SLY Tech Bar, Hyderabad


A bust work space remodeled into a Speakeasy Bar by three young entrepreneurs turned risk takers/dreamers. Throbbing and thriving behind a nondescript looking reception area – a space to give that devil may care attitude and letting loose the inner sly in you. The interiors are full of urban graffiti, brick walls and unmissable God Father Movie inspired high Chair, it’s like an IT guy’s dream of turning office into bar.


It’s a perfect place for techies (and others) who needs to let loose from their stressful workday.  A table tennis board, a section with comic books, ranging from Archie Comics, Aster-ix series, games such as Monopoly and Jenga make your waiting for food and drinks worthwhile.

Opening with ‘Mr.Miyagi’– an orange marmalade with triple sec, and shaken served in a martini glass top above a glass full if dry ice, giving bit a Smokey effect, for starters it was impressive, next came  ‘Lychee Rose Martini‘ where typical martini vodka was mixed with lychee juice and also with dash of rose petals and syrup.


Coming to food, prices are very pocket friendly and options are endless. The menu has an array of grubs to enjoy with drinks. However our favorites were, ‘Fish pointing Fingers’ served with chili garlic mayo was a crispy delight, ‘C80s Jalapeno & Cheese peppers’ was mouthwatering cheesy,   ‘Dharamsala Chicken Momos’ with tangy chili sauce was on point with flavors.


The ‘Trainee’s Kolkata Jhal Muri’  was close to authentic, amidst trying all the dishes, this particular dish was by my side till the very end.  ‘SF BBQ chicken Wings’ were glazed to perfection, a definite must try.  Last but not the least- ‘Chili Cheese Toast’ crisp and you just cannot go wrong on this simple yet delicious dish.

Ending on a sweet note- spoiler, they have only one dessert on the menu- ‘Sly Sundae’ which is alcohol infused’ Vodka soaked brownie served with vanilla ice cream and coffee sauce.

Location: Ground Floor, Western Pearl Building,, Kondapur, Ph: 33194183

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