Monsoon Spa at The Spa by Park Hyatt, Hyderabad

Park Hyatt Hyderabad introduced a Special Monsoon Treatment at The Spa – “‘Herbal Bundle Massage’ that is especially put together for monsoons to re-energize oneself. The Spa  at Park Hyatt is a sanctuary to renew and to delight, where royal fragrances blend with decadent pearl rituals and the sophisticated herbal healing of Nizam tradition.

I was very eager to try it out but waited good 10 days after it was launched,  as i was down with viral fever (and it’s not suggested to opt for body massages when you are down with fever) But let’s just say the timing really worked, i had a lot of body pain even after i was back to work, so i finally blocked a date for this treatment as it intends to relax body and soul.


The Herbal Bundle Massage as informed by the spa manager is a true healing therapy for body stiffness and joint pain. He led me to the spa lounge , where I was welcomed with a Tamarind and jaggery drink in silver champagne glass along with a rolled wet towel.  It’s interiors are all cream-on-beige-deliciousness, dull lights that help you slip into zen mode. The calm color palette continues into the treatment room, all temptingly touchable in natural textures like marble, limestone and leather.

Once changed and ready my therapist began with foot wash with aromatic salt, as in any Ayurvedic treatment.  Post that she began the body massage with liberal application of medicated oils. I had to therapists assigned to me for, there was a missing sync in their moves but sooner or later my entire body was pampered with stretches and right strokes that relived all tension and knots in my body. Post The oil massage they began the therapy of bundle massage that is done with the use of pouches made out of muslin cloth which are filled with medicinal herbs and powders and it’s then poached over the whole body followed by a 30 minutes massage. This special therapy quickens the circulation and aids the muscles in disposing of accumulated waste products. I have had the bundle massage treatments earlier and I felt in this treatment the therapists lacked the usage of it, as it was thumped too fast and retracted any sense of relaxation.


So if you are looking for a treatment with results I would definitely suggest this as it has healing benefits that helps to stretch the tissue membrane, reduces traffic congestion around the compression of the joints, relieve spasticity of muscle, reduces the swelling caused by inflammation of muscles and joints and helps stimulate or increase blood circulation.

If you are looking to relax, I recommend you to go with their option that will be best suggested by the spa manager depending on your need. All in it was a great Sunday; my therapists recommended not have any shower or steam, and let the herbs and oils do their magic. So I used the hot towel to get rid of excess oil, changed and was back to the relaxing lounge for a cup of herbal tea and some apricots.


Where-The Spa, Park Hyatt, Hyderabad
When– Monday to Sunday,9 am- 10 pm
Duration– 90 Minutes
Prices-INR 9200+ Taxes

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