Hoppery by Olive Bistro


Olive Group Launched its first ever microbrewery in Hyderabad.  The brewery is spread across a quaint glasshouse, an alfresco and a wooden deck. Step into this charming, split-level space with arguably the best view in Hyderabad.  No forced ‘brewery’ aesthetic here; just a pleasant, contemporary all-day space which transcends through the day as a feel-good brewery to a lively spot at night with friends and family. It’s perfect urbane interiors come with unmatched view and a relief that only a chilled pint brings during hot summer days, especially the magic of freshly brewed craft beer with flavours so distinct, that bottled beer can only hope to match.



The Hoppery has introduced four kinds of beer as of now; HopNotch (IPA), Copperead (Dark Lager), White Spice (Wheat) and Hydera Brew (a root beer inspired by the flavors of Hyderabad).  For the experimental ones, there is an array of beer based cocktails as well. Sip on the Flaming Lips (jalapeno infused vodka, sweet and sour mix, beer) or indulge in The Cure (Espresso, white rum, Kahlua, maple syrup, IPA beer). There’s also a classic Beer Sangria (vodka infused fruits, apple juice, red grape juice, topped with beer) for the Sangria lovers, all of these are is easy to drink, fresh and very session-able.



Unpretentious and simple, the food menu boasts of an array of splendid flavours created by the culinary genius Chef Shaun Kenworthy. The menu comprises small plates which are fresh, with comfort flavours and delicious in taste. We would definitely recommend the Grilled Shrimp with Mango Salsa, classic Assorted Fries but a must try is Crispy Tex-Mex Chicken Wings accompanied with choice of BBQ dip and blue cheese dip, Cheese and Chicken Ham Croquettes served with salsa rosa cocktail souse – all of which make the ideal beer bites.

Location: At Olive, Durgam Cheruvu, Road 46, Near Ambedkar University, Jubilee Hills. Ph:69999127

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