calm music creating a serene scene.

Their expert massage therapists led me to one of their massage rooms, compact and cozy ready to pamper me.

Letting the stress and anxieties melt away as my muscles were therapeutically manipulated with comfortable strokes. What i felt was an incredibly relaxing therapy with use of hot stones and potli ‘a bag full of medicinal herbs’ placements to drive away all the strain and knots from your muscles. The hot stone treatment  and  Potli infused herbs are soothing as the heat enhances the curative benefits that help expand your blood vessels encouraging a better blood flow. The therapist attend to my concerned area on request giving it a special (and longer) focus. the masseuse was very careful and used the stones on her palm first to avoid any uncomfortableness, its very important to know the right temperature and must the the masseuse was well trained for it ensuring my comfort.

post massage she left the stones perfectly arranged on my spine for a few seconds as your body relaxes. the process took me about 60 minutes leaving me on a very healed note. this treatment is great for anyone dealing with anxiety, high blood pressure, stressed or someone who is deprived of a break. post spa i headed to the steam room, its always recommend to take steam post your massage as it helps ope your pores and absorb all the goodness of natural oils used during your massage. followed by a invigorating bath the massage therapy ends with a cup of traditional green tea to revitalize and energize you.

good for me i was staying at the hotel because a short nap is mandatory to soak into aftermath of such relaxing experience.



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