NOC NOC Bistro Hyderabad

Noc Noc Bistro is kid on the block, quirky decor and great outdoor seating makes it a really welcoming place. I was really happy on my visit as it rained outdoors, and nothing beats the combination of rain through huge glass windows, crunchy food and endless conversations.

Butter Chicken Spring Rolls at Noc Noc Bistro

The menu has some quite entertaining dishes, with all the hype I wanted to try the non Veg Tandoori momo’s but it wasn’t available. So I went ahead and ordered ‘Butter Chicken Spring Rolls’ being a Punjabi, butter chicken is like the top of food  hierarchy for me, and I was pleased to see complete justice done to this dish. Perfectly crisp rolls filled with boneless (well) marinated chicken, served with mint chutney. Next was Howrah Chicken’ as the name suggests this dish got its influence from Bengal, rightly spiced and tandoored to precision served with Jhal Muri was spicy and mouth melting. top hyderabad food blogger, Indian lifestyle blogger 

Hawrah Chicken with Jhal Muri at Noc Noc Bistro

In vegetarian the ‘Falafel Platter’ looked impressive but failed when it came to taste. The pita bread was not soft and hummus could have been done better. On the other Hand ‘Paneer Sheek with Paratha’ is a filling portion, a great combo of cottage cheese skewers with paratha with mint sauce, the flavors were right and portion size as well. Hyderabad food blogger, Hyderabad lifestyle blogger

Paneer Sheekh with Paratha at Noc Noc Bistro

Accompany your food with Mocktails like ‘Apple Kiwi Delight’ more like a slush and ‘Cucumber Buzz’, a tad too sweet for my taste but otherwise great to beat the summer heat. Our meal ended with ‘Smores Pizza’ which had an extremely crispy base loaded with Nutella and Smores that will definitely makes you go high on sugar.

Smores Pizza at Noc Noc Bistro

Location: 105, Kavuri Hills, Phase 2, Near State Art Gallery, Madhapur, Hyderabad, 9052002570
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