Farzi Cafe, Hyderabad

Another national chain makes way to Hyderabad. A meal that’s turns into a food play with admirable presentations and delightful flavors.


It starts with a complimentary ‘Amuse boosh’ served on fuming bed of smoke. It is a palette cleanser which helps in building an appetite for the courses ahead of you. It pops in the mouth, giving you an exciting start to what’s to come. It has a flavour of mishit doi with a hint of strawberry sauce.


‘Tempura Prawns’ served on a wooden log topped with foam (edible of course) that tipoff chilli and lemon flavour very subtly, the orange colours gives me a hint of the upcoming tanginess. It’s crispy and succulent.


‘Tandoori Wild Mushrooms truffle and walnut dust’ served in a shell (like) and I thoroughly enjoyed it and you will to if you love mushrooms as much as I do (which is a lot)

Another complimentary treat made its way to our table in the form of palate cleanser ‘Sorbet’ that tasted like old school Hajmola and comes in form of frozen candy; it is basically to keep you engaged while the chefs prepare the next course.


‘Asparagus & water chestnuts Khurma fresh Coconut Appam’ I was sceptical of trying this dish. I was really here to enjoy the north indian delcaisis but when this dsh came on table the colours just won me over. Black Appam, and colourful chutneys, well had to try, may be a black color Appam. The Curry has coconut milk, asparagus and water chestnut to create an amazing flavour topped with gun powder


Herb Crusted Tandoori Paneer Tikka San Marzano Makhani’  a main course dish made of Paneer that is layered and comes with  Very rich Makhani gravy served with a Lachha parantha. is one of the best pick for the Paneer lovers. The Tomatos used in making the gravy are Italian tomatoes and that’s where the dish gets its name Marzano and due to the butter based gravy it gets Makhani.


Parle G Cheese cake’ Parke G biscuits in a sandwich of Cheese cake with Gems on top adding colors and milk Rabdi adding the much needed dip me and have it base. Decorated with coloured gems and dipped in custard, the cheesecake was just that – sandwiched in Parle G biscuits. Each piece a devour, each bit an explosion of sweet bombs in our mouth. Loved every bit of it. Its quite rare that one likes every bit of food that one has at a place, but this exceeded our expectations totally. We winded up the meal with ‘Pan Cotton candy’ that is in shape of desi gujiya and stuffed with dry pan.

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Love Fashioneatista


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