Cannoli Cafe, Hyderabad


This cafe has been on my list for months now, the board of this cafe at mighty 800 Jubilee has been up for so long but the place is now finally open. In collaboration with Driven Cafe the swanky cars keep you delighted as soon as you step on the premises. The place is spread on an entire ground floor, with a great display of desserts as soon as you step in and further in you will find a gigantic shelf that stocks fresh breads.


We started of with ‘Tomato Orzo’  a creamy tomato soup with fagioli that adds delight to otherwise boring soup, we paired it with ‘Zucchini Bites’,  where slices of grilled Zucchini were topped with dollop of hummus and  lavash crackers and drizzle of beetroot mayo. Next came the ‘Triple Cheese Knots’ this dish is a must try when visiting Cannoli Cafe, it is freshly baked mini bread knots with warm cheesy filling, a delight in every bite. lets warn you its a heavy dish if you are not planning to share it.


In main course we opted for ‘Almond Roasted Bell Paper Pasta’ made of angel hair that is tossed in smoky, sweet roasted bell pepper sauce tossed with almond. nice and creamy i loved the crispiness that came from the almond flakes , tad bit on sweeter side. For drinks we picked the delicious ‘Match Bubble Tea’ and ‘Almond frappe’ the flavors of bubble tea available here are really unique flavors like Blueberry, Taro root, Jasmine


On healthier side i tried the ‘Chicken Avocado Wrap‘ from the Mexican side of the menu. it was a tortilla wrap filled with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and of course Avocados.


I however wished there was a separate entry to this place, as it seemed too over crowded because, one-it was weekend and two-it had a common entrance for Hylife Brewery.

Address: 800 Jubilee, Road 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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