Heavenly Spa at The Westin Hyderabad

Spa for most of us means a place where you get a massage. Which is actually not the case and at Westin Hyderabad, Heavenly Spa shows us why. The concept at Westin’s Heavenly Spa is to create a complete wellness experience.

I was invited over the weekend to indulge and review their signature heavenly massage. My therapist for the day led me to their massage room, and once I was ready she began with soaking my feet in warm water using mineral salt to cleanse them and began with my treatment. She used apple pie oil that gave extreme moisture to my winter dry skin. I drifted into Zen mode as she began with my concentrated (focus) area with required pressure to relive stress and have a more enhanced blood circulation in my body. 


The pressure was just perfect and exactly what I needed after a long week of work, I enjoyed every bit of it.  As the warm oil seeped into my body I could feel my aches slowly fade away and enter a state of absolute bliss. This goes over an hour and my masseuse slowly kneads on my muscles combining that with gentle strokes. The last 10-15 minutes she spent massaging my face and head. More like pressing the correct pressure points and releasing stress and it was followed by a facial.


I opted for the ‘Illumination’ facial. It is curated to bring back glow to your face. The active ingredients and cooling gel mask brighten up the skin by treating the hyper pigmented areas. This again was an hour long treatment that was done using the ‘Comfort Zone’ products winding up with a pack followed by a serum to keep you skin glowing and hydrated.


At Heavenly Spa you can always add-on, facilities like body scrubs, steam and Jacuzzi right in your room (on additional basis).  The post therapy part included, being escorted to a quite dim lit, waiting area where I relaxed, breathing in an amazing experience I just had while sipping a hot  cup of green tea with some dark chocolates and walnuts for a quick a boost.

Address: The Westin, Mindspace IT Park, Hi tech City, Hyderabad. Ph: 040 6767 6910

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Minimalistic Style with AND

It was a chaotic week, so many things rescheduled, i have been trying to be more focused , be more better with my planning. but sometimes you just have those days when things go off the path for various reasons.
I have had 3 such days this week, leaving me with nothing to do. its then when i realized i have been pushing myself so hard that i hardly had time for myself. i mean i don’t know when was the last time i read a book, or watched a movie in theater. I am not complaining, (even though people keep asking me how i haven’t watched ‘Dangal’ yet but well i have my hands full and i feel good about it.

With a full time job and all free time dedicated to blog the only time i get sometimes is to plan and plan and plan. So i took these days and spent chink of time at crosswords reading whatever i could get (undoubtedly picked a few as well, i am not heavy reader but will review few soon) I plan to go movie -Alone, its not a big deal these days, but for me it tops my bucket list. so no more waiting around, the next free day i get i am going to book a recliner for myself (isn’t this what truly means you are independent, that you don’t really have to depend on someone to enjoy what really makes you happy?)

This particular monochrome look of culottes and top i shot was completely out of blue (also when i realized i had picked this outfit because it is very classy and go to style, for work, meetings and well i could were this fr a fashion event.. also Kareena wore it)

AND by Anita Dongre is a fabulous brand guys, you find stuff for all you needs, casual outings, party, college or work. they worth for the value you spend on it, quality wise too and well of-course designs and fit.

Top & Bottom – AND, Shoes- Aldo, FauxFur Bag- Dubai, Glasses- Delhi Street pick.
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Sankranti Food Festival at Park Hyatt Hyderabad 

Whether you are celebrating (or calling it) Lohri, Pongal, or Sankranti there’s only one way to celebrate the harvest festival – by gorging on scrumptious food.
The new Head Chef of The Dining Room at The Park Hyatt Hyderabad – Chef Shashidhar Vijapure has crafted a delightful menu to recreate the authenticity of traditional Sankranti fare.

Me, along with other food bloggers were invited for a special preview of the menu that was served to us in form of traditional thali. It had variety of dishes that represented regional delicacies from all over India, not to miss the ‘shots’ of sugar cane juice (with a hint of lemon and ginger) served as welcome drink.

While the flavours of south were served with dishes like Pongal, Pulihora, Mamidikai-Pulsu, Kadalaisundal, Pon Kosambari, Thair Vadai, Vazapoo Masala Wada, the north Indian dishes like Paneer Til Pudi, Surathi Undhiyu, Sarson Ka Saag, Gutti Vonkaya Koora, Pumpkin Kalan, Kotmalli Sadam, Bajre ki khichadi where also included.

Well being a Punjabi i am, i went straight to Dahi Wada followed by Sarso ka Saag with Makki ki Roti, it was perfect balance of flavours and as authentic it could get. I also enjoyed Thayir Vadai and Masala vada, with the chutneys served for spicy tangy mix. Pumpkin Kalan was something i was hesitant to try since i am not really very fond of it, but it turned out to be a delight. From the flavours of Gujrat- oondhiya was there, but with a twist of spinach, refreshingly delicious.

The Desserts included ‘Khus Khus Payasam’ and ‘Holige with Badam milk’, (not to forget ‘Kobariburfi’ which was part of thali) served hot in metallic utensils they were spellbound and perfect end to a fine meal.
So head over for a delectable meal with your family and make the most out of this three day long festive offering.

From: 12th to 14th Jan.
At: The Dining Room, Park Hyatt Hyderabad.
Price: Rs.1300 for lunch and Rs.1500 for dinner (not inclusive of taxes)
 Location: Road No.2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Ph: 040-49491234

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Prost Brewpub, Hyderabad

The trend of microbreweries in Hyderabad has just kick-started and must I say people love it. Being to three of them by now I will happily say that ‘Prost’ Hyderabad (because they have in Bangalore too) is by far my favorite. The three level microbrewery is huge and the interiors are just perfect to the details, every corner has a different vibe from exposed pipes to car heads outdoors. With both outdoor and indoor seating available it’s already a crowd puller.


Watermelon Feta Salad

We tasted some soul filling food; the place is pocket friendly, has endless variety, great presentation and full points for taste. The entree menu is more elaborate compared to the main course. However the most appealing part of the menu is option of ‘Half and Half’ (I personally love it even more because I have lot of vegetarian friends and I end up ordering  veg because I don’t want to waste a portion of meal just coz I can not finish it alone) plus we get to try more variety this way.

I am not a big fan of salads but the watermelon feta salad was an epic one, and definitely coming back for this soon. The layered beauty is a treat too eyes as well as taste buds…and healthy too so no minus points for over indulging in it. We also tried ‘Paneer Gatari’ ‘Crackling Stuffed Fish’ ‘Cajun Potatoes’

‘Koli chips’ with finger licking seasoning is as thin as a chicken (starter) can get, it’s one of the blockbuster dish and a hands down favorite.  The ‘Mutton Kheema Puchka is a surprise dish- where kheema ‘meats’ Pani Puri.

‘Quesadillas’ in veg are also great and ‘Pottery Prawns’ is just a unique and high in flavors, its prawns are vodka based, served on a bed of olive oil in a pot along with garlic bread. Don’t forget to try their “Chocolate Eclair’ to wind up your meal that is going to leave you speechless.

Kheema Pani Puri
Koli (chicken) Chips


Cajun Grilled Fish
Pottery Prawns with Garlic Bread

Don’t wait for the weekend to try this place, just blow your Monday blues over a beer and some great music.

Location: Rd.No. 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.  Ph: 23556235

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Hyderabadi Menu at SBOW Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of cities that is all about food, decked with its own Hyderabadi irani cafes and Biryani house’s ,the city has endless options of scrumptious flavors. With the authentic cuisine getting lost amidst commercialized dishes, Soda Bottle Opener Wala Hyderabad has now introduced its very own ‘Hyderabadi Irani Cafe Menu’ which has been developed using old recipes & flavors!

 Irani Cafes of Hyderabad

These cafes flourished till the 1990s and then started disappearing as cities changed with modernization- soaring real estate prices, arrival of lucrative career options for the new generation and opening of air-conditioned cafes.  The older part of the city still has some of the iconic Irani cafes & bakeries like Iqbal Cafe, Nimra Cafe, Nayaab, Madina Cafe, Nilofer Cafe, Shehraan Hotel, Subhan Bakery among others. A visit to these cafes kicks in nostalgia and is truly an experience.

Hyderabadi Irani Cafe Menu at SodaBottleOpenerWala, Hyderabad

Traditional Irani Chai pairs best with Bun Butter and freshly baked Hyderabadi biscuits like the famous sweet and salty Osmania biscuits that can lead to serpentine queues at some of their famous selling joints. There are others like Chand, Shatranj and Badam biscuits and Dilpasand puffs. No visit to a Hyderabadi Irani Café is complete without the delicious mutton mince filled Varqi Lukhmis, which are savory puffs, of which they make a vegetarian version too. Marag, a spicy and appetizing mutton soup, served with heart shaped Dil Naan is a common wedding delight. Paya and Zabaan Nihari served with naan are delicious soupy delights made with trotters and tongue with dominant flavors of garam masala and dagad phool or stone flower; Talahuwa Gosht, a simple preparation of fried mutton, onion and basic spices, brings out the flavor of the meat ; the Irani Haleem, a slow cooked preparation combines the goodness of wheat, barley, meat, lentils and spices. It is served with chopped mint leaves, a squeeze of lemon, fried onions, chopped ginger and green chilies. The Hyderabadi Mutton/Chicken Biryani will entice non-vegetarians. The Vegetarians get to enjoy delights like Talihuwi Arbi, Bagara Khana, Khatti Dal and a Veg Biryani served with Baghare Baigan and dahi ki chutney. Do not miss on the flavors of Kaddu ka Dalcha a preparation of lentils cooked with gourd which truly represents the Mughlai cuisine of Hyderabad. End your meal on a sweet note with Qoobani Ka Meetha, a delicious dessert made by combining apricots and malai. 

Dum Ka Murg
Talahuwa Gosht
Nihari With Naan – Paya Zabaan
Irani Haleem
Marag- Mutton
Kaddu Ka Dalcha and Bagara Rice
Qubani ka Meetha

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Transition Trend: Bell Sleeves

I am loving the off shoulder trend and I wouldn’t really mind making it one of my go to style statement for life; but I’m so amazed that ‘Bell Sleeve’ trend is back in style. Being a 90’s kid I have been part of both the trends before and for me it’s one of the timeless classic styles. Top Hyderabad blogger, lifestyle blogger in India

Bell sleeves or flared sleeves as a lot of them call are a classy yet boho way to make your outfit as trendy as humanly possible. The flowiness of the sleeves gives it a real bohemian vibe, but the neckline and the color (white) gives it more of a classy, put together look. The “bell” of the sleeve can be as dramatic as need be, for example. By choosing a neutral color, the top can be more subtle. Or it can be a loud statement piece, by choosing more bring colors. fashion blogger in India, Indian blogger 

I paired it with heels and pearls for classier look. But you can wear the same, with an array of jewelry to give a bohemian look.  You could wear them with overalls, jeans, shorts, skirts, hats, etc. Hyderabad fashion blogger, Hyderabad Lifestyle blogger

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Mussoorie – Holiday in the hills

What beaches are to some, mountains are to me I am not a water baby, I would always choose hill stations, snow capped (or not) mountains, misty air and nature at its paramount. I love travelling and i thought to include my travel diaries (my travel experiences as blogs) with you all. This is my first travel blog but i hope to do a lot more, as traveling is something that literally moves my soul.So when I was asked to pick a destination for our summer vacation I knew I wanted to go north- I landed up in Mussoorie- the queen of hills (rightly Said)

View form Mussoorie Mall Road

I landed at jolly Grant Airport –Dehradun, I went in June end so the peak season was coming to an end I must say I was looking for some really calm and peaceful time, but my first take on reaching (almost reaching) Mussoorie was ‘why are there so many people?’ It was so crowded that after reaching the place it took me 1 hour to get to my resort which was technically only 12 minutes away from Mall Road.

Privilege suit- Dancing Leaves, A Sterling Resort- Mussoorie

My stay for first two days was at ‘Mussoorie Dancing Leaves- A Sterling Resort’ the resort is 2.5 km from Mussoorie Town but has an extremely nice path towards mall road (after all hill stations are all about walks and views) with most amazing view of Dehradun city below, which glitters like gemstones in dark under moonlight.

We were staying  in one of the ‘Privilege suits’ that overlooked the alluring Doon valley form every room, has a balcony with a sit-out option to enjoy the view with a local brew. We had an attached living area with sofas and T.V a small dining option and small kitchen area equipped with cutlery, microwave and refills of tea/coffee.

Dancing Leaves, A Sterling Resort- Mussoorie


Waking up to hazy cloudy mornings, enjoying breakfast in their ‘Woodstock Restaurant’ which again gives you a feel of being surrounded by mountains and clouds while you sip hot coffee and relish their wide spread of breakfast; it just was a picturesque holiday.

They had an Outdoor play area swings, which i totally engrossed in while it drizzled. And when it rained it poured in Mussoorie so I took the day off and indulged in some Spa service in house making the most out of my holiday. The evenings where fun as the property organised special bonfires, party games, barbecue nights, for all in-house guests, you get to meet so many new people it’s almost exhilarating.

Hot Ginger Lemon Tea at Chaar Dukaan- Landour, Mussoorie
View from Lal Tibba

Among the places I visited ‘Lal Tibba’ was one place I really loved. ‘Kempty falls’ is too commercialized and when in season it’s just too crowded to enjoy it. ‘Mall Road’ is one other place where you will find yourself ending up every evening, the local stores selling vintage stuff and artifacts that you can buy as souvenirs from your trip, the line full of cafes, momo stalls and restaurants; the vibe of the place is unmissable.  For more places to eat in Mussoorie stay tuned to part two of my Mussoorie diaries.

kempty falls.jpg

Hope you enjoyed my first ever travel blog post about my trip to Mussoorie.

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Print Pattern with Prints By Radhika

I am not a big fan of prints, but I am all in for experimenting. When I first saw Radhika Rawat’s @printsbyradhika I was in awe with the collection. There was something about the prints and colours that made me want to try them out. The silhouette, the cut and the print itself is very astonishing.

This dress reminds me of my holiday, serene mountains, fresh air and dreamy yet bright days. This is something that I am really loving right now. My friend is getting married and I know I am going to wear this for the haldi or mehandi (of course I will share the look with you, it’s not going to be the same) 

For now hope you enjoy this look as much as I loved shooting in it… Strolling in the grass, swinging in the breaks and just loving the wet mud fragrance monsoon has got our way. 

Earrings from @shopatkc on instgaram

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Hoppipola, Hyderabad

Step into Hoppipola and be enveloped by this warm, fuzzy feeling of having come to your happy place. The space is massive yet cosy enough for it to feel personal. Pristine white walls, glass stained doors, a clustered wall of colorful birdhouses, gliders hanging off the ceiling and specks of quirks all around; that pretty much sums up the first look and feel of Hoppipola. Hyderabad blogger, Hyderabad lifestyle blogger, Hyderabad food blogger

Hoppipola encourages a lot of hoppi things. With a hoard of board games and the hoppi favorite live-sized Jenga, there is never a dull moment at Hoppipola. On close inspection, the tables are all actually blackboards, so while one waits for food and mulls over drinks, one may play noughts and crosses and dots away to glory or put the artist in them to work and simply doodle all over the table. Hyderabad blogger, Indian blogger

Serving an extensive bar menu, Hoppipola serves refreshing, innovative cocktails with just the right amount of flavor and kick and just what one needs to set the mood right. Served in quirky bar-ware, drinking at Hoppipola is a delight. For my blog, like a true food blogger i went on to taste some of the most yummy stuff just to share the review with you. We loved the ‘Bird Cage’ cocktail and ‘CNC’ (a cumin and cucumber flavored drink) but we absolutely loved the ‘Nutty Fruity’ (hint of pineapple, hazelnut syrup and cranberry juice made it a relishing never tried before drink)

Hoppipola serves interesting pub-grub for all kinds of appetites and palettes. Some little munchies to pair with your drinks like ‘Smokin Carlos’ ‘Chicken Trilogy’ ‘The Harissan Fish’ and ‘Lambada’ (well they have a lot more options but these are what we tried) we ordered ‘Cup of Oriental’ –Thai curry served with sauce (absolute favorite and MUST TRY). For those seeking a complete meal, there are pastas, pizzas and some interesting mains that will make for a sumptuous dinner.

Food was great but I liked the vegetarian options more than the non vegetarian ones, as the later lacked the flavors and somehow everything i tasted seemed similar and the fish too wasn’t fresh. But there is still lot more to try on the menu.

Location: Plot 1&2, Rohini Layout, Opp Shilparamam, Hitech City. Hyderabad. Ph:04033165103

Have a great week ahead guys.
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High Street Style with Off Shoulder Tops

I love the concept of high-street style, where you could get ready in the most fashionable way without worrying where you are heading.

In Hyderabad or lets just say India, people think a lot before picking an outfit – thinking about the place, weather, trends, colors …oh my good! what not. I mean yes being in India one has too keep in mind about kind of clothes they wear but not about what others would think of a particular style or outfit.

I dress for myself, I wear black in summers if I want, I where 6 inch pumps for a coffee date with my girls and I have worn t-shirt and ripped jeans for a Saturday karaoke night, I dress according to my mood and I really don’t care what others think or feel and neither should you.

The off shoulder trend is something I am literally obsessed with these day’s, being a 90’s kid I have been around this trend before and spotted actresses wearing the off shoulder tops/dresses with oversize shades, earrings and chokers.

This top from ‘Promod‘ is an easy fit and it’s black (do I still need to give a reason why I love it?) I paired this with my denims and over sized tassel earrings which had blue rhinestones on top of it (I got it online from this store called ‘Vida Loca‘) added my bag from ‘Robote Della Corse‘ and my ‘Aldo‘ heels to give it a high street style, I tried leaving my hair open but finally decided to go with a bun and it was just perfect.

I am loving this particular style and outfit and I am going to go get myself more of this off shoulder tips and maybe oversize pearl earrings.

Have a happy weekend guys, and wear what you love.

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Food Walk by Swiggy Hyderabad 


Today I went for one of my first ever food walk in organised by Swiggy. Until last night i wasn’t really sure if i would really make it since they asked us to assemble at 7:30 (I’m not a morning person, but i guess food was enough motivation) lifestyle blogger, Hyderabad

The Food walk was organised of 4 famous places in old City –Charminar, another reason why i really wanted to go.  Even being a localities, the last time i visited Charminar was 4 years back (for the reason everyone goes- to show off the tourist spots to your visiting relatives) I think food walk are just amazing, your senses come alive as you encounter many captivating sights and sounds (and a place like Charminar is just so full of it). It is a great way to indulge in enticing food, and know more about places and its legacies.

We all (all as in more fun and experienced foodies) assembled at ‘Nimra Bakery’ one of the oldest and most famous for ‘Chai and Osmania Biscuit’ center, well they serve much more than that but this is what it is known for. If you have been following me you will know i am not a chai fan, but i was all in to try, a little too sweet for me but what i loved was the freshly made ‘tie biscuit’, crisp layers just melt tin your mouth.


Next we walked towards “Govind Dosa” passing Charminar and obviously clicking a lot of selfie’s and pictures. Govind dosa is yet another famous place for idly-dosa, in a very ‘not so south’ style. The special ‘Cheese Dosa’ is slapped with layer of butter and cheese with paste of veggies and served crisp with chutney. We also tried ‘Fried butter idly’, which is pan fried in butter, anions coriander and of course some spices.. MUST TRY


Ur next stop was “Nayaab Hotel” a place that offers authentic Hyderabadi cuisine for 3 generations now. The place opens at 4 am and what they offer  is no light meal, they serve everything from ‘Bheja Fry’ ‘Paya’ ‘Nahari’ (tastes best with their double roti) they have  a lot to offer, what matters is how much can you eat! I loved the bheja fry the most and undoubtedly all dishes where perfect to its taste. Hyderabad blogger, food walk Hyderabad



We winded up with the best ‘Jalebi’ in town, also ‘Saffrom Tea‘ too milky for me again( if only i was a tea lover) with the scorching heat and such long walks (after eating so much) was just impossible. So two of our fellow foodie bloggers took it up on themselves and brought the jalebi to us, which was served with ‘Malai’, let’s just say it was a truly desi end to truly desi food walk (by now all i could imagine was A/c and bed)

All in all it was a great culinary experience and even better meeting the other foodies. Thank you Swiggy.

Have a great week ahead.

Love fashioneatista.

Classy Meets Cool


I personally feel my style is very classy, I love my blacks and grey’s. The well tailored clothes are my weakness. But I love mixing trends with my personal style.

The cold shoulder tops are a rage this season (in fact so are the off shoulder and one shoulder tops and dresses) So i mixed my grey knit, off shoulder top with maroon pants. (with few folds below, it gave me perfect pencil fit look, even though, they were not exactly pencil… Well let’s just that’s the trick to make an illusion of pencil fit) With pointed flats and grey tote i completed my look with more classy edge. I added spiky (my new favourite earring) which has a hint off copper in silver earrings, adding style to my entire look.

This is one more of the day to night look i love, its stylish for any outing and formal enough for any work or office meeting. with my work as a journalist and writer it never harms to be stylish. especially when it involves so little work.


All set to travel this weekend and have more of off shoulder love to share. have a great weekend guys.

Top- Zara, Trousers- Maxx Fashion, Earrings- Doha, Bag- Bought it online from a store i don’t remember the store.

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Maxi’mise Your Style

Maxis have been my new found love all winters and now summers too. It’s a summer staple for me as it’s one of the easiest pieces I have in my closet because of its double-duty styling. It can easily go from weekday to weekend night.Its pleasant during evening well at least from past few days so i haven reinventing the look pairing it with a soft denim jacket, especially if I’m working or hanging out indoors (A/C places are best, you really don’t need to think about summer heat.. at least the day when you really feel like dressing up)  plus I love a good denim jacket + maxi dress combo. It’s a new classic in my books.

Be it Georgette, jersey, satin, cotton, options are endless. Few years back I thought maxi dresses only looked fab with flat shoes, gladiator flat sandals and the likes, today I could rock this shit with any shoe. Aha. Even bloody sneakers, or wedges, or chunky massive sandals, which I used to hate when paired with a long dress. Besides, the versatility of a maxi is unquestionable and the styles and outfits, even layers you can make with one and play dress up are a blessing.

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  Details: Maxi- Forever 21, Hat: H&M, Shoes-Forever New, neck piece- Silvette.com

Be Your Own Sunshine X Global Desi

The collection by global desi #beyourownsunshine is almost empowering, i mean how many times a week do we have those moments when we really feel like having someone to cheer us up? well happens with me all the time; and as a human being i tend to look at others to make me happy.

But, i have been more positive than ever this year… i dint make any resolution, i just knew i needed it for my own good, i accepted to be positive, and that is the first thing you need to do, accept to be positive. its half battle won, but a difficult one to hold on to.

You know what i feel, its all in the mind, if you decide strongly that you want to be positive, and deny to take any negativity you can. it wont be easy.. but it wont effect you much if you believe in it. People around may be negative but you can changethat.. how?  simple! don’t encourage them, don’t talk about things that gives you negative vibes, oh and please get rid of negative people in life.. i did, and i feel soo good.

Love Yourself… feeling low? watch a funny movie, keep yourself occupied, start a hobby, read, go for lunch or a drive alone.it give you time to be with yourself and enjoy your own company (avoid the sad playlist.. please). go to a park, talk it out to a pet, nature, write or just  record and laugh at it later(i did that once and i was like how lame and depressed i sound, is that how i come across people.. STOPPED immediately m)

Lastly member, everyone… no matter how satisfied or happy they come across has there own baggage, so be happy, be positive, and be grateful. People love being around positive people it makes everyone happy, especially people with good vibes, who are there own sunshine.

Coming to my look, i am wearing a ‘Global Desi’ dress from their #beyourownsunshine summer collection. Its very summery, the colour make me look and feel happy. Yellow make my skin tone look bright too, and talk about comfort? well i could sleep in it.. and anything of that rating is the most comfortable clothing ever.. its airy, flowy and soft.! paired it with my ALDO heels and bag it is my go to look (which was also my day to night outfit i wore to office- minus the heels of course, then went for a late lunch with a friend – where i added the heels and earrings; and later a family dinner.. hey its weekend so don’t judge)

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Love yourself.. Loads of love,


Chandon X Hyderabad

Sunday brunch for me is synonymous to luxury me’ time just as much as Chandon is for a (happening) party. So imagine my delight when my Sunday was turned into a pleasure when Olive Bistro invited me for Chandon wine launch (brunch) party.

No place in Hyderabad can beat the vibe at olive Bistro; it’s fun, fresh and has an addictively relaxing vibe. Even when the indoors were reserved I (like many others) chose to stay outdoors, I mean why wouldn’t we, the place with huge sprinklers, fresh flowers, chilled wines and not to forget the lounge chairs with cushions to add to the perfection. Summers and brunch are like match made in heaven, the crowd was full of head turners where most of the men were spotted in white, while ladies rocked their perfect summer dresses (I felt like someone magically transported me to santorini… still drooling)

From veg skewers to pizza the food was appetizing as ever. Maître d’ moved around replacing the empty glasses with fresh cocktails and wine. The desserts were however a fresh change from usual favorites, the berry tarts was my favorite.

Moët Hennessy India launched its sparkling wines ‘Chandon Brut’ and ‘Chandon Brut Rose’ in 2013. 2 years, 16 cities and many awards later they have now been launched in princely city of Hyderabad; perfect for its delectable cuisine and regal heritage.

Chandon Brut is made from ‘Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Grapes’ it boasts of a bright, fresh fruit bouquet of citrus blossom with green apple and hints of tropical fruits and vanilla. Chandon Brut Rose is made from ‘Shiraz and Pinot Noir grapes’ and possesses rich aromas of ripe cherries with mouth filling flavors of red fruits and soft grapefruit undertones.

Chandon’s launch in Hyderabad reiterates Moët Hennessy’s commitment to India, it’s faith in developing local excellence and the company’s belief in the role it can play in transforming the nascent Indian wine market.

Chandon Brut sparkling wine will retail at INR 2,000/- and Chandon Brut Rose will retail at INR 2,500/- both will be available at select wine retailers, hotel, restaurants and bars across the city.

So get going already because wine shouldn’t wait for a reason to be relished.

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