Vaya Tyffyns- Redefining Lunchboxes

Vaya, the it brand in Tiffins invited me over for the launch of their limited edition “Gold Tyffyn”  box by their CEO,Vashist Vasanthakumar,  who apart from unveiling the box, spoke about the core idea and immense growth of their brand beyond India.

Limited Edition ‘Gold Tyffyn” form Vaya

Tiffin boxes are and always will be essential part of Indian household. No matter what your age you always use of these in your daily lives, school lunch, office lunch, laddus sent in boxes from nani, pampering your friend with some home cooked food who stays away from  home. For us it’s more like sharing love and care than just food. So when they handed all the guests a ‘Vaya Tyffyn’ i was more than glad.

Graphite Tyffyn, 600ml, 2 containers from Vaya Tyffyn
Fits like a dream in my daily bag

Being a blogger, i eat out all the time, but when i am not i stick to my home cooked food at my office desk or wherever i am working. i have started carrying my Vaya literally everywhere, it fits like a dream in my bag. so be it shooting on location, at office, in the car i literally have by food on the go at great ease.

work mode on but thanks to vaya tyffyn i have my fancy lunch on the go

Vaya products are really fresh in style and sleek, even though i found it (600 ml tyffyn) on heavier side the rest of the qualities makes up for it. The boxes inside, be it the 3 container-1000ml or 2 container- 600ml are all built with VacuTherm technology, that helps preserve the aromas of masalas and keeps chappatis soft and fresh. The food remains warm for at least 4 hours, only if you pack it hot of course.  The lids of containers do the job well in avoiding any leaks. i also love the copper finished stainless steel containers and the fact that they have a divider inside that can help you carry variety of food at ease.

My Feast in the box with Vaya Tyffyn


See more of their cool stuff on Instagram:@vayaindia

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Love Fahsioneatista

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