Spa Day At Kaya Kalp, ITC Kakatiya


So I decided to take a day off from work and spend it by pampering myself, what better way than going for a 120 minutes of heavenly spa? Just the thought of it made me feel so good and when I was done with it, I was fresh, relaxed and all set for another few weeks of work (gonna come back soon for more). so I am sharing my review with all of you hoping by the end of it you have booked a day of pamper for yourself too.
Kaya Kalp is a perfect combination of visual and sensory delight. ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad has known to cater their guests with luxury & comfort and my experience was no less of it.
After being welcomed at the hotel I was warmly escorted to the magnificently done Spa area. The Spa Manager, a very experienced lady gave me a brief about their specialty services and helped me pick their most sought after- “Pomegranate Body Scrub and Massage.” It included a body scrub, Aroma oil massage and a perfect end with royal foot massage.
After a quick change in their secure locker room I was directed towards my treatment room, on the way I couldn’t stop admiring how beautiful the place is, with an all white interiors, fresh flowers, and some really exquisite mirrors.  Not to forget the ‘draped’ area which allowed guests to relax post spa and where some of their outdoor treatments are done.
After settling down on my massage bed in the serene ambiance of the perfectly lit room, my experience began to unfold. My masseuse began with pomegranate scrub, a sticky, sweet-smelling concoction of brown sugar, lime, ginger and pomegranate, heartily applied and left for few minutes followed by a hot shower allowing my skin to observe the goodness of it. Wiped clean and ready for the next step which was an aroma soul massage using essential oil, which deeply helped me relive stress and muscular tension (Oh, God! I need to this very often). Lastly, (yes there was more) a lavish foot massage using oil and ancient techniques that include stimulating pressure points that will leave one in a state of bliss (Well, at least I did!)


I hope you enjoyed this review, now go get yourself booked at the nearby spa and pamper yourself..

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AnnaMaya by Andaz, Delhi

andaz 4

Andaz, Delhi by Hyatt is new on the block of premium luxury hotels in Delhi and apart from having great accommodation facilities; they have also received rave reviews for their dining facilities. So i made the most out of my short stop in Delhi and visited AnnaMaya for a meal at Andaz. The first thing you notice about the property is the colorful vibe, a peppy dress code for staff, Ambassador cars for airport transfers.


AnnaMaya, their European hall restaurant is tastefully designed with a relaxed European aesthetic in mind. The color of the stained glass windows is well balanced by the earthy furniture and cutlery. The essence of AnnaMaya’s existence lies in celebrating local ingredients that are made in India – also everything you see here is available on sale, the greens in your dish, masala’s in your curry even the plates you are served in. Their core lies in using all things organic and promoting artisanal products. They have live kitchens and counters, a beautiful pastry section right at the entrance- that will make you want to run for the desserts first.


They serve traditional Indian cuisine with a modern twist, made with consciously sourced produce. Our lunch at AnnaMaya was a lavish one, while the chef induced us with organic knowledge, the lovely team- which we must mention served and hosted us in a very warm Andaz, Keeping up to their name, Andaz Delhi definitely has an Andaz.

Lassi at AnnaMaya Delhi
Fresh Organic Produce, at AnnaMaya Delhi

What you must try are the salads that boast’s of organic greens and fresh produce. Our meals began with summer fresh lassi’s that were available in flavors of mango, chocolate and mint. The ‘Caramelized Roasted carrots-with Himalayan honey and black onion seeds’ had my heart, a simple dish that tasted exotic, they whip up some really exquisite Indian dishes like ‘Stir-fried okra– with cashews and tamarind’ ‘Amritsari goat milk paneer tikka -with mint chutney’ ‘Chicken Tikka, marinated to perfection with cinnamon, black pepper- glazed with garlic oil’ absolute favorite was the ‘Grilled fish in plantain leaf- with fragrant chili sauce’ and one must no leave Annamaya without tasting their ‘Confit duck- With oranges, ginger and sweet tomato dip’ recommended by chef it was a delight indeed. Their ‘Lamb and spinach patty– with Himalayan timur pepper, onion compote and creamy mash’ was also pleasing.

Caramelized Roasted carrots at AnnaMaya Delhi
Lamb and spinach patty at AnnaMaya Delhi
Grilled fish in plantain leaf at AnnaMaya Delhi

Any meal or dining experience is incomplete without indulging in something sweet, doesn’t matter if it is at the start or at the end of a meal…or even somewhere in between. Considering the range of desserts available at AnnaMaya, you would probably want to indulge in it after every course.

Monster Shake at AnnaMaya Delhi

They have also recently introduced the ‘Monster Shakes’ we must warn you, you need an army to vanish this mighty and sinful shake. if you are here you must try it out, it is layers fruits, waffles, chocolates, sauces, toppings all above the shake curiously ganged up to perfection.

Address: Aerocity, New Delhi, India, 110037. Meal for 2: Rs 2500

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Monsoon Spa at The Spa by Park Hyatt, Hyderabad

Park Hyatt Hyderabad introduced a Special Monsoon Treatment at The Spa – “‘Herbal Bundle Massage’ that is especially put together for monsoons to re-energize oneself. The Spa  at Park Hyatt is a sanctuary to renew and to delight, where royal fragrances blend with decadent pearl rituals and the sophisticated herbal healing of Nizam tradition.

I was very eager to try it out but waited good 10 days after it was launched,  as i was down with viral fever (and it’s not suggested to opt for body massages when you are down with fever) But let’s just say the timing really worked, i had a lot of body pain even after i was back to work, so i finally blocked a date for this treatment as it intends to relax body and soul.


The Herbal Bundle Massage as informed by the spa manager is a true healing therapy for body stiffness and joint pain. He led me to the spa lounge , where I was welcomed with a Tamarind and jaggery drink in silver champagne glass along with a rolled wet towel.  It’s interiors are all cream-on-beige-deliciousness, dull lights that help you slip into zen mode. The calm color palette continues into the treatment room, all temptingly touchable in natural textures like marble, limestone and leather.

Once changed and ready my therapist began with foot wash with aromatic salt, as in any Ayurvedic treatment.  Post that she began the body massage with liberal application of medicated oils. I had to therapists assigned to me for, there was a missing sync in their moves but sooner or later my entire body was pampered with stretches and right strokes that relived all tension and knots in my body. Post The oil massage they began the therapy of bundle massage that is done with the use of pouches made out of muslin cloth which are filled with medicinal herbs and powders and it’s then poached over the whole body followed by a 30 minutes massage. This special therapy quickens the circulation and aids the muscles in disposing of accumulated waste products. I have had the bundle massage treatments earlier and I felt in this treatment the therapists lacked the usage of it, as it was thumped too fast and retracted any sense of relaxation.


So if you are looking for a treatment with results I would definitely suggest this as it has healing benefits that helps to stretch the tissue membrane, reduces traffic congestion around the compression of the joints, relieve spasticity of muscle, reduces the swelling caused by inflammation of muscles and joints and helps stimulate or increase blood circulation.

If you are looking to relax, I recommend you to go with their option that will be best suggested by the spa manager depending on your need. All in it was a great Sunday; my therapists recommended not have any shower or steam, and let the herbs and oils do their magic. So I used the hot towel to get rid of excess oil, changed and was back to the relaxing lounge for a cup of herbal tea and some apricots.


Where-The Spa, Park Hyatt, Hyderabad
When– Monday to Sunday,9 am- 10 pm
Duration– 90 Minutes
Prices-INR 9200+ Taxes

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Women’s Day at Truefitt & Hill,

DSC00445 - Copy

Truefitt & Hill is synonymous to royal luxury, the Oldest Barbershop in the World, as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. The London barbershop has had the honor of serving monarchs Of Great Britain throughout nine consecutive reigns, and even in these modern times  barbers visit either the Buckingham Palace or the Windsor Castle to attend to the Royal Highness.

This women’s Day Truefitt & Hill, Hyderabad opened its all men’s zone for women to pamper and give them a taste of their royal treatments.

The space is done up in dark wood and features interesting decor elements like a vintage gramophone, all this is bathed in flattering yellow light. The reception area has all their products on display. The service area features 5-6 massive salon chairs, each with its own basin and range of products.


They offered services like Head and Foot Massage, Royal Manicure and Pedicure and Peel of Mask. I had recently got a mani-pedi so i went for the Peel of Mask. The staff is very welcoming and escorted me to a private room, which I guess is designed for mani-pedi and facials. The reclining chair was wide and snug. Once i was done with my tea and settled, I was suitably prepped for the treatment.

First she cleansed my face of all makeup followed by a scrub enriched with ingredients like Willow bark, Borage oil and Walnut shell to provide maximum cleaning, toning and stimulate skin cell renewal. Post that a fragranced warm moist towel was placed on face, casing it completely except my nostrils (to breathe of course) which felt heavenly on my face, and I luxuriated in its warmth for about 10 minutes. Calm and relaxed, the final step was the application of peel off Mask. My beautician for the day then poured a thick pink liquid on my face, again covering it completely till my upper neck and left it to dry. I felt like hollow man for next few minutes- well only in pink, I was almost restless, because let’s just say everything from my eye lids, lips were sealed, I did try opening them, but failed (I mean of course I dint try with an extreme force to ruin it) then other half of remaining time, my mind boggled with thoughts until I felt warm hand around my neck that tried to loosen up the mask from edges and then gently peeled it off, I felt so relaxed good, she cleansed the rest with cold towel and there I was left with a cleansed soft skin.

My skin felt moisturized and replenished, and my usually sensitive skin had no irritation at all. Hyderabad blogger, Hyderabad lifestyle blogger, lifestyle blogger

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your gentleman, be it your Dad, Boyfriends, Husband or brother, a gift voucher to this legendary barbershop in Hyderabad would surely be an exceptional treat.  Top Hyderabad blogger, Indian lifestyle blogger

Location: Road No. 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Ph: Phone: 088853 02199Timings: 8:30 AM–9:00 PM

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Staycation at Radisson Blu Hyderabad

Radisson Blu, one of the world’s leading brands with nearly 300 hotels in operation in 69 countries and territories, announced the “Love Blu, Be Pink” campaign where one room in each participating hotel across the globe has turned pink for the month of October. The pink Business Class guest room features pink décor and other special pink amenities. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the pink rooms will benefit charities that support breast cancer research and awareness.


They invited me to stay over and experience one of their business suits, where the room was turned into pink in accordance with the theme.
img_2081img_2033 img_2131 img_2138img_2119

Food: Street Food Festival
The food festival was part of their restaurant ‘Chill’. While the indoors is quite fine dining experience the outdoors have been altered with vibrant decor and food stalls like tandoor’s, carts and grills, that give you a street side familiarity.
The best part of this food festival is it wasn’t just restricted to chaat treats like pani puri and tikkis but also had delicacies like mirchi bhaijji, chole bhature, idli-dosa, kheema pav and not to forget momo’s.
They even had live dessert counters for Jalebi rabri and cotton candy. The street food festival was however the extension of the regular buffet so we had option to choose form wide variety of salads, breads, main course and of course Biryani and desserts.
Chef also went beyond his way to sneak in a ‘Basil’ (other restaurant of Radisson) delicacy –Lobsters, sharp in aroma but full points for taste.
Overall the restaurant experience for dinner was very good and so was the breakfast, being weekend they have an extended lavish breakfast-brunch that is open till 12.
Like they said- Lavish, it had everything from English breakfast essentials, like beans, sausages, cereal and breads; and also south Indian delicacies like dosa and appam. What I loved the most was wide variety croissants, muffins (what can I say I love thy breads and maple topped pancakes.

Spa: Serena Spa
What is a staycation without Pampering. There in-house spa promotes Ayurveda. Their treatments are specially developed to suit the purpose of relaxation for body and mind. Combining the best traditions of Ayurveda with Aromatherapy and modern massage techniques they give you a unique experience.

I chose to go for Marma Spa, a signature 90 mins treatment for Body mind and spirit. This exotic and highly therapeutic, Ayurveda inspired massage with aromatic herbal oil stimulates the Marmas, the body’s vital pressure points. This full body massage begins with the balancing of the head’s Marmas followed by the body’s points massaged by the therapist’s feet and then by hand with long sweeping strokes. The treatment concludes with a healing, herbal body mask followed by a warm shower leaving you in a state of bliss.


I love the concept of Staycation, its like a mini vacation in this fast passed world for a much needed time for your self, to enjoy your meals in peace, read that long pending book, spend morning poolside and pamper yourself to the core. so dont wait up for a vacation book up and enjoy your Staycation right in Hyderbad.
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Mussoorie – Holiday in the hills

What beaches are to some, mountains are to me I am not a water baby, I would always choose hill stations, snow capped (or not) mountains, misty air and nature at its paramount. I love travelling and i thought to include my travel diaries (my travel experiences as blogs) with you all. This is my first travel blog but i hope to do a lot more, as traveling is something that literally moves my soul.So when I was asked to pick a destination for our summer vacation I knew I wanted to go north- I landed up in Mussoorie- the queen of hills (rightly Said)

View form Mussoorie Mall Road

I landed at jolly Grant Airport –Dehradun, I went in June end so the peak season was coming to an end I must say I was looking for some really calm and peaceful time, but my first take on reaching (almost reaching) Mussoorie was ‘why are there so many people?’ It was so crowded that after reaching the place it took me 1 hour to get to my resort which was technically only 12 minutes away from Mall Road.

Privilege suit- Dancing Leaves, A Sterling Resort- Mussoorie

My stay for first two days was at ‘Mussoorie Dancing Leaves- A Sterling Resort’ the resort is 2.5 km from Mussoorie Town but has an extremely nice path towards mall road (after all hill stations are all about walks and views) with most amazing view of Dehradun city below, which glitters like gemstones in dark under moonlight.

We were staying  in one of the ‘Privilege suits’ that overlooked the alluring Doon valley form every room, has a balcony with a sit-out option to enjoy the view with a local brew. We had an attached living area with sofas and T.V a small dining option and small kitchen area equipped with cutlery, microwave and refills of tea/coffee.

Dancing Leaves, A Sterling Resort- Mussoorie


Waking up to hazy cloudy mornings, enjoying breakfast in their ‘Woodstock Restaurant’ which again gives you a feel of being surrounded by mountains and clouds while you sip hot coffee and relish their wide spread of breakfast; it just was a picturesque holiday.

They had an Outdoor play area swings, which i totally engrossed in while it drizzled. And when it rained it poured in Mussoorie so I took the day off and indulged in some Spa service in house making the most out of my holiday. The evenings where fun as the property organised special bonfires, party games, barbecue nights, for all in-house guests, you get to meet so many new people it’s almost exhilarating.

Hot Ginger Lemon Tea at Chaar Dukaan- Landour, Mussoorie
View from Lal Tibba

Among the places I visited ‘Lal Tibba’ was one place I really loved. ‘Kempty falls’ is too commercialized and when in season it’s just too crowded to enjoy it. ‘Mall Road’ is one other place where you will find yourself ending up every evening, the local stores selling vintage stuff and artifacts that you can buy as souvenirs from your trip, the line full of cafes, momo stalls and restaurants; the vibe of the place is unmissable.  For more places to eat in Mussoorie stay tuned to part two of my Mussoorie diaries.

kempty falls.jpg

Hope you enjoyed my first ever travel blog post about my trip to Mussoorie.

Love Fahsioneatista

INV Home- Luxury Living



So this week i visited INV Home for blog collaboration and must i say i was stunned with this beautiful store the moment i entered. Already existing in capital, Mumbai and Chandigarh the store has now ventured in city of Nawab’s (known for rich design and heritage) offering eccentric and luxury design space (beware this post might really make your longing for redesigning your space come true)

Fancy, sophisticated and lust worthy i wanted to pick a piece for every corner of my home. Some stores just make you want to redo your whole space just for the love of decor. It’s an enchanting spread over two levels offering, luxury interior options from dinning to cutlery, home textiles to furniture and art deco to lightening.

I really think a person’s home (be it rental or your own) really expresses an individuals’ taste and persona. Be it for designing your home or giving your bedroom the face-lift, vitality, and vibrancy it’s begging for… INV Home should be your one stop shop!

Our homes are the solitude in the chaotic world and anything we spend on is an investment well made so this is one expense you shouldn’t worry about! You’ll find something you love (international designs) that no one else has. From beautiful lamps to show pieces, glittering (and distinctive patterned) cushions, rugs (or carpets that add really cosy feel) the details accessible at the store will lit up any dull space (talk about statements pieces and styles that will turn into conversation starters).

Customized for today’s modern lifestyle, the store induces an exceptional sense of new age fusion. There’s something to satisfy the demands of a varied range of clientele. From the perfect walk in set up to tiny details i would dare you to leave empty handed from the luxury lifestyle store.

Blogger Tip: like fashion interior decor also has its own trend, and this year it’s all about experimenting and mixing metals. Mix and match both colours and textures against each other to get away from staged décor and give homes a more natural aura. Some common combinations that will be seen include champagne silver with bronze, copper with chrome and silver with tones of bronze.









DSC_0350 DSC_0237

DSC_0240 DSC_0172


P.S: Also thank you to the amazing Team at INV who really extended their warmth and welcomed to explore very tiny detail of the store. Don’t forget to share your response and images of your most loved space on Instagrm @fashioneatista

Location: INV Home, Hyderabad. Photographer: Arpita Patel

Website: Facebook: INV Home, Instagram: Inv_home

Address: Road no. 12, Banjara Hills,Hyderabad.  PH:0 4066757677

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Pink Mud- A Pretty Mess


Hope you guys are having a great week, well just 1 more day to weekend guys..Keep it strong. Today I am going to share with you my review on India’s own (future) Victoria secret (well in terms of mists and perfumes for sure)
Pink Mud is an Indian brand started by power of like-minded girls too meet the much needed gap of well priced yet quality product in fragrance sector. If you follow me on Instagram you will know how obsessed i am with hand creams and mists. So i ordered myself their cute little bucket  treat-an assortment of their EDT’s, body mists and deo (I ordered it few months back so might not have the bucket but even better packages, after all I use it thoroughly before sharing my reviews)
The first thing i saw were the cute little boxes, Pink Mud calls it “Pops on the Go” and are available in two variants – “Black Striper Pack” and “Pink Checkered Pack”. Each of these pops contains two 20 ml perfumes. The pops looks so cute and fun, you can also buy them separately for keeping it in your bag. (They were two strong for me, and i might not go for it again, but well fragrance is a very personal choice)

Coming to the main product, the “Pink Mud Foxy EDT”. I personally love the bottle – it’s quirky and fun. The cap is like a big solitaire (they definitely got the-girls love diamonds way seriously, i might even save the bottle now that it’s almost done) the fragrance is very sweet very floral. Something you can wear on a fun day out with girls to special occasions, it has a very unique fragrance and it’s not something you will
Price:- Rs.499/- for 50ml

The mist i got Is “Lacy Body Mist” which is like aqua in a bottle, it’s not so fancy bottle but the magic lies within it (it’s tough and great for n the go, i have carried it everywhere and reused it,around the day for a dash of freshness) The fragrance is just a puff of freshness on skin with a hint of vanilla and fruity aroma (use it as soon as you step out of shower and let it linger, use it again directly on skin whenever you need, because just like you skin your odour needs to be under check)
Price: – Rs.299/- for 236ml

“Sexy EDT” as the name suggests has a very tantalizing and mysterious fragrance. I have worn it to parties were my friends couldn’t stop asking about it, expecting it to be some high end (and over priced perfume) but were really glad to know it was affordable treat just a click away.
Price:- Rs.499/- for 50ml

Do check their Facebook for latest offers and special offers. It a great product to gift your love or pamper yourself being easy on your pocket and getting lot of real thank you (after all everyone likes a gift that they can actually use)

Buy: Amazon , Flipkart or there own cool website Pink Mud
Love Fashioneatista.