Bottega Cafe, Hyderabad

Bottega coffee shop, brain child of Adnan Haroon is a quaint boutique cafe; a hidden gem I ventured on a quite Sunday that left me awestruck. A cosy café that is laid back and unpretentious. They have these huge Industrial windows that let in ample of natural light, the industrial facade in contrast with the  rustic interior—long wooden tables and old-school paraphernalia makes this place my new favourite coffee spot in Hyderabad.


Bottega café not only offers top notch coffee, but whip up some delicious Italian food as well. If you feel like a coffee just won’t cut it, don’t worry they also serve some good tea in various flavours. Also on offer are great breakfast options that will certainly entice the brekky lovers.

From the assortment of bread variants that the eatery has to offer, their ‘Bruschetta’ that comes in two variants olive and mediterranean are just delightful. I am in love with mini pizza that Bottega cafe offers, they are small, flavourful and man you can have so many of them; the pizza options include Melanzane (aubergine), Zaa’tar, Cheese & Herbs, Chicken and Aloo Kheema. My favourite is definitely the Cheese & Herbs and well also Zaa’tar, because these flavours have still not been tapped on, at any other places in Hyderabad making it new and appetizing.  The Nutella and Strawberry Crepe is best; and the Chocolate Fettuccine, which is stripes of crepe topped with magical nutella and vanilla ice cream will quench those sweet cravings paying homage to the dessert gods.

An uncomplicated, no-fuss menu this place certainly deserves countless visits. From taking up a corner with your laptop over countless coffees, or hanging out with your bunch of friends this place will cater to all your needs in most appetizing way.


Location: Bottega Cafe, Phase II Plot 13/B, Road no.86, Film Nagar, Hyderabad. Ph: 23545266

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