WelcomHotel Shimla, Mashobra

I recently got back from Shimla, also known as the queen of hill stations. The only thing I was really sure for this vacation was, I wanted to avoid busy mall road that offered a beautiful view of buildings stacked on top of each other (which I enjoyed from my drive) and crowded eateries and yet mange to have a good time.   

Sounded tough, because everyone told me that was the while essence of Shimal. Not for me though, for me Shimla was deep rooted childhood memory – chilly weather, hot gulab jamuns and surrounded by green and quite.  After a little further research I found WelcomHotel Shimla, 14 km uphill from busy town of Shimla, the leisure property is nestled amidst Mashobra valley, surrounded by picturesque view, serene vibe and an absolute dream for anyone (like me) who want to be surrounded by nature.  

Rooms: the rooms at first felt quite compact but 2 things that helped me overlook it was – the view- both from my balcony and from the bed. I spent hours watching the breathtaking night sky glistening with stars and also enjoyed the beautiful mornings with the soothing valley view. Second, was the fact that the room is designed in a L shape format that gives absolute privacy (doesn’t give away the look of entire room to someone at the door). Facilitated with all modern amenities fit for a comfortable stay, my experience overall was comfortable one.

ITC has consciously been one of the hospitality brands that is mindful of its resources and encourage sustainability. From eco-friendly packaging of essentials, wood combs and tooth brush to glass bottles in restaurants. Not to forget the current WeAssure initiative that encourages safety of all guests, from temperature check on arrival, sanitization of luggage, hands and shoes. Not only that but the rooms are freshly sanitized, cutlery wrapped, so it touches only your hands while eating.   

Food: WelcomCafe Cedar is an all-day dining restaurant that offers continental, Indian, and seasonal specialties from the region all accessible to you by QR code.  My favorite meal however was the dinner arranged in their Sunset Garden with bonfire keeping us warm under the starry sky where we were served Himachali Dham – an assortment of popular regional dishes that come laid out in a single thali. The ingredients were seasonal and locally sourced, supporting the farming community of the neighborhood.  

Perfect for a leisurely family getaway in the lap of snowcapped mountains, the hotel has indoor and outdoor activities like chess, kids’ play corner and guided local tours. The outdoor activities include cycling, short treks, bird watching and archery. 

Must try: The outdoor picnic by the brilliant team at WelcomHotel Shimla was curated keeping our interests and food preferences in mind. A short drive from the property, a downhill stone path, lead us to a beautiful opening in the forest. The space was set up with a tent for seating, a recliner, a hammock, games that included- badminton space with net, dart board on the tree, board games, speaker for music- food options like pizza from hotel, freshly cooked maggi, barbecued tikkas, tea/coffee or chilled soft drinks it was all there qlong with two members of the staff, who are instantly there when you need something as small as tissue but will merge in background without making their presence felt, giving you utmost privacy

Know more- https://www.itchotels.com/in/en/destinations/shimla

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Love Satpreet Kaur.

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