Playing Fancy with Strawberry Collective


I hate cooking, I won’t lie, but let me also clear the fact that it doesn’t mean I can’t cook. I love food and everything related to it. I love having get togethers, being a host and most of all planning.

I came across Strawberry Collective on Instagram and fell in love with their heart spoons. The elegant products by Strawberry Collective adds charm even to the most minimalistic setup.



I love the extravagant setups but how often can we do it? I love pampering myself with little luxuries more often than not. I love having macarons or brownies but in edgy porcelain plates, I love my wine in crystal wine glasses, I love indulging in my night time green tea in artistically done cups. These are the things that I carefully pick (well, me or my mom, as she is equally obsessed with cutlery and all things pretty… I guess I got it from my mom)

Having fancy spoons, knives, and even stirrers are a onetime investments that can make for great presentations from time to time. Be it having friends over drinks, family for brunches or just indulging you’re a good meal and pampering yourself with a good me time. After all everyone deserves to feel pampered, without being too heavy on the pockets and Strawberry collective offers great options for to add some to your daily life.


The products are sturdy enough for everyday use. They come in good shades of colours and tones than can brighten up your mood as well as your food. From cake stands to trays, coasters to some goodlooking salad spoons there is so much more to shop from their collection, which i am going to be adding slowly to my kitchen. Strawberry collective is available on Jaypore and you can see more of their stuff on Instagram

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