King Crab Fest at Mekong

Crabby days are here with Mekong King Crab fest. Mekong at Marigold by Green Park is paradise for Pan-Asian food lovers. It was my first visit to the place, as I am still developing a taste for Asian food. The place is simple yet elegant, but when it comes to food, it’s as diverse as the name itself. Mekong is one of the largest rivers in Asia flowing through 6 countries of which it represents in the cuisine served- Chinese, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Tibetan, Japanese

Chef Taraknath Mukherjee who enlightened us about the sourcing of ingredients and helped us understand different spices was really fascinating and not to forgot the warm welcome by Their GM Prabal Srivastava who accompanied us through the meal.

Fresh jasmine tea poured as I went through the special crab menu that includes

  • Fresh king crab cooked in Singapore chilly garlic sauce
  • Fresh king crab with garlic butter
  • Steamed crab in black pepper sauce
  • Chilly tao-pan king crab
  • Steamed crab with baby ginger and scallion
  • Fresh king crab in spicy fragrant sauce
Butter Garlic Prawns at Mekong – King Crab Fest

I opted for ‘Fresh King Crab With Garlic Butter’, while others on my table went for ‘Fresh King Crab Cooked in Singapore Chilly Garlic Sauce’ The cutlery and a mini apron placed on the table was a sign that it’s going to be a fun and messy dinner!

King Crab in Singapore chilly garlic sauce at Mekong

The crab meat under the hard shell was soft and delicate. It was just perfect and met my expectations. Succulent crab meat drizzled with scrumptious sauce delighted my taste buds.


We also tried ‘Crispy Fried Lotus Stem’ with sweet chili sauce, ‘Salmon sushi’ with lots of wasabi on it (wasabi really fascinates me and its flavor really tempts me.. Too weird?) and ‘Hanoi Garlic Prawns’ all that was perfectly appetizing.

Jaggery and Wasabi Ice cream at Mekong Hyderabad

Just when I had one last cup of jasmine refill and shared my love for wasabi with chef, he presented to me ‘Wasabi Ice cream’ one I never knew it could be done, i mean a string flavor like that form of ice cream?? Second- it was out of the worked. So when I say Don’t miss, Mekong’s homemade special ice cream in flavors of coconut Jaggery and Wasabi, Just Don’t’
It was indeed, a crackling gourmet experience.

Price: 1200 (Plus Taxes
Available till 19th sep, For lunch & Dinner
Location: Green Lands, Begumpet, Hyderabad

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Love Fashioneatista

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