Mend it with Kerastase at Page 3 Salon

Page 3 Salon Jubliee Hills

I have been quite experimental when it comes to my hair lately. I may not snip it off dramatically but I do love colouring my hair and trying out different styles occasionally.

Well it obviously comes with an extra stress of extra care. Hair colour doesn’t damage your hair, but yes it does need some extra care. And like any other millennial If you tend to use hot tools like curlers and straighteners to style your hair and then of course the hair spray, the shine spray follow. Not only does this damage your hair but it creates product build up which causes damage from the roots.

The Kerastase products used as part of my hair ritual at Page 3 Salon

That is exactly why I tend to give my hair an expert care at least once a month or 45 days. The ‘New Page 3 Salon’ has well trained hair experts, who advice the right treatment after going through a quick assessment of your hair (or skin if you are going for skin related therapy) and my hair with so much back to back travelling (and poor diet lately) has resulted in damage and needed a good hair spa.

Shining in my kerastase treated hair at Page 3 Salon

I have been to Page 3 salon for various services earlier (their facial is really good and so is there manicure pedicure), so when they told me, I need  a Kerastase Ritual, I just went with it, leaving it on the experts and relaxing as they treated my hair with utmost care.

A lot of brands claim a lot of things but I personally like to experience it myself and form my experience with Kerastase, I have only been smiling with satisfaction! My hair has been falling good even after 3 washes (of course you need to keep using a shampoo and conditioner after every wash)

Some beachy waves for final touch of galmour

Book yourself an appointment and visit the New Page 3 salon above Hagen dazs, Jubliee hills and gift your hair a much needed Kerastase Treatment, you can thank me later.

Location: Road No 10, Jubilee Hills Opp to Diamond House above, Haagen Dazs, Hyderabad. PH:  091006 93333

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