Hospitality Par Excellence at Lebua Resort, Jaipur

le bua

Located on the fringes of the city, amidst serene Aravali Hills, Lebua Resort is a luxury boutique hotel and spa destination in itself that channels the region’s color, vibrancy and cultural splendor.  The architecture of this resort property is heavily influenced by Jantar Mantar, the royal observatory but the result is so contemporary it’s hard to tell.  The entire resort has sweeping views that marries contemporary design with a Rajasthani sensibility. The raw red stone of the arched building appears fiery in the evening sun while each of the 60 suites and three villas at Lebua Resort, Jaipur are a celebration of textures, patterns, latticework and color. Sporting, opulent with maximal interiors, every room overlooks Aravali Mountains and is equipped with modern amenities.


Personalized welcome that made my stay even more memorable at Lebua Resort, Jaipur

LR 063-1 BR Luxury Suite


Vibrant Interiors if my Suite at Lebua Resort, Jaipur

We were allotted a luxury suite , each suite is styled after one of Jaipur’s famous jewel colors and i got red. With unique black and white terrazzo flooring,  my suit had a traditional bay window for seating with jharokas that played with light that came in and also reflected on beautiful mirror work on ceiling.  The suit is full of artistic details, from  hidden bride painting above the bed, intricate inlays, hammered metal surfaces or sheer work of glass throughout the ceiling.

IMG_3009 (2)
High Tea on my private terrace at Lebua Resort, Jaipur
Mornings at Lebua Resort, Jaipur

When at Lebua they pampered us with a specially curated high tea, post spa (exclsive blog on that coming up) at our own private terrace overlooking beautiful mountains with sun ready to set among them and we even spotted a peacock.  The mornings at the property is yet another experience we loved, the suit has a private open lawn with birds chirping around greeting you for a beautiful day ahead.

Evening turn down service at Lebua Resort, Jaipur


The evening gets better with their turn down services that literally filled my heart with warmth and respect for the staff for doing everything to make sure that my stay was no less than a memorable experience which i am sure i will never forget. Every evening they left us with surprise desserts rolled in a sheet that details a story of a local monument/tourist attraction along with a special bubble bath with rose petals. I couldn’t be more thankful for it, after a long touristy day,  to just take a dip in and soak my stress away.


The most blissful place- private pool at Lebua Resort, Jaipur

Coming up next is an exclusive blog on my food experience at Lebua resort Jaipur. you got to know it is more than amazing when i dedicate a special blog for it. There is still lot more coming from my Jaipur Travelogue. Make sure you have subscribed and keep watching this space for more. Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for instant updates on everything fascinating happening in Hyderabad.

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