Olaplex – Reviewd

Olaplex is relatively new to hit the hair world, it is an upgrade service for hair coloring to prevent damage. You can opt for it when you are getting your hair colored or go for a plain olaplex treatment. It’s more like a deep conditioning treatment to focus on strengthening the hair than give you luscious locks. It is not a protein or conditioning treatment but it is a repairing treatment.

The miracle treatment is supposed to help rebuild the strength and structure of damaged hair and is one of those products free from  silicone, sulfates, phosphates, DEA, aldehydes, and is never tested on animals.

For me it failed to give any results. I got my Hair colored at Bounce Spa & Salon, where I opted for olaplex. They add the needed to your hair to steer clear of any damage and help avoid any breakage and color lasts considerably longer.

It did give the color a lasting effect and texture did look good, but post few days I noticed the my hair very rough and lost any sheen it had. My second visit was for the plain Olaplex treatment, without color. It was more like an extended hair spa session. But also incomplete as the treatment suggest that they hand you over a conditioner sachet which you are supposed to use at home like a post treatment step. But they were out of it and I never got it.

While like any other treatment at a salon will give you a shiny soft mane, what matter to me is the result that last. This review is post my Olaplex color treatment and a second sole Olaplex  treatment. I would definitely not go ahead with this again or refer it.

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Love Fashioneatista

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