Le Dupleix , Pondicherry

Situated in the heart of old French Quarter of Pondicherry,  Le Dupleix was built in the 18th century as the residence of the Mayor of Pondicherry, and stands on one of the most important corners of the French town. The beautiful experience begins right at gate that is topped with perfectly manicured vine leaves. The massive wooden door entrance lead you to heart of the restored building – the courtyard that is surrounded by modern hotel with deep French roots.

Every room in this hotel is different! Every detail in each room has been specially thought out and chosen for that room alone, with the end result being a hotel with delightful surprises around every corner. The mix of the modern and the traditional gives much warmth, but at the same time ensures that the hotel is exceedingly comfortable.  It’s no wonder that the Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Travel Awards listed Le Dupleix as among the three best boutique hotels in India. While the rooms are extraordinary i loved the courtyard the most, giving me a full view of the property, a place where i did a lot of reading in company of 200 (plus) year old mango tree, had all my meals and some great evenings catching up with friends over finest of wine and food.


Le Dupleix and Pondicherry have a very complex, diverse and cosmopolitan culture and they bring it all together, in the menu at Le Dupleix. One of the main things I have noticed over my repetitive visits is that they keep upgrading their menu and are far from boring or old fashioned; so heritage and tradition of Pondicherry is modernized and becomes part of their culture that’s moving forward. Influence of Creole is clearly visible in Le Dupleix’s menu through recipes from New Orleans (which created some of the most exciting Creole dishes) like Gumbo soup and Creole Shrimps & Crab cake. The menu celebrates Japanese cuisine with Miso Glazed Fish & Soba Noodle soup, Classic French dishes like Confit de Poulet & Crêpe Suzette, and presents dishes that stand out like Wild Game Quails & Soft Shell Crabs. 

The strongest influence on modern Pondicherry cuisine has been the emphasis on being natural, organic and healthy. At Le Dupleix they are going organic all the way; their rice, wheat, dals, spices and oils are all organic. Fish is fresh from sea, caught by local fishermen and chicken is free range & organic. Also all soups, salads, appetizers and main course dishes have been presented with suggested pairings of International and Indian wines that helped me experience beyond what i knew and enjoyed it thoroughly.

I know as a matter of fact that whenever i return to Pondicherry, i will revisit the property for its lobster night or their in-house Vanilla Ice cream, which by the way is the best vanilla ice cream i have had in my life.

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Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its exuberant group of sanctuaries, founded by the Pallava kings, was carved out of rock along the Coromandel Coast in the 7th and 8th centuries. It is known especially for its rathas-temples in the form of chariots, mandapas – cave sanctuaries, giant open-air reliefs such as the famous ‘Descent of the Ganges’, and the temple of Rivage, with thousands of sculptures to the glory of Shiva. It is so fascinating to see structures so old, surviving innumerable natural and man-made calamities and still have power to leave you impressed.

Calcutta Bungalow


Kolkata, the first capital of British India is a place where you can still breathe the bygone era vividly. The architecture, people, street food and cabins (now known as cafes), museums and Bazaars clearly show how you can find beauty even amidst chaos


Calcutta Bungalow, a 90-year-old Majumdar bari (townhouse) restored and tucked in a quiet neighborhood. It is a heritage bed & breakfast with six rooms. Every corner of this three storied building boasts a mix of colonial and local architecture.  Away from the maddening chaos of the city, this is a perfect place to stay, that offers an old-world charm along with urban amenities to make your stay a comfortable one.

The intimate property has a small open courtyard and rooms that are named after old neighborhoods like Sahibpara, Darzipara, Mochipara, Potuapara (artists’ colony), Boipara (about books and publishing), Dorjipara (tailors’ hub), Jatrapara (famous for traditional theatre). The rooms dedicate a tale about the places they are named after.  Just like the rest of the bungalow the rooms too are a perfect amalgamation of vintage and modern and equipped with modern day luxuries like air conditioning, television with Netflix, WiFi an attached bathroom and comfortable bed. The place also boasts a reception, recreation room, terrace and a dining hall.



The dining room, called Notunbazar (named after new market), a common meal space for guests has loudspeakers as ceiling lamps and books that any intellect would like to borrow. While the breakfast is included in the stay, you will have to inform them in advance for dinner or order in, the staff is warm and helpful and lay down your meal for you if you wish to have it in common room, instead of your room.



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The Palace Restaurant- Baradari, Jaipur

Baradari is where the royal grandeur meets the urban present. Baradari is the latest in a series of initiatives by the Jaipur royal family for the visitors at City Palace.  An elegant bar, white and black interiors with hints or traditional red side walls this place was just what i needed after my royal tour at city palace.

Tangy Brie Kachori at Baradari, Jaipur

After meeting the head chef, i left it on him to send us his best and i was treated well. sipping wine while i discussed all the royal encounters i just had at city palace, where every corner boasted rich heritage.  I soaked into the royalty around as they served scrumptious food that was perfect blend of Indian recipes and international combinations.

A delicious meal at Baradari, Jaipur

We started with ‘Tangy Brie Kachori’s’ filled with caramelized onions , served with aloo chat, headed to local delicacy  ‘Lal Maas’  served with Bajre ki khichdi and blanched spinach and bhati. I really enjoyed the ‘Agli Olie Pasta’ and ‘Risotto’ was out of the world. to wind up the meal, chef customized a traditional dessert platter that had everything form, ‘Apple Jalebi’, ‘Creme Brule’, ‘Ghevar’ and ‘Gulab Jamun’.

Lal Maas at Baradari, Jaipur

Dessert Platter at Baradari, Jaipur

The place is a treat in evenings where the palace is lit up and vibe here is as urban as it can get. The dishes here are approved and inspired from the royal household who wishes to offer public a culinary treat through Baradari. I would definitely recommend you to visit this place when in Jaipur and get a taste of local cuisine in most fusion way.

Baradari at City Palace, Jaipur

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AnnaMaya by Andaz, Delhi

andaz 4

Andaz, Delhi by Hyatt is new on the block of premium luxury hotels in Delhi and apart from having great accommodation facilities; they have also received rave reviews for their dining facilities. So i made the most out of my short stop in Delhi and visited AnnaMaya for a meal at Andaz. The first thing you notice about the property is the colorful vibe, a peppy dress code for staff, Ambassador cars for airport transfers.


AnnaMaya, their European hall restaurant is tastefully designed with a relaxed European aesthetic in mind. The color of the stained glass windows is well balanced by the earthy furniture and cutlery. The essence of AnnaMaya’s existence lies in celebrating local ingredients that are made in India – also everything you see here is available on sale, the greens in your dish, masala’s in your curry even the plates you are served in. Their core lies in using all things organic and promoting artisanal products. They have live kitchens and counters, a beautiful pastry section right at the entrance- that will make you want to run for the desserts first.


They serve traditional Indian cuisine with a modern twist, made with consciously sourced produce. Our lunch at AnnaMaya was a lavish one, while the chef induced us with organic knowledge, the lovely team- which we must mention served and hosted us in a very warm Andaz, Keeping up to their name, Andaz Delhi definitely has an Andaz.

Lassi at AnnaMaya Delhi

Fresh Organic Produce, at AnnaMaya Delhi

What you must try are the salads that boast’s of organic greens and fresh produce. Our meals began with summer fresh lassi’s that were available in flavors of mango, chocolate and mint. The ‘Caramelized Roasted carrots-with Himalayan honey and black onion seeds’ had my heart, a simple dish that tasted exotic, they whip up some really exquisite Indian dishes like ‘Stir-fried okra– with cashews and tamarind’ ‘Amritsari goat milk paneer tikka -with mint chutney’ ‘Chicken Tikka, marinated to perfection with cinnamon, black pepper- glazed with garlic oil’ absolute favorite was the ‘Grilled fish in plantain leaf- with fragrant chili sauce’ and one must no leave Annamaya without tasting their ‘Confit duck- With oranges, ginger and sweet tomato dip’ recommended by chef it was a delight indeed. Their ‘Lamb and spinach patty– with Himalayan timur pepper, onion compote and creamy mash’ was also pleasing.

Caramelized Roasted carrots at AnnaMaya Delhi

Lamb and spinach patty at AnnaMaya Delhi

Grilled fish in plantain leaf at AnnaMaya Delhi

Any meal or dining experience is incomplete without indulging in something sweet, doesn’t matter if it is at the start or at the end of a meal…or even somewhere in between. Considering the range of desserts available at AnnaMaya, you would probably want to indulge in it after every course.

Monster Shake at AnnaMaya Delhi

They have also recently introduced the ‘Monster Shakes’ we must warn you, you need an army to vanish this mighty and sinful shake. if you are here you must try it out, it is layers fruits, waffles, chocolates, sauces, toppings all above the shake curiously ganged up to perfection.

Address: Aerocity, New Delhi, India, 110037. Meal for 2: Rs 2500

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Autumn Leaf Cafe

Some places are too pretty to put in words. Autumn Leaf Cafe is a backyard homely cafe which reminded me of my favorite book  ‘The secret garden’ well like the name suggest it’s a story about a secret garden that a lonely little girl finds and makes it her source of happiness (it’s a must read) amidst her frenzied life.

In this busy and chaotic life when you bump into an almost secret place (almost because, a word of good place spreads like a sweet fragrance. Quick and tempting) it’s a delight. It’s not every day that a cafe becomes known more for their stunning architecture than their food. I can spend all my time here; work here, chill here and if i was lucky in love I would have all my dates here too.

We started of with a welcome drink -orange juice served in a cute little jar, sipping it away while i basked in the joy of landing up at this place. On recommendation the soups that we ordered were- ‘Albondigas Soup’ (my favorite), ‘Hungarian Mushroom Soup’ (also delightful, i love mushrooms, so a good creamy mushroom soup always tops my list) i really loved the soups and also the other options available on menu seemed very interesting, you can see the effort of mixing new flavors to basic ingredients.


I enjoyed the ‘Barbecue Wings’, lip-smacking and piquant, i could finish the entire portion by myself. ‘The Spinach and Corn Dip’ was too bland for my taste and i dint really enjoy the ‘Chicken cheese Burger’ either. The veg starter ‘Goat Cheese Phyllo Puffs’ was something like i have never tried before; it is exceptional with a crispy texture that leads to a melt- in-the mouth surprise.  In desserts their ‘Fried Oreo’s’ are just too good to be true, served with ice cream, it is a perfect end to a perfect meal.



They have a lot of appetizing breakfast options as well along with some healthy alternatives for those who are conscious about fitness. All in all I love the place I am surely visiting soon to grab a coffee and just laze around with a good book.

So don’t wait for the weekend, the good weather is here, so drive up to autumn leaf cafe and take pleasure in your time.

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INV Home- Luxury Living



So this week i visited INV Home for blog collaboration and must i say i was stunned with this beautiful store the moment i entered. Already existing in capital, Mumbai and Chandigarh the store has now ventured in city of Nawab’s (known for rich design and heritage) offering eccentric and luxury design space (beware this post might really make your longing for redesigning your space come true)

Fancy, sophisticated and lust worthy i wanted to pick a piece for every corner of my home. Some stores just make you want to redo your whole space just for the love of decor. It’s an enchanting spread over two levels offering, luxury interior options from dinning to cutlery, home textiles to furniture and art deco to lightening.

I really think a person’s home (be it rental or your own) really expresses an individuals’ taste and persona. Be it for designing your home or giving your bedroom the face-lift, vitality, and vibrancy it’s begging for… INV Home should be your one stop shop!

Our homes are the solitude in the chaotic world and anything we spend on is an investment well made so this is one expense you shouldn’t worry about! You’ll find something you love (international designs) that no one else has. From beautiful lamps to show pieces, glittering (and distinctive patterned) cushions, rugs (or carpets that add really cosy feel) the details accessible at the store will lit up any dull space (talk about statements pieces and styles that will turn into conversation starters).

Customized for today’s modern lifestyle, the store induces an exceptional sense of new age fusion. There’s something to satisfy the demands of a varied range of clientele. From the perfect walk in set up to tiny details i would dare you to leave empty handed from the luxury lifestyle store.

Blogger Tip: like fashion interior decor also has its own trend, and this year it’s all about experimenting and mixing metals. Mix and match both colours and textures against each other to get away from staged décor and give homes a more natural aura. Some common combinations that will be seen include champagne silver with bronze, copper with chrome and silver with tones of bronze.









DSC_0350 DSC_0237

DSC_0240 DSC_0172


P.S: Also thank you to the amazing Team at INV who really extended their warmth and welcomed to explore very tiny detail of the store. Don’t forget to share your response and images of your most loved space on Instagrm @fashioneatista

Location: INV Home, Hyderabad. Photographer: Arpita Patel

Website: Invhome.in Facebook: INV Home, Instagram: Inv_home

Address: Road no. 12, Banjara Hills,Hyderabad.  PH:0 4066757677

Love Fashioneatista

Vintage Musings


Kettled flowers, endless hours,
Old wallpapers & unread news papers;
Chequered tiles, vintage dials
Time flies with longing in her eyes;
Dreams burned, feelings churned,
But she smiled, for she knew he wouldn’t last a mile.
(yeah i did come up with that, one of my first but hopefully not last)


There is something about the whole vintage vibe that makes me fall in love with it, apart from always wishing i was part of yesteryear’s there are a lot of things beyond fashion, that amaze me; the architecture, the grace with which the women carry themselves (i mean yeah people are good today but everyone has their own attitude and lets be real more punk /loud is more loved these days be it fashion or people)

I spent my Sunday afternoon at ‘Soda Bottle Opener Wala’ the vibe they have here is of a vintage Mumbai cafe. I love every detail about the place, the train running around the ceiling, the way food is served, musical jukebox and let’s just not miss food. Wondering where time is flying (since few days back i was wondering what to do on new year’s eve and here i am sitting ready to welcome February..ALREADY!)

Ready to move ahead i have, for the first time made a bucket list of things. Not sure if they all need to be checked off this year or this life. Well i am usually a spontaneous person, i do things when i want to and not really wait for a good time to do it- and no i have never regretted it. Well that’s the trick never regret things you do, either way it’s a memory or a lesson. But now i am just falling short of things, i really wonder if that’s a good thing or i am leading an extra bountiful life. Well yes in every way i am grateful and here is to another month and new memories


Picture Credit: Shrey Photography (Hyderabad) cape: Splash, Bag: Michel Kors, Shoes: Intoto.

Hope you have a happy February and never stop musing around.
Love Fashioneatista.

Free Flow: Traffic Bar



Hope you guys are having an amazing Sunday, i sure am. If you guys are still figuring out where to head this evening then i have to suggest you this new place ‘Free Flow : Traffic Bar’ a one of a kind concept place (one of the first I have encountered in the city) which is just amazing.


From carefully detailed interiors, to amazingly served dishes (they are also one of the first to take care of your emergencies be it a dress tearing apart, the cold weather or emergency chum situation.. Are you reading this ladies? Basically they  are all in to keep their customers comfortable and stay as long as YOU want) not to forget the view that overlooks entire KBR park and no matter what the weather is its always pleasant up here.

Coming to food their ‘Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian platters’ come with a well assorted options that include ‘Spicy Mushrooms’ to ‘Malai Brocli’ and ‘Chicken Wings’ to ‘Fish Fingers’. Their kebabs are just scrumptious but the ‘Chicken Steak’ we ordered was a little hard and could have been more tender, it was accompanied by mash potato and grilled veggies.



My friend loved the ‘Bheja Fry’ which she has been craving for weeks and was completely satisfied with flavors and the bun that made it a good main course option. Their ‘Fiery Fries’ are very desi version of French fries but- better in taste (so good that I would definitely rate it as a must try)


Well I have been to this place thrice already and the first thing i order is their ‘Bong Mocktail’ (if you have been following my blogs you would know my weakness for well presented-food looking drinks) and fries. We also tried their ‘Kheema Pao’ which is very good.


The only thing which i found a little unimpressive is the portion of dishes (very less for the way it’s priced so kind of comes heavy on pocket if you plan to come too often) But what is also fascinating is the variety- from street food options to thalis they have up to 300 option in their menu. So hop on and enjoy this all new place.

Location: 3rd Floor, Plot 566, Road 92, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad Ph: 040 33165734

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Lunch Date at Olive BIstro

It’s weekend and here I am taking you all to lunch date with me to one of the most beautiful places in town Olive Bistro.
Well I have been unwell for last 10 days but now I am back with a bang and first thing I wanted to do was eat good food (let’s say chicken and some major cheese and yummy food.. That’s a lot of tasteless-food-while-I-was-sick talking) and a good ambiance is added perfection.
The decor is very Greece, the doors, tables whole white and blue ambiance with fresh yellow flowers at every table sparks freshness; set amidst nature and hills  surrounded by a beautiful lake on one side, it’s just wonderful.  Sunsets and sun downers are as rocking (and romantic) as is the bright sunny brunch.
I suggest this place to every friend who is in courtship (it’s great for family outings as well just make sure you book your table in advance for the lot).

This place has best mojito’s in town ‘Plum and Passion Fruit Mojito’ is my favorite, in cocktails we ordered for the famous ‘Lota Drink’ (as the name suggest it, is served in a very cute lota with ice towering on it like a ice berg) we also called for much recommended ‘Avalanche’.


For starters we went with ‘Mild Cheddar, Corn & Jalapeno Cakes’ these are must order if you have a vegetarian company (once u loose the crispy layer it all just melts in your mouth leaving cheesy yet tangy flavor) and so is ‘OB Falafel & Mezze’. One thing that i love about this place is that each dish tastes very authentic. The platter includes hummus, tzatziki with falafels & homemade pita. Also try their ‘Summer Mengo & Jalapeno Salad’ while you wait for your main course or just enjoy it with your choice of drink.


Twice Cooked Chicken Wings’ made with homemade barbecue sauce is by far the best (be ready to turn all messy and lost in foodgasmic world and no, don’t even try to use that fork, it loses its essence)  ‘The Ob Classic Margherita’ pizza is classic combination of aroma tomatoes, basil & mozzarella drizzled with generous amount of extra virgin olive oil. It is a total bliss for pizza lovers, the thin crust and overload of cheese is heavenly.  ‘OB Fish & Chips’ and along with ‘Overnight Braised Chicken Legs’ makes for a perfect gastronomical day.

For desserts i went for ‘Melon & Vanilla Panna Cotta’ which has watermelon & mint sorbet, honey comb as their main ingredients and is absolute delight for your taste buds; and just when we thought we were done, there came the cherry on top for the evening- ‘OB Insanity Cake Slice’ bistro’s heartiest offering with multiple layer of dark chocolate mousse, orange flavored white chocolate mousse & red currant mousse layered b/w two varieties of moist genoise & coco sponge, finished with farm fresh vanilla cream & caramelized to perfection.


My companions were at real delight and stuffed to core, all we needed to do was get some sleep but to beat it all we headed for a long drive ending the day with a nice bowling game.
Location: Road No. 46, Jubilee Hills, At Kona’s Durgam Cheruvu, Hyderabad.Ph:69999127

Have a happy weekend lovelies,
Love Fashioneatista

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