Plaza Premium Lounge, Hyderabad

I love airports, it’s a place so full of emotions and people, fresh beginnings, old endings, new adventures,  millstone moments, airports have seen it all. I for one love it because it always is a start of a new and exciting story to share with everyone, be it a travel story,  visiting family and friends, attend weddings or just go for a quick business meeting off shore. My goal this year was to travel as much as i could and i did- so far 10 months and 9 cities, i am on my way to 10th right now, as i am write this post and hopefully 2 more to finish my goal will be covered in coming months too. 

Airport Lounges are a blessing, it begins your journey in most leisure way possible, you can relax in your own comfort zone, no rush, enjoy a lavish spread- be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. My Experience with ‘Plaza Premium Lounge’ has always been yummy, i mean amazing. They exist in over 150 locations of 36 international airports across the world. 

I have been a priority pass member for over a year now, and just last month it expired but the most amazing thing happened to me, i was invited to experience the lounge and blog about it, well true love doesn’t go unheard. Since i Had a morning flight I visited the lounge for a hearty breakfast. 

I love the Plaza Premium Lounge at Hyderabad Airport, just imagine sipping your coffee and enjoying  your breakfast with a mesmerizing airside view of continuous landings and take off. Upon entry to the lounge you are greeted by very helpful staff members who fill you in on any information you need to know regarding your flight. Be it a business traveler or family on vacation there amenities like free Wi-Fi to comfy seats, Spa to separate VIP lounge, Newspapers to TV, its well equipped to make your visit worthy and comfortable. Most of the seats have power outlets beside them which is pretty convenient to charge electronic devices or to get some work done. There is also a TV that continually displays the flight schedule for benefit of their visitors. 

Coming to breakfast, they Serve everything form choice of Eggs, South Indian Idly- Dosa, Choice of Cereals, Fresh Juices, Fruits, Salads, Sausages and time to time make special additions as well.  Since i was visiting for a blog review, the staff presented us with a little bit of everything, I was overwhelmed but failed to finish everything on my plate. I wished to anticipate in their fabulous lunch to be served as part of their ongoing  ‘Hyderabadi Food Festival‘ but I had a flight to catch. But you can definitely try it out since its on-till 25th October. 
Plaza-Premium-Lounge-873-Hyderabadi-Food-FestivalrLounge Access Starts from 1200/- Plus Taxes. top Hyderabad blogger

You Need: They do check your boarding pass at the door so don’t even think about sneaking in! top Indian blogger, Hyderabad foo blogger, Hyderabad fashion blogger

Location: Domestic Departure at Hyderabad Airport

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