Best Burgers in Hyderabad

Nothing says summertime like a big, juicy hamburger. Hamburgers and cheeseburgers have been the go-to fast food items for decades in almost every part of the world. While the hamburger owes its name to the city of Hamburg in Germany, the hamburger, as it is known and loved today worldwide. With multi-national companies giving these burgers an Indian touch, we Indians see many variations in the original recipe but each one of them being mouth-watering in its own way. Here are 10 places in Hyderabad that can bring the world renown delight to your table or doorstep! Also Happy Hamburger Day (28th May) forever.

Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Café
What: Chamorro Burger
Price: Rs.599
With just the ambiance of a mild club, Hard Rock Café is the perfect blend of a calm Sunday brunch and a loud Saturday night. Live music, good lighting and a number of factors make it the most desirable place for a modern-day outing. The service is great and the burgers are just outstanding. The Chamorro burger, in particular, is an extremely cheesy delight with the fluffiest patty ever. It is a heavenly juice burger from the World Burger Tour summer edition of the café.
Location: Ground Floor, GVK One, Road 1, Banjara Hills

Jonathan's Kitchen
Jonathan’s Kitchen 
What: Ham Burger
Price: Rs.450
Located within the Holiday Inns, Jonathan’s Kitchen is a perfect dine-in restaurant and is quite reasonable for the variety of cuisines being served. The staff is polite and the place has a Mexican holiday vibe. It is also very aesthetic for taking pictures. The HamBurger served here is a true delight, loaded with just the original ingredients it brings you the taste of the more original recipe. It has the perfect blend of flavors and is true to its American style. Overall, it is one of the best hamburgers in town.
Location: Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Gachibowli


What: Southern Smokehouse Burger
Price: Rs.600
Chili’s is the place for anyone who is vibrant, bold and just fun living. With huge screens playing sports or music, a nice audio system to keep you moving and a bar that always looks cheerfully happening, Chili’s is the place to do your weekend right. Coming from the Mexican background, one can be certain that the biggest burgers in town can be found here. The southern smokehouse burger is just the right melange of sweet and spicy. It is a juicy burger with a caramelized aftertaste and is definitely worth the price. The burger is quite heavy and could put a full stop to your meal after.
Location: Opposite Vengal Rao Park, Road 1, Banjara Hills

Deli 9

Deli 9
What: Tex Mex Lamb Burger
Price: Rs.320
With the setting of a small café, Deli 9 is a typically calm and quiet place for a decent afternoon lunch. It is a good place to quietly work while you enjoy some good food. The reasonable prices and a variety of fast foods make it just the right place for a quick snack. However, the Tex Mex Burger is quite a heavy one. By now, it is pretty obvious that a hamburger is a meal by itself but this one tastes best with a good beverage. It has just the right amount of cheese and no vegetable overpowers, which is usually the matter with onions in most burgers (for me). It is a spicy burger and hence has a slight Indian tinge to the taste.
Location: Gachibowli

Burger King

Burger King
What: Chicken Tandoor Grill
Price: Rs.249
The world-renowned multi-national company, Burger King is known for serving top-notch burgers. Usually super crowdy yet offers efficient service. However, ditching the world-famous burgers and going for something Indian turned out very well here. With the original recipe, the chicken tandoor grill is a quite safe experiment for the Mexican and Indian cuisine melange. While the sauces and bun hint the American tastes, the patty is a burst of Indian flavors. It is quite a ride for the taste buds for those who love experimenting and trying something different and new.
Location: Near Lemon Tree Premier, Phase 2, Hitech City

Big Byte

Big Byte
What: Mutton Burger
Price: Rs. 95
With the vibe of a chaat center, this place is usually quite busy but has good food in store for everyone nonetheless. The service is good but the ambiance is a little crowdy. The food still tastes excellent and the mutton burger here is like a variation of the hamburger with a very similar taste. It is like a dupe and for anyone who does not prefer pork or bacon. Found at an extremely reasonable price, the quality still remains very good and it is simply a good alternative to pricey burgers when out with a big group of people.
Location: Road no 1, Dwarakapuri, Near SR Club, Srinagar Colony

GD's Burger

GD’s Burger
What: Galaxy
Price: Rs. 250
When the name of the place itself says ‘burger’, one feels certain that the burgers will simply be amazing. It has the perfect summer feel and has a very picture-perfect setting. It is the place to get a burger by the sunset. Initially, out of all the burgers to pick, the galaxy just sounded like a creative name and concept and indeed, it outdid its name. The burger was delicious and is non-pork eater friendly too. The barbeque aftertaste is the perfect varying taste introduction to the original hamburger. However, the buns can be better flavored as the case with most hamburgers. The other burgers on the menu are also worth trying.
Location: APHB Colony, Jayabheri Enclave, Gachibowli

Burger Point

Burger Point
What: Chicken Burger
Price: Rs. 90
Surprisingly in this part of the city with a majority of Mughlai and Indian cuisine restaurants, a burger place can hardly ever stand out. But the case with Burger Point was different. Although a small place with satisfactory service, there is no denying that the burgers outdo one’s expectations. With a rather Indian taste to it, this burger is quite the delight. It is budget friendly and reflects how every part of our town has its own unique taste to the original hamburger.
Location: 7 Tombs Road, Aditya Nagar Colony, Surya Nagar, Tolichowki

Dirty Burgers

Dirty Burgers
What: Aloha
Price: Rs.300
The minute one walks into this café, it is pretty evident that they feel like this place was specifically made to be a part of a movie. The restaurant is so aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes, it is hard to actually not get completely muffled by the entire vibe of the place. With a variety of burger, Aloha stood out because, well, it had pineapples in it. Pineapples are quite debatable in meals by most people and this just felt like a good experience. But, the taste sure outdid what most could expect. The burger has the most generic, normal taste bursts into confetti when paired with the pineapple. It becomes juicier, tastier and sweeter, on a whole new level.
Location: Central Apartments, Opposite Star Hypermarket, Gachibowli

B Dubs

Buffalo Wild Wings
What: Big Jack Daddy Burger
Price: Rs.650
This sports bar lives up to its name. With sports memorabilia everywhere, it truly is a paradise for any sports fan. To add to this, the place has huge TV screens with consoles with games like Call of Duty and Fifa; it even has its own VR station to delight the gaming audience. The ambiance is hearty and merry, with exceptionally friendly and helpful staff. Known for its delicious wings, Bdubs is definitely the place to go for great food and an amazing experience. The Big Jack Daddy Burger comes in at a price of 650 rupees. With two lamb patties, bread chicken fillet and a savory southwest ranch dressing, this is the burger to die for. The juicy meat is perfectly complemented by the dressing and well-toasted buns. To make this even better, this Big Jack burger is served with a side of onion rings. Great food, staff and ambiance, Bdubs certainly has one of the best burgers in town.
Location: Rd Number 36, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills

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