Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its exuberant group of sanctuaries, founded by the Pallava kings, was carved out of rock along the Coromandel Coast in the 7th and 8th centuries. It is known especially for its rathas-temples in the form of chariots, mandapas – cave sanctuaries, giant open-air reliefs such as the famous ‘Descent of the Ganges’, and the temple of Rivage, with thousands of sculptures to the glory of Shiva. It is so fascinating to see structures so old, surviving innumerable natural and man-made calamities and still have power to leave you impressed.

The statement Show ’19

The exhibit that brought best of jewellery brands and labels from all across India under one roof.

Designers and brand owners from jaipur, kolkata and of course Hyderabad participated, bringing in their best collection and some of the most exquisite pieces that definitely left me and most of the people awestruck.

Some pieces were perfect for modern souls, intricate designs and diamond’s while others included timless piece’s like jadau, emeralds and some with all new crystal collection. There was something to please every age group and taste.

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Enchanted white with Samant Chauhan

I love my whites as much I love my blacks, and yet have a life that is beyond the monochrome magic. While many may disagree an all-white look stands out more than an all-black look for various reasons. Regardless of personal like and dislike for the bright noncolor head to toe hue, an all-white look is more of a statement than its counterpart. It’s brighter; It’s classic but not too been-there-done-that. It’s a no-brainer but not that easy to pull off.

Spelling white perfection in this Anarkali designed by Samant Chauhan, paired with Sangeeta Boochra jewelry that further enhances my look, has to be my most favorite look for summer 2018. Whether it’s a wedding or family function, this look assures spotlight. This top to toe white Anarkali by Samant Chauhan with the light embroidered front is perfect for any summer occasion; It is comfortable, feather-light and paired with right silver jewellery has garnered me several compliments already.

The Brand Sangeeta Boochra has been synonyms to silver jewellery for years now, with best of design that shows the creative craftsmanship has brought Indian craftsmanship on the world map. They offer best of traditional and contemporary jewelry that has developed the ancient craftsmanship and began to create exclusive jewelry with the help of its master craftsmen around Jaipur. Established in the year 1897, it has traveled far and wide. Regularly spotted on best of Bollywood style icons, their pieces are a real treasure.

When I am wearing Anarkalis I prefer the ones with subtle color and not so heavy intricate work. The only reason being I love accessorizing, and lately, I am obsessed with the silver/oxidized jewellery. Apart from the fact that it turns any look classy, the jewellery like the one I got form Sangeeta Boochra is a small investment to a forever fashion, as it sure will never go out of style.

An ultimate neck piece like this brings out a delightful look when you pair it up with a subtle garment, you can style it for a traditional look over a cotton/Banarasi saree, pair it up with your favorite Tie & dye kurta or just a white shirt and it sure will complement each one of it. The intricately designed earrings are light and versatile, the flower ring is just the perfect size symbolizing a blooming flower, it makes me a happy person every time I wear it, even on not so good days, I mean who doesn’t like flowers, it makes everyone happy and this one will never fade out. With generations of efforts, name, and hard work, the quality of products from the brand are undeniably good.

Shop similar jewelry and more from their website – Sangeeta Boochra

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Nail Ishq, Hyderabad

Everyone loves a good pamper session, and when it can give you a longer result it makes every penny spent worth it.

For ages women have loved to groom themselves, proper hair, skin and ofcourse nails. Nails are as important to us as much as the skin itself. Nothing speaks sophistication as much as well done nails.

Perfectly manicured nails and feet talk about an individual much better than half chipped nails or unmanicured (it may not be a word but it is definitely is an expression) hand and feet.

Comes to the rescue ‘ Nail Ishq’ Hyderabad. Tucked away in the corner of a dessert shop this Nail Parlour is my new favourite in town. They are the most pocket friendly Nail service in Hyderabad. They may not offer you a lavish manicure pedicure treatment but they offer skills to turn your nails into ones of diva.

From Gel Nail paint to Extensions, Metallic magic to Instagramable Nail Art they do it all.

I had two sessions with them, my experinace has been really good. The staff is well trained and know what they are doing. Show them a picture and they will excitedly paint your nails away. The quality of products are excellent and my nails stayed as new as it was when i got it done for almost 3 weeks.

However because the place is compact i would recommend you visit them only on appointment.

Location- Rd No 9, In Guilt Trip, Banjara Hills. Ph- 080081 62224

Fashioneatista X Nicobar 

Nicobar store, Hyderabad

Nicobar has finally come up with a grand store in Hyderabad, with a tropical feel as soon as you step into the store, the store is filled with all things pretty. Metallic cutlery spread on tables, a wall full of subtle dinning sets, pretty mugs and a swing showing off their printed cushions. As you move in you will notice how much the store has to offer, clothes, candles, bags and of course drinks and cakes to indulge in the launch

Nicobar Store, Hyderabad

Nicobar as a brand creates a modern Indian way of living, dressing and looking at the world. With travel as inspiration you will find little bit of world in a lot of their products. They collaborate with real people sharing real journeys with a desire to shape culture in an original and inspiring way.

Nicobar store, Hyderabad
Nicobar A/W collection, Hyderabad

Black Pyjamas paired with Front Tie Overlay that is made of soft airy chanderi and so versatile I could style with a sari, jeans on a dress etc. This garment is super comfortable, airy and has a knack to flow easy from any day to night event.

Nicobar, Hyderabad

I have a thing for Anti-Fit, it gives you option to style them and pair them in so many ways and this particular layered beauty is my festive favorite of the season.

Nocturnal section is my favorite part of their store in Hyderabad, it spells a travel wave and you would want to pick up everything from bags to scarfs, little travel pouches for your essentials or smart and comfy casuals for your leisure trip.  Hyderabad Blogger

Shop them online-  Nicobar 

Visit their Store in Hyderabad- Nicobar, above Good Earth, Road no 12, Banjara Hills.
top Hyderabad blogger, Hyderabad travel blogger, top Indian travel blogger

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The Over-sized Jacket

Women fashion trends have been borrowing pretty much all they can from menswear, for years now. Be it slouchy oversize silhouettes, big bold coats, jackets, blazers, shoes, hats and let’s say even shirts. Call them boyfriend jeans or boyfriend coats it’s all there everywhere.

Blame it on the cycle of fashion, because as much hit as these trends were in 80’s they are all back in vogue now, whatever the reason is I am loving it.

Here I am wearing an AND dress with on of my favorite colors for fall- Marsala. I love the roll neck (or turtle neck/high neck as most call it) as a kid I use to have a section of turtle neck knit shirts with long sleeves that almost came till my fingers.

It’s a fun dress with an A line silhouette so I paired it with a belt, to not make me look baggy and paired with the gorgeous boots and nerd glasses to complete the look.


I am a girl who is constantly torn between desk work at office, attending events, meetings and of course blogging. So I always like to have multiple styling options at hand.

For the second look I teamed up the same dress with an oversized checkered coat which has beautiful botanical embroidery and lace insert panels from ‘Astronaut Likes Tea Collection’ F/w ’16 by Archana Rao

This jacket added a whole new dimension to my dress. Of course I switched to boots for heels, nerd glasses to stylish tote and added classy earrings from Micare to give my style an urbane look.

Over-sized blazer cans be teamed with almost everything, wear it with a dress like I did, or wear it as a dress itself, pair it with jeans and shirt, on shorts, slouchy trousers or even a shirt dress, just remember to add your personal style and some attitude.

Dress- AND; Over-sized Coat- Archana Rao; Boots- Forever-21; Earrings (in the coat look)- Micare Jewels; Tote- Charles & Keith:  Location: Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre 

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Indian fashion market is booming with young designers, be it clothes, bags accessories…. There is no shortage of fresh designs, art and creativity; keeping in mind the quality and pricing. These young designers aim to offer exclusivity at an affordable price. They are meeting the huge gap that existed between our pockets and desire to own a designer piece.

What I also love, or let’s just say the best part about these designers is that they are going out of way to use the home-grown resources be it metal, cloth or even design technique.

One such designer is Pallavai Kandoi who has carved a niche for herself through her vibrant designs and experimental cuts. Her Label  “Meraki” imparts feminism with element of free spirit. The details of pleating, cut outs, prints are so pretty you will fall in love with them instantly.  The brand plays around with the tie and dye techniques used extensively throughout her collection and they keep trying to experiment with something new in every collection.

Her brand explores the lanes of Jaipur and its vicinity, taking inspiration from it and put in ideas together. The colours are vibrant and bright, the fabric used are 100% cotton and silk or blend of the two; keeping in mind the fall of fabrics and their wear ability.

From the Designer: “ Meraki, a Spanish word means creating something with the soul, love, and creativity. The label is an indo-western clothing line using local materials and skills, taking inspiration from all that surrounds us to make a product that simply connects with people. The brand follows a generic concept of colouring the material.

Born in Jaipur, Meraki brings to you a range of oil colour dyed resort wear. Our inspiration comes from the bright hues of the dessert, the waves that are made by fluttering wings of a bird, swirl in the cloud or even a ripple in a pound. Our roots belong to Rajasthan where we can reach deep in the surface to quench our creative thirst.

The brands forte is marbling and tie & dye technique. Marbling is a hand dying technique which I have been experimenting since my childhood, then as a part of my art & craft classes and today in my designs. Play of colours on the fabric makes every print, a unique design in itself as it is all hand dyed and it would only be sheer luck to make a replica of any design again- hence only one piece, for our customers”

I am in love with her collection, its dreamy and sophisticated, this particular pink dress can be worn in many ways, wear it as a tunic, with shorts, a cover up for a beach party or as a dress for brunch, on holiday or a function, it can be styled in more than one way (therefore every penny spent is rightly utilized) all in all the cherry on the top is the fit and material used which is perfect for every Indian season (accepting that part of the day, especially in Hyderabad is always summery)







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Have a happy weekend.

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Paper Boat- Tasting Memories


When paper boat mailed me about the goodie box being dispatched I was excited, I went through their website which is so dreamy, in the sense that it transports you to all the memories that as a kid (and even our secret indulgence as adults amidst this busy world helps us get in touch with our inner kid) was fun (like what? Bursting the bubble wraps, listening to stories when lights went out, sleeping under the stars when you went to stay with grandparents, making paper boats for water puddles, making tents form bed sheets, endlessly blowing soap bubbles, and my favourite was hurdling all friends for outdoor games post tuitions and playing till we beg our parents for last few minutes a million times… I really need to call few of my lost in touch friends now!)

When I opened the pretty box it looked like a box of colored surprise. The bottles packed in cute shapes (reminded me of those 1 Rs/- colored Pepsi packet sold outside school…just the cooler version) had flavors like ‘Aamras’, ‘Jaljeera’, ‘Jamun kala khatta’ and ‘Aam panna’

Aamras: Reminds me of all summers as a kid, the season of mango meant treat and family reunions for a whole wide long month. Aunts visiting us, cousins everywhere, going to grandmas for holidays..Family time in total Hindi movie style. Every dessert and sweet forgotten, it was Aamras, mango pudding, mango sorbet, mango pudding, aam ka achaar… Basically everything mango; day and night. The house was filled with the fragrance as my mom filled the bucket of water with mangos.
Taste: sweet and pure delight to senses.

Aam Panna: Reminds me of huge barnis my grandma used to make while she used to prepare achaar, and I used to sneak of lot of raw mangos to eat later. This drink brought a lot of memories with her and I am going to toast this drink and share it with my family in her memory
Taste: Perfect balance of sweetness, sourness and spiciness.

Jamun kala khatta : I really don’t have any specific memories with it, except the fact that I am the only person in my family who likes it and also the weird fact that when anyone asked my mom what you had  when you where expecting  her (me) she said jamun (in a typical.. kya khake paida kiya hai…hahahahah)
Taste: spicy, tangy, sweet and delectable

Jaljeera: summer favourite drink to beat the heat, almost customary in Indian house hold. I remember when we came back from school, or when dad came back home for lunch or long day after work, even guests were delighted with this chilled drink
Taste: just like a mom made drink with love.

Blogger tip: It’s great for parties, no need to waste any glasses, be it party for kids or adults; they will all enjoy sipping from the pouch. Just remember to refrigerate well in advance.

For the classier affair, you can use serve them chilled in glasses and also garnish them with suitable elements for each drink; fresh coriander for jaljeera, grinned black pepper for jamun kala khatta , tip the glass of aamras with a piece of mango and for aam panna well let’s just the raw mango peel or pieces should do the trick.


They also sent me ‘The Jungle book’ as excited i am to watch the movie, this came well in advance before its release and i took it on myself, not just to revisit my memories but also read it to my nieces and make new memories this summer.



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So chuck the aerated drinks this summer and enjoy these yummlicious drinks, available at most of the supermarkets around you. Happy drinking!


Be Your Own Sunshine X Global Desi

The collection by global desi #beyourownsunshine is almost empowering, i mean how many times a week do we have those moments when we really feel like having someone to cheer us up? well happens with me all the time; and as a human being i tend to look at others to make me happy.

But, i have been more positive than ever this year… i dint make any resolution, i just knew i needed it for my own good, i accepted to be positive, and that is the first thing you need to do, accept to be positive. its half battle won, but a difficult one to hold on to.

You know what i feel, its all in the mind, if you decide strongly that you want to be positive, and deny to take any negativity you can. it wont be easy.. but it wont effect you much if you believe in it. People around may be negative but you can changethat.. how?  simple! don’t encourage them, don’t talk about things that gives you negative vibes, oh and please get rid of negative people in life.. i did, and i feel soo good.

Love Yourself… feeling low? watch a funny movie, keep yourself occupied, start a hobby, read, go for lunch or a drive give you time to be with yourself and enjoy your own company (avoid the sad playlist.. please). go to a park, talk it out to a pet, nature, write or just  record and laugh at it later(i did that once and i was like how lame and depressed i sound, is that how i come across people.. STOPPED immediately m)

Lastly member, everyone… no matter how satisfied or happy they come across has there own baggage, so be happy, be positive, and be grateful. People love being around positive people it makes everyone happy, especially people with good vibes, who are there own sunshine.

Coming to my look, i am wearing a ‘Global Desi’ dress from their #beyourownsunshine summer collection. Its very summery, the colour make me look and feel happy. Yellow make my skin tone look bright too, and talk about comfort? well i could sleep in it.. and anything of that rating is the most comfortable clothing ever.. its airy, flowy and soft.! paired it with my ALDO heels and bag it is my go to look (which was also my day to night outfit i wore to office- minus the heels of course, then went for a late lunch with a friend – where i added the heels and earrings; and later a family dinner.. hey its weekend so don’t judge)

 Hope you have a great week ahead, do share your summer go to look and tag me on Instagram and Facebook @fashioneatista

Love yourself.. Loads of love,


Spring Blossom


Hope you are enjoying the spring, and letting your creative side take over. spring i feel is the bets time to inspire a person. when i am out or travelling in this particular season, i almost always want to sit with my brush and paint away the beautiful blossomed sight everywhere. even just watching out of the window for several minutes gives me a sense of calmness and good vibes that refreshes my brain with positive thoughts (try it, it words)

Heading out during summer is as easy as it gets, the clothing is mostly flexible for day to night look (apart from the fun dresses, we also lack patience in the heat to make any change so it’s all good in every way) and comfortable at its best. The flowy dresses or soft shirts, the skin needs to breathe as much as you this season.

In India spring is like a quick glance you probably never know when it starts and when summer pours in. the heat has begun but you can’t avoid the fragrance of fresh blossom and wet mud hinting rain any moment (even if it doesn’t) the roads, gardens and sidewalks are gleaming with colorful flowers (I have stooped several times just to capture he blossomed tree at necklace road, if you are in Hyderabad you will know what I mean)


My Favorite Fashion Picks: soft denims with leggings, dresses(long or short) with tie ups or flats, flowy capes, gingham shirts, pastel tunics and most of all go all white with pretty (pop) colors scarf’s.. Don’t forget the wide range of ikat and hand loom that are making quite a rage this year(post on that coming soon..:*)

I am wearing an AND dress, and this color is really great this season also my super fun flats are from – Pretty Random Design.
Do share your spring time pictures by tagging me on Instagram and Facebook @fahsioneatitasa

Blossom away to fresh beginnings, because like they say spring it’s nature’s way of new beginnings and old endings.
Love fahsioneatista

Dreams coutur’ed

So I just returned from a holiday, if you have been following me on Instgarm you would know it already. Anyway when i returned i received this cutely packaged sleepwear from ‘Dreams Coutured’ the print is quirky and fresh (frankly i am not in cartoons but i love prints and so it is declared by far my favorite) The cloth and fit is incredible and comfortable (loose enough to spread wide when i am rolling around in my sleep and fit enough to lounge around late at home on a holiday.. without looking shabby)

They have most marvelous range of prints and keep adding to their collection to keep it fresh and unique. Priority being customized you can go for any size and also get it personalized with your name (don’t forget to get matching eye mask with your night suits). What’s more? Well you can actually gift them to your bff’s or plan a theme party with your friends wearing similar pj’s or sets.

This label by Mahreen Fakih is a girl’s dream come true. I honestly would love to pick one from each of her designs because comfort clothing is best kind of clothing (well let’s just say i took an extra off and worked form home to just to stay in these a little longer…guilty)

You can check out their entire collection on Instgaram: @dreamscoutured or order from their website: Dreams Coutured. (click for website) you can also check out their facebook page for collection updates, client reviews and special offers facebook: Dreams Coutured

Sweet dreams
Love Fashioneatista

Vintage Musings


Kettled flowers, endless hours,
Old wallpapers & unread news papers;
Chequered tiles, vintage dials
Time flies with longing in her eyes;
Dreams burned, feelings churned,
But she smiled, for she knew he wouldn’t last a mile.
(yeah i did come up with that, one of my first but hopefully not last)


There is something about the whole vintage vibe that makes me fall in love with it, apart from always wishing i was part of yesteryear’s there are a lot of things beyond fashion, that amaze me; the architecture, the grace with which the women carry themselves (i mean yeah people are good today but everyone has their own attitude and lets be real more punk /loud is more loved these days be it fashion or people)

I spent my Sunday afternoon at ‘Soda Bottle Opener Wala’ the vibe they have here is of a vintage Mumbai cafe. I love every detail about the place, the train running around the ceiling, the way food is served, musical jukebox and let’s just not miss food. Wondering where time is flying (since few days back i was wondering what to do on new year’s eve and here i am sitting ready to welcome February..ALREADY!)

Ready to move ahead i have, for the first time made a bucket list of things. Not sure if they all need to be checked off this year or this life. Well i am usually a spontaneous person, i do things when i want to and not really wait for a good time to do it- and no i have never regretted it. Well that’s the trick never regret things you do, either way it’s a memory or a lesson. But now i am just falling short of things, i really wonder if that’s a good thing or i am leading an extra bountiful life. Well yes in every way i am grateful and here is to another month and new memories


Picture Credit: Shrey Photography (Hyderabad) cape: Splash, Bag: Michel Kors, Shoes: Intoto.

Hope you have a happy February and never stop musing around.
Love Fashioneatista.

In Conversation with Archana Rao

6Her store launch was a classy affair, live music, wine and cheese and lot of fabulous garments adoring the mannequins inside. Dressed in her own label and hairstyle that spoke about her style- classy and feminine; she walked around attending guests and taking compliment of her fabulous collection.
We however fixed an appointment for later to get you all the inside story behind the Archna Rao Label and more about the designer herself.
Everyone starts somewhere, what was your starting point?
Well, for me it all started off with design school. I started design at a point where I didn’t know which creative outlet I should direct myself towards. I got into NIFT and I really began to enjoy what I did. I realized designing products and clothing is what I am good at and that’s when it all started and there was no turning back since.
What is your favorite part of being a fashion designer?
My favorite part has to be the conceptualization behind every collection. I like storytelling and that is what I want to do with every concept. The fabric, textures, styling everything needs to have a reason and that is the major inspiration behind it.
1Tell us about your latest collection.
My latest collection was titled ‘The Apartment’ inspired by an abandoned home in Paris during World War 2, it was only opened up recently and there it was, just the way it was left behind. The inspiration was to bring to life the story of the woman who lived there, her exquisite taste in paintings clothes and furniture. The collection featured women’s wear, menswear in Indian and western as well.
What gives you inspiration for your collection and how do you come up with such casual yet unique names for your collection?
Here again the credit goes to the incredible stories that inspire my collection. In general I’m inspired by vintage collectibles, thrift store shopping, hand me down stories and old photographs.
4Share one of the most important moment or experience from your time involved during vogue fashion fund.
I think the most overwhelming experience had to be the night of the vogue fashion fund finale. I was humbled to have been in the finalist list with such remarkable talent itself. Having won the competition just took me to another level.
What has been the most challenging moment as a designer so far?
As a designer for me, understanding the market and placing myself in the business side of the area took some time but eventually I understood how it works.
7You have taken your time setting up your brand name first and then a store.. Was it a kind of strategy or you just went with the flow?
It was all about timing, I wanted to first understand how my brand is being accepted, and then I showcased my collection in several fashion weeks to establish my label. Only after that I decided to open my flagship store in Hyderabad.
Tel us about Frou-Frou and Archana Rao label (are they different lines or sub brand).
Archana Rao is my main label which showcases exclusive clothing for men and women. Frou Frou Is my sub-brand which showcases ready to wear clothing, stationary and accessories (Bags and shoes)
You have collection for girls, women, men, kids, stationery, bags and shoes.. That’s a whole lot of stuff under one label. What would you say about that?
It’s taken a while to put all of this together and I’m happy it turned out this way.
8 7 9 10Fast 5.
1.Where would you like to take your next holiday to?
2.What is your personal style?
Classic and easy
3.3 things you would never leave home without?
Cell phone, wallet and lip balm
4.If you ever get an opportunity which designer or brand would you like to collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with a home furnishing company
5.Fashion to you is….wearable art
2Address: 1721, Rd no 12, Banjara Hills, Behind Ratnadeep supermarket. Timing- 11 am to 7 pm
Hope you loved this post.. more coming up soon.
Love Fahioneatista