Top 10 places that serve best hot chocolate in Hyderabad

It’s always a good time to indulge in oh-so delightful hot chocolate. Some come topped with marshmallows or whipped come, others with a twist of spice or flavor of mint. While winters and the festive season make it a seasonal favorite, this decadent beverage is always welcome. So, I decided to bring you the tried and tasted list of my top favorite places in Hyderabad that serve some incredible hot chocolate, there is something to please all palettes. So, go ahead take a pick and relish your favorite hand warmer: a piping hot cup of cocoa.

Hyderabad Baking Company- Spice Mix Hot Chocolate
For a bit of added fire to your chocolatey mug, try this spicy blend at HBC in Marriott while admiring the life size ginger bread wonderland this festive season. One of the very few places in Hyderabad that serves boozy hot chocolate, that has Cointreau and Baileys as its ingredients. In its nonalcoholic counterpart, the spiced hot chocolate really stands out. Their hot chocolate is definitely the most Instagram-able cup in town. Rich in thickness, rimmed with Nutella and cookie crunch, topped with marshmallows and frozen spoon of chocolate…and like that was not enough they have also added a miniature gingerbread house as season special. The options of flavors at their special hot chocolate counter include maple syrup, caramel, peanut butter, Nutella, Choco chips, cookie and cinnamon sugar.
Sweet note on 5- 4
Price Rs 250/-
Alcoholic- Rs 1650/-

Fabelle – Milk Cocoa
The grandeur of the place doesn’t cease to amaze you, located in ITC Kohenur the brand sparks luxury in every sense. Those with a weakness for chocolate will find Fabelle hard to resist. The Milk Cocoa with Pistachio – Almond ‘torrone’ nougat chunks, is incredibly decadent. For people craving a twist, the ‘Spiced Hot Chocolate’ is yet another stellar options. The drink is filled with chocolate nibs, has a batter-like texture and infused with Indian spice, 67% single origin dark Madagascar chocolate and served with truffles French Chantilly cream.
Price- Milk Cocoa Rs 450/- Sweet not on 5- 3
Spiced Hot Chocolate Rs 450/- Sweet note on 5- 3

Churrolto – Irish hot Chocolate
They have a scrumptious seasonal menu, but what we are totally loving the creamy cup of Irish hot chocolate. Two types of chocolate and baileys topped with Irish cream, this is purely soul satisfying. They also serve Spanish hot chocolate, Nutella and something I am looking forward to try on my next visit-Brownie hot chocolate.
Sweet note on 5- 4
Price Rs 215/-

Feu – Dessert Bar – Mint Hot Chocolate
The new place in town whips up a silky, smooth, creamy hot chocolate. Go off beat and try the one infused with mint, that gives you tasty and entirely luxurious experience. Make sure to accompany your warm drink with something delicious—tarts, cakes, pastries, I choose the madeleines in flavor of lavender and lemon!
Sweet note on 5 – 4

Sante Spa Cuisine- Tall Dark Hot chocolate
Known for its healthy offerings Sante Spa, I love this place for their beetroot hummus, and visited the places on occasions where I was just particularly for this specific one. Sante’s version of hot chocolate is a no-frills, whipped-cream-free cup. It has soy milk in it and is slightly thick which makes you enjoy the flavor with every sip. I really like the consistency of it, it is just about right.
Sweet note on 5 – 4
Price- Rs 220/-

Papa Roti- Classic Hot Chocolate
Can it get better when a hot chocolate is served with the softest and freshest bun in town? I guess not. The hot chocolate here is foamy and great in taste, the bun that comes in combo is delightful.
Sweet note on 5- 4
Price- Rs 345/-

Concu– Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow
Concu has been always been a treasure of delicious treats! From their tiramisu to strawberries dipped in chocolate, eclairs to Tres leches every dessert lover is loyalist here. But did you know they also serve hot chocolate with a mountain of tiny marshmallow just as good? Rich, thick, and chocolaty, this tiny cup of happiness brings great joy.
Sweet note on 5- 4
Price Rs 200/-

Kaficko– Belgian Hot Chocolate
Some people prefer variety in life, but sometimes you just gotta stick to the simple stuff. Kaficko crafts coziness in a cup with their Belgian hot chocolate—perfect for when you want something that’s juuuust right. The Peanut butter, Salted caramel and Nutella hot chocolate are also something you can indulge irrespective of what season it is.
Sweet note on 5- 3.5
Price Rs 250/-

Starbucks- Signature Hot Chocolate
The commercial chain is favorite for a lot of coffee lovers. Starbucks offer a mug (not a cup) that is light, frothy, creamy blend topped with whipped cream. Pair it with a muffin and have a chatty time.
Sweet note on 5- 3.5
Price- Short 190/- Tall 215/-

The Gallery Cafe – Nutella Hot chocolate
You didn’t think I would close out this list without including something Nutella-related, did you? Just like the name suggest, art is everywhere at this place, including the table my hot chocolate was served and the chair I sat in. By the time I took my first sip, the tip of marshmallow melted and formed a fascinating flower like design, after having two of those I took my first sip. This particular one proves that sometimes the simplest things are the best. They also offer flavors like Nutella, cinnamon, hazelnut and mint.
Sweet note on 5 – 4.5
Price – Rs 200/-

Additional Surprise: Iced Chocolate
Well for those who like to try something more, here is a bonus option. Try the ‘Iced Chocolaye’ at Fabelle, ITC Kohenur, a beverage topped with a scoop of ice cream. The drink has single origin 67% dark Madagascar chocolate with citrus, berry notes juxtaposed with creamy coconut, served chilled topped with ice-cream is absolutely rich and delicious.
Price Rs 450/-
Sweet note on 5 – 3

***All prices are excluding taxes

Let me know which one of these you have tried and if I missed out on something in comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe so you get all updates right in your mailbox. Also follow me on Instagram @ssatpreetkaur , Facebook –FashionEatista, for more instant updates on all things fun, food, fashion and travel.

Love Satpreet Kaur

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