Oversized Cardigans

Happy New Year guys,
A little late? well its just been 12 days, the beginning of a new year is still sinking in for me. I am not one to make resolutions but i think every one thinks this time as a clean state, our daily chores may not change, nor will your boss and not the people around.. what we can is change our thoughts to more positive ones, fill ourselves with gratitude and do things that make You HAPPY.

I have been enjoying the winters, the cold weather just seems to be at its best these days (and almost makes me late to work..literally every day) Hot coffee taste even better, sometimes i replace it with hot chocolate, wear lot of layers and cosy up on books and sitcoms (after all its the season of comebacks and new shows)

My favorite winter wear (any day) are the cardigans, especially this ruby red over sized one. i added a scarf for visual interest of warmth. my blue denims and boots are perfect match for work as well a stylish enough for any go-to meetings and events.

Cardigan & Boots : Forever 21, Denims & Shades: Forever New, Scarf: Gucci, Bag: Zara, Ring: Hyperbole Acessories

Over Sized Cardigans: 
One thing i really want to share though is about over sized cardigans (since its seasons favorite) over sized cardigans are underrate, they are perfect for fall and winter weather, keeps you cozy and comfy while looking stylish at the same time. Though you need to make sure you get one that fits appropriately, is the right length, and is in a knit or pattern that works with your whole outfit.

The word “over sized” means different things to different people. When it comes to cardigans, it doesn’t mean buying one a size or two bigger than you are, or borrowing one that belongs to your boyfriend. You need to shop with your correct size in mind and make sure that the shape of the sweater itself doesn’t swallow you up. Sleeves should hit at the wrist or just slightly cover the hand. Do not wear a cardigan as mittens and preferably chose to pair it with form-fitting outfit, like skinny or narrow pants, leggings, skirts, or dresses with a tapered waist or belt (just like i did).

Well i have an extended weekend with sankranti on Saturday, look out for my  back to back post this weekend on more festive note. Do follow your favorite Hyderabad blogger on Instagram for more update on whats happening in Hyderabad @fashioneatista.

Love Fashioneatista

Staycation at Radisson Blu Hyderabad

Radisson Blu, one of the world’s leading brands with nearly 300 hotels in operation in 69 countries and territories, announced the “Love Blu, Be Pink” campaign where one room in each participating hotel across the globe has turned pink for the month of October. The pink Business Class guest room features pink décor and other special pink amenities. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the pink rooms will benefit charities that support breast cancer research and awareness.


They invited me to stay over and experience one of their business suits, where the room was turned into pink in accordance with the theme.
img_2081img_2033 img_2131 img_2138img_2119

Food: Street Food Festival
The food festival was part of their restaurant ‘Chill’. While the indoors is quite fine dining experience the outdoors have been altered with vibrant decor and food stalls like tandoor’s, carts and grills, that give you a street side familiarity.
The best part of this food festival is it wasn’t just restricted to chaat treats like pani puri and tikkis but also had delicacies like mirchi bhaijji, chole bhature, idli-dosa, kheema pav and not to forget momo’s.
They even had live dessert counters for Jalebi rabri and cotton candy. The street food festival was however the extension of the regular buffet so we had option to choose form wide variety of salads, breads, main course and of course Biryani and desserts.
Chef also went beyond his way to sneak in a ‘Basil’ (other restaurant of Radisson) delicacy –Lobsters, sharp in aroma but full points for taste.
Overall the restaurant experience for dinner was very good and so was the breakfast, being weekend they have an extended lavish breakfast-brunch that is open till 12.
Like they said- Lavish, it had everything from English breakfast essentials, like beans, sausages, cereal and breads; and also south Indian delicacies like dosa and appam. What I loved the most was wide variety croissants, muffins (what can I say I love thy breads and maple topped pancakes.

Spa: Serena Spa
What is a staycation without Pampering. There in-house spa promotes Ayurveda. Their treatments are specially developed to suit the purpose of relaxation for body and mind. Combining the best traditions of Ayurveda with Aromatherapy and modern massage techniques they give you a unique experience.

I chose to go for Marma Spa, a signature 90 mins treatment for Body mind and spirit. This exotic and highly therapeutic, Ayurveda inspired massage with aromatic herbal oil stimulates the Marmas, the body’s vital pressure points. This full body massage begins with the balancing of the head’s Marmas followed by the body’s points massaged by the therapist’s feet and then by hand with long sweeping strokes. The treatment concludes with a healing, herbal body mask followed by a warm shower leaving you in a state of bliss.


I love the concept of Staycation, its like a mini vacation in this fast passed world for a much needed time for your self, to enjoy your meals in peace, read that long pending book, spend morning poolside and pamper yourself to the core. so dont wait up for a vacation book up and enjoy your Staycation right in Hyderbad.
Love Fashioneatista

A Decade of Gourmet – Deli 9

IMG_4975  Hey,

So Deli 9 (d9 how i mostly call it) celebrates 10 years of existence (feeling nostalgic) makes me realise how long it’s been since I first stepped in college (because this was where me and my friends literally spent 3 years of college) well its where almost all the Franciscans (yes I am from St.Francis) spent their time either bunking, working on notes, chilling (And finding the secret bf of that most silent girl or over hearing the dramatic breakup stories Hahahha)

So, I decided to revisit (with so many new places it’s been a while I have been to this place) The place has been revamped; even though the chef’s and staff is still the same (well at least most of them, and it was so heart warming to see they remembered me and were super welcoming)

When it comes to food, the menu has been redone and lots of additions had been made apart from their specialty pastas (my favorite) pizzas and sandwiches.

I started off with their new offering in drink ‘Fresh Fruit Frioska’ it’s a virgin mojito available in flavors of seasonal fruits (I opted for my favorite watermelon). We also ordered ‘Mango Masti’ (Yehhh, I was deeply missing mango, and the name on menu was enough to just go for it) and I was definitely happy with what was served even though I am coming back for more of watermelon frioska.
‘Firangi Samosa’ which had a filing of mushroom and spinach served with mayo dip, crispy outside and perfectly yum inside came first and reminded me of desi samosa i used i have as a kid. What came in next was finger licking good ‘MFC’ which is short for Malabar Fried Chicken was served with sallas and was truly scrumptious.
IMG_4999 IMG_4984
Nachos have somehow lost the charm, well the ‘Outrageous Nachos’ definitely didn’t meet my delight.

However,one of my favorite from the new additions is ‘Chicken 65 Bao’ from their Pao n Bao section, perfectly spicy and tangy, (be careful, you are going to get so lost in it, you won’t realize how messy your face looks). ‘Chicken Shawarma wrap’ filled witch shreds of chicken, crunchy lettuce, tomatoes onions and hummus inside perfectly soft Arabic pita bread was cravings coming to an end. (Since I came back from my trip to Dubai I have been searching for a decent one and let’s say, Hyderabad just doesn’t have many options when it comes to shawarma, but this was definitely a happy find)

Well I was here; and there was no way I was moving out without having my favourite pasta. I ordered for ‘Sundried Chicken Penne Pasta’ creamy, yummy and full of my favourite olives (well I made sure the added extra, on request). No matter what they always have the best pasta in town.
For desserts I opted for their choice, and was served with Gorgeous ‘Tiramisu’ and ‘Blueberry Cheesecake’ made to perfection. The best part about the desserts here is they are always so fresh and never fail to amaze your taste buds.

Happy anniversary Deli 9, hope you keep rocking for another decade.
P.S I miss your sticky Toffee pudding.
Love Fashioneatista.

Forever 21 Launch in Hyderabad


So Forever 21 launched its all new collection at their Hyderabad store with quite a fashion parade. Even with its location (well let’s just say…Forum mall is far) the love for fashion and Forever 21 pulled a whole lot of crowd throughout floors.

The anchor kept the crowd occupied helping them patiently wait for much awaited show to begin. After much wait the music started to boost the setting and one by one models walked the ramp showcasing the latest trends (now available at the stores)

The international models flew down to presented both men’s and women’s collection. The fab fashion, covering everyday looks to glamorous outfits.They have jumpsuits, printed shorts, long classy collared dresses and lot more. Well if u thought that was all they have an entire new range for men as well. Denim dangers heard the loudest cheer but I also liked the denim shirt paired with shorts and gingham print shirt and shoes were drool worthy for both men and women (well not to forget the amazing accessories and shades)



Show stopper Taapsee Pannu, well known Tollywood actor who has also made her presence felt in Bollywood rocked the ramp in her own style donning Forever 21 printed skirts and white shirt.

As promised 10 lucky winners shared the ramp with Forever 21 fashionista’s contest and may I say they were all dressed impeccably in Forever 21 clothes, giving us a brief sneak peek of the new collection. Must say the contest gave a lot of fashionista’s to be part of this promotional activity by their favourite brand (can’t wait to hear what they have planned next).


Taapsee on Forever 21’s new collection “I have always been a huge fan of forever 21, not this but all their collection because they give you style , fashion and value for money without being too heavy on your pocket”

On her comfort style to go – “For me it should be something that doesn’t over my personality, it should go in sync with my personality. I don’t like wearing over the top dramatic clothes that takes away from my personality. I think fashion making an outfit look like it’s made for you, and not make yourself for an outfit.  I am not a model showcasing an outfit, an outfit should help enhance my beauty not over take my beauty” said Taapsee.

tp f21 3

So go today and grab yourself some favourites form Forever 21 and be the first to rock your look before your friends do. Don’t forget to share your look and tag @Forever21_India and follow them on Instagram for more updates.

Location: Forum Sujana Mall, Plot No. S-16, Survey No. 1009, Opposite Malaysian Township, KPHB-9th Phase, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana. Ph: 3053 4053

Love Fashioneatista.

Extended Summer

1  Hey,
There has been literally no monsoon in Hyderabad this month (no, i don’t count the occasional 60 seconds teasers it comes with once in a week)
So i have still been fooling around with whites and fun floral prints.  I love this particular look because it is a complete go-to look.
I wore this to office (substituting heels for flats and minus earrings, well only if i was working in Cosmopolitan abroad i would not mind them either) and later on I went for an event ( a day launch of new collection of a designer) and i added a little lipstick, heels and statement  earrings  and I was all set for a power look.
The day was long and I met a few friends over for a evening karaoke and dint have to worry about anything (except re-applying lot of mist #sleevelessproblems)
So this look is my yet another summer favorites or call it an all day’r (well ya i might have just created a new word) because with just two changes in the look, i could attend 3 different things from formal to casual and at the same time be comfortable and stylish.




Love Fashioneatista.

Kavanah –It’s All About The Experience

Some places are meant to be experienced rather than just visiting them for a purpose. The new found gem of a place ‘Kavanah’ is as unique as its name itself. The moment you step into this beautiful place you enter a sense of freshness (because it’s not one of the sheesha lounges that seem to pop every month) its more than a cafe but not as formal as a restaurant. The place is owned by 3 brothers who have expertise knowledge of architecture, fashion and of course food.

The architecture is very European and you will spot that at the very entry, the arch like entrance passage leads you to the in house Patisseries or you can choose to sit or indoors enjoying the beautiful wall art (which by the way portray a group of close friends, now I would love to have something like that on my wall) The Place is soon to have boutique attached which will display some of the best designs and upcoming trends by one of the designer brothers who owns the place.
IMG_5120IMG_5130The place is huge enough to host a pop up or a private get together. Well I for sure love the outer area more for the hard to miss deeply rooted tree called “Firangi Paani” which is beautiful and with the flowers and decorative cages it’s just breath taking. If that’s not dreamy enough it sends out a nice citrus smell post sunset tempting you to lounge around it for hours.
Coming to patisseries part the “Bannofee Pie” is just remarkable. This English dessert combines toffee, bananas and cream on a biscuit base. “Tiramisu” on the other hand was just marvelous, like I was told the tiramisu here doesn’t have coffee as it’s ingredient but almonds instead, well I had to try and it’s just delightful. I was also served “Dark Chocolate and Rum Marquise” which is sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Lastly “Philadelphia Cheese Cake”- unbeatable that just melts in your mouth as soon as you have it (well I love cheese cake and I have definitely tried lot of them this sure is one of the best in city, very fresh and uncompromised).  Their chocolates on other hand are filled with a burst of flavors (they have so much variety you will have to keep revisiting to try them all), even though I am not a big fan of white chocolate what they served me here was pure and sinful and trust me I dint even touch the other chocolate after that.(though I carried them home and tried at least 3 to 4 flavors next day..Yum)
IMG_5183On savory side “Grilled Lamb Croissant” was crispy at its best. Every dish here is well plated, giving you a feel of more than a usual restaurant but also simple and good to its taste. The “Tortilla Wraps with BBQ Chicken Dipped in Seasoned Egg” was a clear winner for me as well as “The Triple Cheese Stuffed Mushroom” in vegetarian side of menu. we also tasted their “Wasabi Tossed Panner Salad on Canapés” Not many restaurants serve canapé-style food, but it sure is the best kind of finger food and this in particular was done beautifully.
IMG_5164IMG_5133 IMG_5141 IMG_5155The place has so much to offer from soon to open professional baking school to a foot spa right in the corner of the place. I can see myself spending hours and coming out with an amazing experience each time.
The food might take a while but when you really look at the place you won’t realize were time flies adoring the little things and deciding in their wide spread of offerings.
With best expertise chefs in the kitchen Kavanah is leaving no stone unturned to be the next best thing in Hyderabad – and I say that with my experience and interaction with the minds behind it.
They know exactly what they want and exactly what we foodies love the most – the delicacies that makes you come back for more.( and they still add keep adding something new every other day, at least that’s what I see on their facebook page every other day)
IMG_5175Don’t forget to try on something from their “special menu”. Trust me when I say it you will have a surprise to enjoy and laugh about it later. Burst of flavours? A message? or experience? Well this you will have to try and find out yourself.
Tempted yet? Go ahead and try the new hot spot Kavanah.
Location: 373, Road No. 10, Opp UCO Bank, Jawahar Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.
PH: 09010414777

Love Fahsioneatista

Printed Noise- Designed By H’art’

I have always had a thing for quirky stuff and even more for stationary. In school and college I used to make several trips to crosswords and landmark to check out what new diaries, pens or even art and craft they had. Most of them I still treasure today (well yeah I am one of those who would keep admiring them than actually use it) but lately my work and blog requires lot of on the spot jotting down of things and I don’t like to carry big bulky diaries. Instead I love the cute notebook which fits in all my sling, totes, files or even the dash board in my car.
I came across this store on Instagram called Printed Noise. As the name suggests the brand displays wide range of creative printed products from books, bags, mouse pads, iPad covers, cushions and cute coffee mugs (my favorite are her range of mugs and iPad sleeves). Their notebooks are so funky that I don’t have to bother about looking like a typical journalist carrying a notepad and pen and instead have people complimenting about the cool book i carry around for interviews and stuff.
The brand is brand child of Sejal who believes in mixing traditional craft with contemporary art. Her products are making a style statement with pop art, appealing colors and designs that are versatile and go with absolutely anything.
6 IMG_5236 IMG_5242 lDo check out her website http://www.printednoise.com/  and order yourself some fun printed noise accessories. Don’t forget to share the pictures @fashioneatista or @printednoise on Instagram.
Love Fahsioneatista

My Envy Box- Spa Set

IMG_3716Hey, Amidst a busy week I planned to pamper myself with My Envy Box- which unlike previous multi brand products had a complete “Vana Vidhi Darjeeling Spa Set” last month. Beauty subscription boxes are like the new rage in India. There have been many companies coming up with these services and I have tried a few of them. However My Envy box stands apart for the products there team curate in each box. They have best of luxury products as well as Indian based products. Each box comes as a surprise gift (you will end up restlessly waiting for the next once you open the present one) with sample size( sometimes even full sized products) It is just amazing how for little money you spend you get to try what works for your skin and decide for yourself if it’s worth buying. I have been personally introduced to lot of brands I have never tried before (and now I swear by it for regular use- Za-True White Plus Liquid Foundation and Babor creams) The concept is really nice because they have variety and offer products for skin, hair, makeup, perfume sample, and sometimes discount vouchers for various services or shopping websites. The box comes with an info card, giving you details about the products and brand and also the price of full size product of the same. IMG_3758 Coming to the specifics of this box which is a “Vana Vidhi Darjeeling Spa Set” has products that are all 100% Vegan, Sulphate Free, Paraben Free, Color Free & Cruelty Free. “VANA’s strong brew face and body wash” is thick with essence of green tea which will leave you pampered and fresh (I pre lit the “Darjeeling Forest Incense” which came along with the set, which gives me a proper spa feel, adding solace to your me time) “Vana’s Mild Brew Hair Shampoo and conditioner” are mild and sulphate free with natural lather. A continuous use of their shampoo and conditioner promise to strengthen, condition and grow your hair with major benefits of green tea. Post the luxury bath, their “Green Tea Moisturizing Body Lotion” helps keep skin moisturized. It absorbs quickly and is a non sticky lotion. It is so well organized that all you need to do is use the products and order yourself the full size which is just few clicks away. Book your subscription on http://www.myenvybox.com Do share your reviews and pictures of your Envy box @fashioneatista on instagram. Love Fashioneatista



The summer is soaring as high as 45 degrees (well some say 47 too, but I am denying it). All I am wearing is white shirts and boyfriend jeans, so much that my friends suspect of me having a secret wardrobe full of white shirts.  As a matter of fact I never like white so much but since last year, as soon as summer approaches I stock up o white shirts and T-shirts (love the shirts they have at Mango,Promod and Chemistry). And in winters its back to my favorite black (no I am not all black and white, I love prints, pop colors, but on daily basis I like to keep it cool and classic)
However there is one more thing that has my undying love- DENIM. It is a timeless trend and I absolutely love denim, whether it’s shorts, jackets, shirts, jeans or vests. Personally I think a denim shirt is a must have and it’s so wearable.

Denim shirt-Promod, Jeggings-Zara, Shades-Borrowed, Bag- Spades style (bought from Honeyhugx), Footwear- Gk2  (Delhi)
Denim shirt-Promod, Jeggings-Zara, Shades-Borrowed, Bag- Spades style (bought from Honeyhugx), Footwear- Gk2 (Delhi)
Ring From Funk&co

Denim being the most classic and versatile piece, you don’t need to over-think your outfit. If it’s a jeans then just  throw on a basic top, golden jewels, and you’re all set, if you are wearing a denim shirt go with white, black or even beige pants and of course a nice bag and few  baubles!
That’s why today, I settled on my favorite hybrid that is, the Denim. It’s a Soft Denim so it is cool enough to work with the warm sun and paired it with gold bag and footwear to just add a twist to my outfit.

Hope you like it, do share your summer best on instagram at @fashioneatista
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Summer Pastels

Mint Dress: Dorothy Perkins, Nude shoes: Zara Basic


So summer is officially here, jeans go back in, pretty dresses come out. Coffee breaks turn into juicy rides. Dresses are my first love of fashion, with summers in; I grab every chance to wear some pretty pastels or printed dresses. No matter how simple a dress is, it always makes me feel very feminine and chic. Paired with right pair of shoes and accessories it will pep up any casual outfit into a party look.

I really don’t think trends change as per fashion weeks. I mean isn’t it obvious that winters are all for layering and bold colours, while summers are for more subtle colours and prints?  Well mixing few hues is definitely great, because no one knows best than what suits you and your skin tone best.

Anyway, my Dorothy Perkins dress is perfect for summer, its length is just perfect and colour is my favourite for the season. Teamed with my marsala bag it was a perfect day out.

Not to forget my handcuff which is a perfect green druzy handcuff entwined by golden leaves perfectly reflecting the beauty of nature. This piece by Silvette official is just what i need for summers as it goes with almost everything. There line of wide druzy collection is so tempting it will leave anyone wanting more. The colours and designs speak for itself. I feel the designs and products are extremely inspired by nature. Have  a look at their website and choose your own druzy love. (www.silvette.com)

Pretty leafy druzy handcuff from SILVETTEOFFICIAL Buy on http://www.silvette.com

Do share your summer look @fashioneatista on instagram
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DXB Diaries

So, my trip to Dubai was just an amazing one; apart from the much needed break from work and all the social chaos. I was in Dubai to celebrate my parent’s 25th anniversary and of course shop.It was a weeklong trip but I must say even for a small place like Dubai it wasn’t enough. This was my second visit to Dubai but with so much coming up every day I had no time to repeat anything.


The Top at Burj Khalifa and dinning at the luxurious ‘ Al Hadheerah’ restaurant at Bab al Shams resort and spa(sheiks own private property) made me taste the traditional and modern side of Dubai.


Atlantis though didn’t stand up to all the hype that was created (talking purely about the dinner scenes at Kaleidoscope, it was way too crowded) but the water park and the Lost chambers aquarium underwater world was way too fun.


When in Dubai drive like they do, well technically it was impossible for me to think of driving there (God!! You won’t believe the list of strict rules they have but it’s for the citizen’s safety…so no comments on that) but we did hire a Limousine Pick and drop to Atlantis in Limousine Dodge (so even in Dubai it makes for an eye turner, totally felt like a celeb when everyone just stood around to watch who is getting out of the car *blushes*)

JBR- Jumeirah Beach Residence, is by far my favorite place to go when in Dubai, go once.. go twice or 10 times, it will always have something to charm you (also the only place that will give you a feel of traveling abroad, since its filled with desi people) hangout at the beach or grab something at the very European kind of cafes and restaurant your evenings are just sorted. My time at JBR was a little bit of beach..Little bit of shopping from Victoria’s secret and some mouth watering delicacies from Papa Roti.


All in all it was just a fabulous trip with a daily dose of English toffee from Tim Hortons, Garrett’s cheese Pop corn, The Hummingbird bakery’ Whoopie pie, a heavenly slice of blueberry cheesecake from cheesecake factory and of course- the Famous Shawarmas (do try Tasty Bites in Meena Bazaar and Al Mallah in Satwa..Strictly roadside food stations for best taste) also the night buzz seem to head to this nice open place called Filli cafe which has the most aromatic tea I have ever come across (saffron of course, it smells amazing even for a non tea person like me)




Hove you get your travelling break soon, do share your stories with me on instagram @Fashioneatista.

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