Skincare routine with Lotus Herbals

The hunt for good skin is fervent and one of the most sought-out side effects when looking for a good skincare product. As a teenager, Lotus was the first retail purchase for my skin care, my mom loved the products and I followed her footsteps in purchasing my first sunscreen. When Lotus came up with tinted sunscreen, nothing could get better. Sun protection with a formula that covers minute imperfections was just genius.

So when Lotus sent me over some products to try, I was more than excited. The products included a night time regime that had ‘Serum’ and ‘White Glow cream’ I decided to give it at least a month before I wrote down the review

Sunscreen Matte Gel  Sunscreen & Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock
We can feel the heat and its just the beginning of march, firstly let say, summers or winter, indoors or outdoors a regular use of sunscreen is very important. With summers we are exposed to sunlight more than ever, ‘Lotus Sunscreen  Matte Gel’ is the perfect product to incorporate into your daily skincare routine. I get it- when it’s hot and humid, the last thing you want to do is add an extra layer of product on your skin. Common complaints about sunscreens are that they feel heavy and cloying. But if you want healthy, youthful, glowing skin then sun protection is non- negotiable. But this has an incredibly comfortable texture, perfect for all skin types (mine is combination and suits me perfectly). I recommend this formula because it’s thin and fluid, plus, it sits beautifully under makeup too. And when a sunblock comes with a tinted factor that promises to make your skin look smooth and helps to fix the imperfections, there is nothing more you need.

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow, Skin Whitening and Brightening Nourishing Night Crème-  It diminishes dark pigmentation and boosts radiance and clarity.  Has benefits of mulberry, grape, saxifraga extracts, and milk enzymes.  Grape concentrate present in this night cream sheds the skin and permits it to infiltrate profound while Milk compounds square melanin pathways and Mulberry concentrate goes about as a decent tyrosinase inhibitor, counteracting hyper-pigmentation, lastly Saxifraga concentrate searches free radicals that can bring about skin harm.
All these combined, calm skin gives  a smooth surface, even tone, and whiteness, and puts a gleam all over when you get up in the morning.  It blends in well and instantly hydrates the skin, leaving it supple. It visibly reduces the sun spots, acne marks and give a very dewy finish to your skin.

Lotus Herbals YouthRx Activating Serum + Creme – I have been using this twice a day. Just patting with my fingertips thorough out my face and neck. Lot of people forget the neck, but you need to understand it is very vital to take care of it, whatever you apply to your face just extended it to you neck. The serum by lotus protects the skin from radical damage while also helping to treat it. It contains great amount of revolutionary Ginplex Youth Compound, contains 10 times extra anti-ageing power, removes the extra oil on the skin and also controls acne, pimples and blemishes

Serums are great for your skin, they delivers the active ingredients we love deep down to the skin cells that need them in their most potent form. You can use these under makeup, night cream and even under sunscreen on a no makeup day. You only need one small pump, and unless you’re really dry, you can skip moisturizer.

Lotus Herbals Creame – The day care gel cream has cooling effect and refreshes skin on contact while the plant-based ingredients actually relax tense facial muscles (like Botox, but gentler and from nature) to diminish the appearance of lines all day long. The formula is enriched with moisturizers to smooth and plump skin. The cream, will not only make your skin feel super nourished but also produce a noticeable difference in complexion.

Perfect skin comes with a good skin regime

Lotus Herbals has something to suit your every skin need. Their products will give you the radiant skin you’ve been missing. Lotus products are by far most hassle free and their range of products can easily be included in your daily routine within budget.

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Mend it with Kerastase at Page 3 Salon

Page 3 Salon Jubliee Hills

I have been quite experimental when it comes to my hair lately. I may not snip it off dramatically but I do love colouring my hair and trying out different styles occasionally.

Well it obviously comes with an extra stress of extra care. Hair colour doesn’t damage your hair, but yes it does need some extra care. And like any other millennial If you tend to use hot tools like curlers and straighteners to style your hair and then of course the hair spray, the shine spray follow. Not only does this damage your hair but it creates product build up which causes damage from the roots.

The Kerastase products used as part of my hair ritual at Page 3 Salon

That is exactly why I tend to give my hair an expert care at least once a month or 45 days. The ‘New Page 3 Salon’ has well trained hair experts, who advice the right treatment after going through a quick assessment of your hair (or skin if you are going for skin related therapy) and my hair with so much back to back travelling (and poor diet lately) has resulted in damage and needed a good hair spa.

Shining in my kerastase treated hair at Page 3 Salon

I have been to Page 3 salon for various services earlier (their facial is really good and so is there manicure pedicure), so when they told me, I need  a Kerastase Ritual, I just went with it, leaving it on the experts and relaxing as they treated my hair with utmost care.

A lot of brands claim a lot of things but I personally like to experience it myself and form my experience with Kerastase, I have only been smiling with satisfaction! My hair has been falling good even after 3 washes (of course you need to keep using a shampoo and conditioner after every wash)

Some beachy waves for final touch of galmour

Book yourself an appointment and visit the New Page 3 salon above Hagen dazs, Jubliee hills and gift your hair a much needed Kerastase Treatment, you can thank me later.

Location: Road No 10, Jubilee Hills Opp to Diamond House above, Haagen Dazs, Hyderabad. PH:  091006 93333

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Winter Care with ‘Biotique’


Now that winter is here and despite what many people think, ‘Hyderabad hardly ever gets cold’ we do.  And just like any other seasonal concern, winter care is essential. My skin is a combination skin and even a slightest change in weather effects it in a huge way. I really try to avoid anything with chemicals and go for more organic, make up free skin as much as I can.

With winters here my skin is feeling the drying effects of winter and letting me know it needs serious hydration and extra special care. It’s very important to keep the skin feeling moist and comfortable, which can also be a huge challenge. But lucky for me, this season ‘Biotique’ came to my rescue. It is an advanced Ayurveda brand and I have used their face packs earlier that has given me some great results.

They sent me four products which have used for 2 weeks and sharing my review on basis of it so that you can benefit from their products this winter. All their products are Ayurvedic recipe and 100% botanical extract, which means lots of goodness and no harmful chemicals.

Bio Honey Gel- It is a gel-based foaming face wash which is very light and suitable for all skin types. It contains constructive ingredients like pure honey and wild turmeric among others that helps with cleansing the face of all impurities and lightens the complexion.
Details: It comes in 50 ml tube which is priced at Rs 65/-

Bio Saffron Youth Dew- the second product is a ‘visibly ageless moisturizer’. Winter means dry, flaky, red and irritated skin and simply layering on an extra coat of heavier moisturizer will not do the trick.  In addition, for blemish-prone skin types, too much moisturizer may cause congestion, bumps and breakouts. The solution is to use the right moisturizer with the most effective hydrating ingredients like saffron, almond and pistachio oil and my favourite wild turmeric extracts that leaves your skin moist, supple and smooth. It also helps to deal with dry lines and wrinkles with regular use. Just a tad bit of it and spread across face and neck, I use it in mornings and follow up with sunscreen.
Details: It comes in 50 gm box which is priced at Rs 270/-

Dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum– I use their serum faithfully every day, even though it suggests twice a day, I include it in my night time routine. It’s a great product, giving excellent hydration without adding the oil. The serum, contains pure dandelion extract, sunflower oil, ground nut oil, quince seed oil, garden cress, yeast and fresh Himalayan water. I massage it all over my face and neck before moisturizing with the night cream. I have also used it before make up, as it with avoid any scaly look or dry skin, which is often in winters post make up if you have dry skin. It is full of vitamin E as well as essential minerals which help in removing dark spots, eliminating wrinkles, inducing moisture and lightening your skin tone.
Details: It comes in 40ml bottle which is priced at Rs 230/-

Bio Wheat Germ Night Cream– it is great for dry skin and nourishes dehydrated skin and helps cure skin concerns like acne, pimples. It is quick in absorption and does not give you a greasy feeling, which I totally love about the product. It gives me a hydrated and supple skin in the morning, ready to go face the world. Its ingredients are rich in vitamin A, B,C, D, and E and are helpful in promoting skin cell formation, nourishing and rejuvenating dry skin, helps in getting rid of scars and dull skin.
Details: It comes in 50 gm box which is priced at Rs 230/-

You can find their products in most of the retail store and of the shelf counters near you or you can order online-

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Spa Day At Kaya Kalp, ITC Kakatiya


So I decided to take a day off from work and spend it by pampering myself, what better way than going for a 120 minutes of heavenly spa? Just the thought of it made me feel so good and when I was done with it, I was fresh, relaxed and all set for another few weeks of work (gonna come back soon for more). so I am sharing my review with all of you hoping by the end of it you have booked a day of pamper for yourself too.
Kaya Kalp is a perfect combination of visual and sensory delight. ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad has known to cater their guests with luxury & comfort and my experience was no less of it.
After being welcomed at the hotel I was warmly escorted to the magnificently done Spa area. The Spa Manager, a very experienced lady gave me a brief about their specialty services and helped me pick their most sought after- “Pomegranate Body Scrub and Massage.” It included a body scrub, Aroma oil massage and a perfect end with royal foot massage.
After a quick change in their secure locker room I was directed towards my treatment room, on the way I couldn’t stop admiring how beautiful the place is, with an all white interiors, fresh flowers, and some really exquisite mirrors.  Not to forget the ‘draped’ area which allowed guests to relax post spa and where some of their outdoor treatments are done.
After settling down on my massage bed in the serene ambiance of the perfectly lit room, my experience began to unfold. My masseuse began with pomegranate scrub, a sticky, sweet-smelling concoction of brown sugar, lime, ginger and pomegranate, heartily applied and left for few minutes followed by a hot shower allowing my skin to observe the goodness of it. Wiped clean and ready for the next step which was an aroma soul massage using essential oil, which deeply helped me relive stress and muscular tension (Oh, God! I need to this very often). Lastly, (yes there was more) a lavish foot massage using oil and ancient techniques that include stimulating pressure points that will leave one in a state of bliss (Well, at least I did!)


I hope you enjoyed this review, now go get yourself booked at the nearby spa and pamper yourself..

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Olaplex – Reviewd

Olaplex is relatively new to hit the hair world, it is an upgrade service for hair coloring to prevent damage. You can opt for it when you are getting your hair colored or go for a plain olaplex treatment. It’s more like a deep conditioning treatment to focus on strengthening the hair than give you luscious locks. It is not a protein or conditioning treatment but it is a repairing treatment.

The miracle treatment is supposed to help rebuild the strength and structure of damaged hair and is one of those products free from  silicone, sulfates, phosphates, DEA, aldehydes, and is never tested on animals.

For me it failed to give any results. I got my Hair colored at Bounce Spa & Salon, where I opted for olaplex. They add the needed to your hair to steer clear of any damage and help avoid any breakage and color lasts considerably longer.

It did give the color a lasting effect and texture did look good, but post few days I noticed the my hair very rough and lost any sheen it had. My second visit was for the plain Olaplex treatment, without color. It was more like an extended hair spa session. But also incomplete as the treatment suggest that they hand you over a conditioner sachet which you are supposed to use at home like a post treatment step. But they were out of it and I never got it.

While like any other treatment at a salon will give you a shiny soft mane, what matter to me is the result that last. This review is post my Olaplex color treatment and a second sole Olaplex  treatment. I would definitely not go ahead with this again or refer it.

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Buff, File,paint- Repeat at Nail Talk Hyderabad

Located in Jubilee hills Nail Talk is the first ever exclusive luxury Nail Salon in Hyderabad, a complete package of pamper in pink. The floral vibe rules this place making it the prettiest Nail spa in town.  The place is centered to cater you nails, hands and feet only (pretty awesome isn’t it?). Between constant activities and never ending use of our hands & feet, they take a beating on daily basis, so I decide to take a break and give my hands and feet the much needed indulgence

Pretty Floral Interiors at Nail Talk Hyderabad

Some of us are bound to particular colors and shapes (that will be me!) while others like to play the field, this place will keep you all happy. Be it a full fledged Manicure- Pedicure, Acrylics, Shellac, Nail Extensions, Gel Polish, Nail Art…… Name it and they have it. They use best of products (OPI) and hygiene levels are maintained to the best. With something new to offer, they intend to introduce latest trends like Ombre, Chrome nails and mood changing colors to all those who love trying something new.

From peppy colors to comfortable lounge chairs, Nail talk attempts to give a completely luxury feel

Following a nice Tan Manicure- Pedicure, that cleansed, scrubbed, filed my nails I chose from a wide array of fashion- forward hues and decided to go for Nudes, perfect for summer. It was a nice break for me since I always choose to go for darker shades (always) while I sipped my green tea (in pretty floral cups that I fully intended to shop soon) I noticed  little girls accompanying their moms to get glittery nails (yes they do nails for kids as well). It was a beautiful sight. This place has the kind of vibe were you would want to come with you friend/mom/sister and have those endless juicy conversation (after you are done marveling about the place) It’s a perfect place to even through a bridal shower/baby shower in Hyderabad. Hyderabad blogger, Indian blogger, Hyderabad food blogger, Hyderabad

nail talk
Everything at this place will want you to come back for more
My perfect summer nudes from Nail Talk Hyderabad

I have been this to this place thrice and I always return happy. So tag along your girl friends and get your trendy nail fix this summer with poppy colors and appealing designs at Nail Talk. Don’t forget to share your Pretty nails on Social media and tag me @FashionEatista . For more instant updates follow me on Instagram @Fashioneatista on all things fashion, fun and travel.

Location: Nail Talk- 2nd floor, plot no 715, Opp croma electronics, 36 Jubilee Hills. Hyderabad.

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Spa Ceylon Product Review

Ayurveda has long been the healing science in India. A solution for all things physical and mental that balances your life. Spa Ceylon in Hyderabad is one such place that, as a brand combines Ayurveda wisdom and fine natural ingredients to bring you the ultimate in Ayurveda luxury.

I reviewed their spa service (read here) a short while ago and coming out at total bliss I was handed over a goodie bag of their products. After using and obsessing over them for more than a month i am sharing my review on the Spa Ceylon products.

While the in-house spa treatments give you a luxurious familiarity of their products (they use their own products for all the treatments) it is only a surplus package while the USP is their products. You can buy their products to transform your home into your very own little (aromatic) spa.

The products not only smell and feel good but heal your skin and body at the same time, thanks to the natural ingredients as well as keen focus on skin type that helps you buy right kind of products for right skin/concern. The line up of products is pretty amazing categorized based on dosha and skin types. They offer bath and shower products and several unique balms and body oil mists which I found really interesting.

Peace- Bath & Shower Gel Spa Ceylon

This one is from the peace range, it smells wonderful earthy, a nice change from the floral and fruity scents that we usually find in bath care products. I find this wash very gentle on the skin and the relaxing spa-like fragrance feels really uplifting!
I think this is a wonderful range for both men and women and if you like earthy scents, I highly recommend this!

Spa Ceylon Cardamom Rose Hand Cream 

This is the best hand cream ever, I am addicted to the light texture, hydrating and quick absorbing lotion and of course the sweet scent. The pump bottle is really handy and his has indeed become a part of my daily skin care essential (i use it on my arms and legs as well and have already restocked on the next).  If you’re a fellow rose lover then you’ve got to try this out, as it is one of the most subtle rose product i have come across( In  terms of smell) leaving the hands soft and fragrant with the sweet scent of rose and cardamom

Sandalwood Soap

The goodness of this all natural soap is that it smells like sandalwood, looks like sandalwood and is made of it as well. It has honey, and natural vitamin E from soya and fatty acids. It frees your skin of excessive oil (so great for summers) so if you already have a dry skin you will need to go for something else, acceding to your skin type.

White Jasmine Facial Cleansing Balm

At spa Ceylon you will find a complete range is white jasmine that is dedicated exclusively to facial care. This is my super star product and i recommended this to each one of YOU. Just massage the product on your stuburronest make up and wipe it off with wet cotton, makeup removing pad or tissues (anything that is slightly moist is better when you remove make up as rubbing anything dry will rob your skin of its natural oils). It leaves your skin soft, moisturized and with a natural glow. This literally is the best beauty product for me. Since i have a combination skin i have always had product that left my skin either dry or oily, but this is just amaze.

Sleep- Hydrating butter

A little strong in aroma for me, but i still haven’t figured this one out yet. The days i am really tired i like to pamper myself with this, which obvious has got a place at my bed side. So i really don’t know if it was the cream that soothed me out or the tiring day, either way its hydrating butter so no loss.

I have also used their Hair mist and Shampoo, which went a total loss on me and weren’t that effective. I would really suggest you to try the product before you buy because the aromas can be strong for some people who are sensitive to smell. Also consult with, happy to attend staff for right product according to your dosha to get maximum benefits.

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Beauty Cleanse by Raw Pressery


Raw Pressery  is back with a new launch- The Beauty Cleanse. Its designed to cleanse your body, purify your skin. What i love the most about it is , it is like a complete package which comes with an addition of boosters, tea’s infusions and face mask and body scrub for your external use.

Their newly added flavors in juices are ‘All Good, No Bad’

Ingredients That RuleActivated Charcoal, one of the first drinks (i know) that has something related to super trending ingredient across globe – Charcoal which is a universal antidote and natural detoxifier; Marogold: well this did come as a surprise because i only saw this as a decorative flower, you would be surprised to know (as i was) that t is great for your digestive system and relaxes you.

The Tea addition – Relaxing herbal teas’ like Marigold Green Tea and Long Island Green Tea makes up your beautiful day.  I am so used to drinking green tea and these flavors are so aromatic and soothing at the same time that its a perfect way to say goodbye stress!

Skin- Face Espresso Scrub, i love coffee in any form, i have been using coffee scrub (you would know my love for it if you have already following me on Instagram) coffee is great for you skin too when used externally, it tightens and reduces cellulite. Rhassoul Clay on your face while sipping on this to really bring out that inner GLOW.

Benefits: you feel lighter, cleansed, calm, healthy glowing on your skin, better  sleep and even better metabolism.
1 day cleanse – 1800/-, 2 day cleanse – 3600/- and 3 day cleanse – 5400/-

Order from: Raw Pressery Website

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Bounce Salon & Spa Hyderabad

last year was very experimental for me, i am extremely possessive of my hair and when i decided to color my hair it took mt 2 years to finalize between browns and mahogany. when i finally got brown highlights i was so happy and withing 6 months (when they almost faded) i went for a retouch but ended up with ombre of same color. I loved every bit of it.

My Ombre Look before i went global

But then it started wearing of the and brown started changing to almost copper’ish color (trust me it looked very weird) and i was in need of major make over of my hair and that is when i headed to newly opened Bounce Salon & Spa in Hyderabad and consulted their expert who took over all my worries.


Post my color i also went for a Hair Spa, they suggested me – ‘Elements Hair Spa’ and as the name suggest the products used where from Elements, a quick wash followed by massage (this is the best part,  the kneading strokes eases tension and stimulates blood flow) post massage they gave me a nice steam to soak in all the goodness, post which a wash and blow dry completed the treatment. Idly its not suggested to go for blow dry but since i have sinus issue i get it low dried partially.

This is how my hair looks now, i love the brown that subtly glows in sunlight and my hair feels great even after 2 washes.

Impressed by range of their services and with time on hand i decided to try out their skin care option as well and after a glance at my skin the expert (yes they have on for your skin issues as well) after voicing my concern hey suggested me to go for ‘Hydrating & Nourishing Cleanup by Comfort Zone’and as i relaxed my way to a glowing skin they tailor made a process for me when i mentioned i need an extra glow for the upcoming wedding i had to attend (which they were happy to give). Starting of they did a 3 step clean up treatment, that cleanses, brightens and lightens your skin for a perfect glow (30 Mins) they then followed up with a Illumination Whitening Treatment that helps to reduce the look of uneven skin tone, pigmentation. This treatment is for immediate fix but you can have maximum results with a few settings depending on your skin (as suggested by their skin care expert)

Bounce Salon & Spa has special rooms for skin care regimes and spa services 

They offered me a complementary pedicure service which was no less than an extended foot spa experience. The place is hygienic, spacious, the staff is well aware and trained. i am definitely sticking by them for my future spa appointments.

The Mani-Pedi Section at Bounce Salon & Spa

I made a day out it pampering my self to a make over, cleanup, pedicure and hair spa and totally had an amazing time. They also specialize in Nail, Spa, Bridal and Make up services along with Hair and Skin.

So don’t wait up for the weekend and get yourself pampered, don’t forget to take an appointment before hand and for even better service do ask their in-house experts to suggest what suits you best. With 3 outlets in the city, there services are more accessible than ever.

Locations: Jubilee hills, Road No.36, Banjara Hills, Road no.12, and Inorbit mall, Level – 3.

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Spa Ceylon Hyderabad


Sri Lanka’s well known luxurious Ayurveda spa has made way to Hyderabad offering luxurious spa rituals and treatments , recreating the romance of old Ceylon and taking you on a total sensory journey par excellence.

As soon as you enter the spa cum store (store because they sell a wide range of products under ‘Spa Ceylon’, they were kind enough to gift me a hamper which I will be reviewing on blog soon- so far loving them) the sounds of Ceylon melodies in the background welcomes you along with soothing aroma of Lemongrass that wafts through the air.

Once i picked my treatment for the day, which was a 90 minutes ‘Kandyan Relaxing Ritual’ I was introduced to my masseuse and escorted to a private treatment room with en-suite shower area. While i changed and prepped for my treatment to begin, I went through the products laid out for treatments.

Spa Ceylon has created – and uses – its own natural, eco-friendly products that are alcohol free, which makes them absolutely safe and delightful to experience at the hands of expert masseuse


Treatment: Kandyan Treatment

The Kandyan Relaxing Ritual is a luxuriously relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience that made me feel pampered to the core. The inclusion of soothing head and forehead movements ensures the total ritual and helps improve circulation, balance energy flows, soothe muscle tightness and take away stress, tension and anxiety. This spa ritual includes a traditional full body massage to soothe and comfort the entire body. They also performed a soothing acupressure body therapy with precious mineral crystals.


Products Used: Because it’s all about products at Spa Ceylon

Sleep Spray Mist (sprayed before the treatment) It’s a body pillow mist to promote deep restful sleep, with properties like lavender that helps take away stress and relax senses while luxuriously fragrant ylang ylang calms and clarifies  mind and body.

Aloe Vera Mint Balm (for body Massage) a natural formula with deep action to cool, soothe and protect. It has wheat germ and natural vitamin that help nourish and moisturize while organic aloe infused with fruit oils hydrate dry skin

Crystal Stone – For acupressure.  

Peace Mist (sprayed on face) lemongrass helps balance senses & promote inner peace while lavender in it helps relax, spiked lavender helps restore tranquility and peppermint helps clarify senses.

Calming Balm- (massaged on forehead, temples behind ears back and neck) it gently pacifies senses and promotes tranquility. Helps unwind and assists in promoting restful sleep

Hair Oil Mist (for head massage) Aloe Vera water grass with refreshing aromatic herbs and essential oils helps soften hair and adds luxurious glow

Hot towel– I choose to go for hot towel clean up instead of a shower to let the moisture absorb, because winters requires as much moisture as possible.

Steam – I wanted to go for steam, but since the steam room was outside the room and no gowns available I skipped it.

Duration: 90 Minutes


Post Spa: The experience winded up with a cup of hot herbal tea, accompanied with pineapples and pieces of jaggery. Definitely coming back to try another treatment from their long list of rejuvenating rituals. Top Hyderabad blogger


Before you step out pamper yourself with some Spa Ceylon products (product review coming soon on the blog) so you can enjoy a piece of tranquility at leisure of your home. Hyderabad blogger, Hyderabad lifestyle blogger, Hyderabad

Address: Spa Ceylon, Plot No. 703/A, ground floor, Meritas Omaxe, road no.36, jubilee hills, Hyderabad. Ph: 23555997

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Weekend with RAW-Pressery

The festive season was a real thrill, Diwali is one of the most elaborate festivals of the year, and with it comes all the uncontrollable consumption of sweets, desi food and what not. i know i am a food blogger and i am always out reviewing food but the festive season is what actually raises guilt.

So i decided to take a cleanse, not with an intention to curb that entire calorie intake or weight loss (Detox diets or juice cleanse DO NOT help you lose weight, they just help you kick start a healthy diet) but just to kill that mental feeling of being bloated.

So i went ahead and ordered myself a Detox Cleanse from ‘Raw Pressery’. With its presence in Hyderabad no, i dint want to give it a miss. i have tried few local juice cleanse before and i knew how it goes (mostly surviving on set if juices all day, to be consumed in intervals) these juices are a mix of fresh vegetables and fruits to give you the best of nutrition with each bottle.

A one day detox costs about 1500/- that delivers 6 bottles, 410ml of ‘All Good, No Bad’ right at your doorstop. The bottles looked filling and the gorgeous hues left me enticed. But remember once you open it’s for immediate consumption only, and since they are all cold pressed you need to refrigerate and consume with a day or two.

Each bottle has a benefit and the ideal consumption time clearly written on it. Just takes all the guesswork out of doing a juice cleanses, making it easy and enjoyable. My favorite of all juices were Flush, Glow and Shield.

Kick starting the day with a morning walk at necklace road  and first juice of the day
If only Saturdays were an off, work all day but loving the RAW love
Much needed pamper session at Aura spa, The Park Hyderabad; flushing toxins inside out
Catching up with friends but carrying my Raw Pressery to shield my cravings
skipping all the makeup essentials and going for inner glow
Because its perfectly okay to spend some weekends at home but ‘in style’

I would definitely recommend you to try it (especially with all the ‘getting in shape for New-year ‘drama has begun) and even though i am not going to go for a full cleanse soon (its advisable to do it once or twice a month only), I am definitely going for the other option where you can get one or two juices delivered every day or alternate day. Because i personally don’t follow a very fit lifestyle but i guess this is a great way to start, by including at least one bottle of ‘Healthy’ in my daily life.

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Pink Mud- A Pretty Mess


Hope you guys are having a great week, well just 1 more day to weekend guys..Keep it strong. Today I am going to share with you my review on India’s own (future) Victoria secret (well in terms of mists and perfumes for sure)
Pink Mud is an Indian brand started by power of like-minded girls too meet the much needed gap of well priced yet quality product in fragrance sector. If you follow me on Instagram you will know how obsessed i am with hand creams and mists. So i ordered myself their cute little bucket  treat-an assortment of their EDT’s, body mists and deo (I ordered it few months back so might not have the bucket but even better packages, after all I use it thoroughly before sharing my reviews)
The first thing i saw were the cute little boxes, Pink Mud calls it “Pops on the Go” and are available in two variants – “Black Striper Pack” and “Pink Checkered Pack”. Each of these pops contains two 20 ml perfumes. The pops looks so cute and fun, you can also buy them separately for keeping it in your bag. (They were two strong for me, and i might not go for it again, but well fragrance is a very personal choice)

Coming to the main product, the “Pink Mud Foxy EDT”. I personally love the bottle – it’s quirky and fun. The cap is like a big solitaire (they definitely got the-girls love diamonds way seriously, i might even save the bottle now that it’s almost done) the fragrance is very sweet very floral. Something you can wear on a fun day out with girls to special occasions, it has a very unique fragrance and it’s not something you will
Price:- Rs.499/- for 50ml

The mist i got Is “Lacy Body Mist” which is like aqua in a bottle, it’s not so fancy bottle but the magic lies within it (it’s tough and great for n the go, i have carried it everywhere and reused it,around the day for a dash of freshness) The fragrance is just a puff of freshness on skin with a hint of vanilla and fruity aroma (use it as soon as you step out of shower and let it linger, use it again directly on skin whenever you need, because just like you skin your odour needs to be under check)
Price: – Rs.299/- for 236ml

“Sexy EDT” as the name suggests has a very tantalizing and mysterious fragrance. I have worn it to parties were my friends couldn’t stop asking about it, expecting it to be some high end (and over priced perfume) but were really glad to know it was affordable treat just a click away.
Price:- Rs.499/- for 50ml

Do check their Facebook for latest offers and special offers. It a great product to gift your love or pamper yourself being easy on your pocket and getting lot of real thank you (after all everyone likes a gift that they can actually use)

Buy: Amazon , Flipkart or there own cool website Pink Mud
Love Fashioneatista.


Reinvent Luxury with- ‘Skin Yoga’



I discovered this young skin care brand called skin yoga a while back which is an Indian brand and is derived from traditional Indian beauty routines and elements. (That in today’s time is a definite luxury. Why? Well firstly it’s non chemical, then it saves the trouble of making it yourself and turning your kitchen in some sort of Ayurveda test center and most importantly has power to give immediate results, if you needed one more reason well it was the only source of skin care/ beauty products for royalty and all the beautiful Maharanis)

Saffron, Turmeric, Walnut, Coffee, Green Tea are just few ingredients behind their skin care range. There products apart from being truly natural are rejuvenating and they always keep coming up with something new.  Their description of products and easy access helps to get the best (and fresh) for your skin.

Except for sunscreen and body wash/lotion i try to avoid as many chemical products i can when it comes to skin care. These products give results and i say so because I am writing this after a complete use of my products (and ordering myself some refills)

I really don’t know which amazing product i should start with first, so let me get a little partial and start with the ‘Coffee Scrub’ (all u coffee lovers hold your breath because now you can enjoy the existence of coffee in more ways than just in your cuppa) it’s favorite not only because i can enjoy the aroma of coffee right when I step in my shower but also because this scrub helps in beating cellulite ( those tiny little bumps on your thighs and butt) and most amazing part is after washing it off it leaves your skin nourished and soft (thanks to the essential oil added in this recipe now i don’t need a moisturizing ritual post this) just avoid white towel after.

Coffee Scrub from Skinyoga

I am never falling out of love for this product and it will henceforth be the most important part of my bath essentials (I solemnly swear, like any coffee lover would) I mean imagine all that wonder in just 10 minutes (I use it thrice a week, not because it states so, but thanks to my work were every mooring i am just in a rush to reach somewhere)


Coming to their ‘Saffron Walnut Scrub’ it’s great, and i use it twice a week. The saffron helps lighten the skin (remember how they always show luxurious baths in milk and saffron in  movies and commercials that claim to be pure, well we all know how those soaps are, but this for sure is purest form) The added presence of walnut helps in regeneration of skin and allows good blood circulation ( a good 2 minutes massage while washing it of is what I do to get most out of this product) sandalwood helps with dark spots (the irritating little things that makes us use a lot of concealer, well time to use this and you won’t need that anymore) it also works great as an anti- ageing remedy (great to gift your beautiful mom’s. Trust me they will thank you later)


The ‘Green Tea Mask’ is another amazing product; i have been using it a lot. It leaves my skin really soothed and refreshed. (especially in this confused weather were my skin can’t decide to be oily or dry, this is a great rescue)

Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub from Skin Yoga

The ‘Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub’ is perfect for pampering your feet at home (while we easily take time out for our face and nails quite often, this particular product is a quick treat for my feet and also helps maintain my pedicured for a longer time) I used it to scrub away the dead cell  (hearing the latest ‘Dhere Dhere’ starring Sonam and Hrithik on repeat mode, I love the song) and washed it off with warm water and voila (I don’t even need a moisturizer after all that goodness of coconut which by far is the best source of pure moisture for your hair to feet) put on your socks and enjoy your day with happy feet.


The ‘Neem Purifier’ (this was the last product i used, because it said post I used it the day i was back from my road trip this weekend and i just needed a shower (at 1 30 in the night) I wasn’t tired but needed to get of the clothes i was wearing the entire day, using public toilets and dining at a very weird dhaba (FYI I love dhaba food, but the sticky weather , absence of sanitizer and dengue rumors made it even worse) even as a kid when i got sick my mom used to add neem to bathing water and i wasn’t more thankful that night to have this at my disposal. After washing myself with some pleasant body wash i went for a handful of scrub and massaged all over (especially my hands , neck and legs ) and rinsed away, all set to get ready for a good night sleep.

I have already ordered my refills, and hope this review helps you orders yours. Its available online and delivers worldwide. Do share your experaince on @fashioneatitsa on Instagram.

Order Here:
Call: +91 9909010886 /+91 9825263646

Love fashioneatista.

My luxurious skin care from Skin Yoga

Msm Box Review

So I was on a holiday last week-off to Mumbai and had some great time with my friend who is soon getting married.
Just before I left I got my first ever MSM(My Style Mile) box and I took it along. Well what better way I thought to try and share the review. Started by a beauty junkie- Bindu, the MSM team is pretty good at curateing products that are more than just skin care and grooming. What I loved the most is the cute box they came in (totally reusable, stack, store or even re-label and use it as a gift box)
My holiday was very relaxing and I got up on my own terms (extremely late you can call it) and lounge around, shop and travel (we did a lot of auto and cab rides, just because we dint get to do it much in Hyderabad).
IMG_5489I must say I was happy with my MSM select box and even gladder to carry it with me (since they were travel size products or you can call sample but good for me). The ‘H20+ Cleansing Water’ was really good for my confused skin (well that type when you apply it becomes oily and when you don’t do anything it goes dry) with all day long walk at colaba and auto rides the cleansing foam was really gentle to my skin, moving dirt and hydrating it (I dint need a moisturizer, also because of the humid weather). Also the ‘Coconut Lime Shower Gel from Mia’ was so good, leaving a hint of pleasant smell after a tiring day(I just have something for things that smell so good, especially at bed time)  The hydrating tissue mask called ‘Masker Aide’ was really good (I used it just before our visit to colaba social – what a place) technically I have always been a fan of these instant glow mask, but this in particular gave my skin a fresh look, and a very soft glow (you know like the glow you get on that filtered apps) definitely one of my favorite one. I said one of my favorite because I was so glad to get a ‘Benefit Pore Fessional’ in my box; I have been using the product for a while and is hands down amazing. It clears the visibility of the pores and you really don’t need much to do after you apply it (just a little blush and mascara does wonders)
My love for lip balms, and lotions is just well- perverse. I can’t tell you how many I have stock up right now (well my mom defiantly doesn’t understand because I am bad at sharing them.. don’t you dare touch my yummy smelling lotion/lip balm..LOL) so yeah the  ‘Natio- Tinted Lip Balm’  was great to carry around during day and I used it daily (still do) before sleeping and woke up with supple lips.
IMG_5491The box also had a pair off bangles, well I gave it to my niece and she really loved it. Looks like the box just made more than one person happy.
Well I really like mine and would definitely try on the other range of box next time. It’s pretty good way to try products for at least a few times so you can decide to by them or not.
You can get yourself a subscription of MSM box right here:
Do share your experience at @fashioneatista on Instagram

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My Envy Box- Spa Set

IMG_3716Hey, Amidst a busy week I planned to pamper myself with My Envy Box- which unlike previous multi brand products had a complete “Vana Vidhi Darjeeling Spa Set” last month. Beauty subscription boxes are like the new rage in India. There have been many companies coming up with these services and I have tried a few of them. However My Envy box stands apart for the products there team curate in each box. They have best of luxury products as well as Indian based products. Each box comes as a surprise gift (you will end up restlessly waiting for the next once you open the present one) with sample size( sometimes even full sized products) It is just amazing how for little money you spend you get to try what works for your skin and decide for yourself if it’s worth buying. I have been personally introduced to lot of brands I have never tried before (and now I swear by it for regular use- Za-True White Plus Liquid Foundation and Babor creams) The concept is really nice because they have variety and offer products for skin, hair, makeup, perfume sample, and sometimes discount vouchers for various services or shopping websites. The box comes with an info card, giving you details about the products and brand and also the price of full size product of the same. IMG_3758 Coming to the specifics of this box which is a “Vana Vidhi Darjeeling Spa Set” has products that are all 100% Vegan, Sulphate Free, Paraben Free, Color Free & Cruelty Free. “VANA’s strong brew face and body wash” is thick with essence of green tea which will leave you pampered and fresh (I pre lit the “Darjeeling Forest Incense” which came along with the set, which gives me a proper spa feel, adding solace to your me time) “Vana’s Mild Brew Hair Shampoo and conditioner” are mild and sulphate free with natural lather. A continuous use of their shampoo and conditioner promise to strengthen, condition and grow your hair with major benefits of green tea. Post the luxury bath, their “Green Tea Moisturizing Body Lotion” helps keep skin moisturized. It absorbs quickly and is a non sticky lotion. It is so well organized that all you need to do is use the products and order yourself the full size which is just few clicks away. Book your subscription on Do share your reviews and pictures of your Envy box @fashioneatista on instagram. Love Fashioneatista