Gone Fishing Cottages, Tirthan Valley

Gone Fishing Cottages, it is what the word getaway was aptly made for. Located in beautiful  Deori village of Tirthan valley, by a gushing stream is small cluster of wooden cottages designed and conceptualized with love to every detail. Golden marigold bloom everywhere, an in-house café and a hammock right in the middle of courtyard was my glimpse of the property.   

Perfect for anyone who wants a tranquil getaway and enjoy a far away feeling (from the busy world) be it with your family, friends or go solo (like me). From lazy afternoons spent having juicy local fruits, soaking in winter sun by a water stream (or in it) that is just few steps away from the cottage, to nights spent on private deck having perfectly grilled trout and heap of mashed potatoes, my stay at Gone fishing cottages was a mountain fantasy come true.  

The beautiful property is enveloped by step farming fields and blooming orchards on one side, while on the other side, a thick forest of tall cedar and pine trees rests. Gone fishing cottages is both private and welcoming with its incredible host (mother hen- Dimple) She runs the place making sure every little detail from crisp curtains to aromatic toiletries (which she makes employing local women) delicious dishes on menu to surprise desserts.

 This family-run homestay comes with a whole lot of grandeur and warm hospitality – If you love dogs, there are five of them, if you love books, they are racks full of them in the cottage, and if you like nature well take a walk and you are surrounded by best of panoramic views.  

Its cottages, with their bare stone walls and rustic, wooden furniture add to your experience of wilderness living. The rooms are spacious with hint of coziness and pool of natural light flowing in, in mornings and long glass doors that open to your own little private balcony. You can book the entire cottage that comes with 2/3 rooms each or a room in one. The cottage comes with a kitchenette, table with high stools and living space where you can spend lounging around or you could spend hours gazing at the stars at the private deck right outside the cottage. The hosts not only love nature but are also conscious about it, you will notice multiple recycled things all over the property – utilisation of empty alcohol bottles as light shades, twine-entwined lamps, soap stands out of pipes and more.

Whether you’re working from home, a bird watcher, group of friends or two people in love – if you are looking to spend time in nature, I assure your experience at Gone fishing cottages will be nothing short of a rejuvenation.  

Know more: http://gonefishingcottages.com/

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WelcomHotel Shimla, Mashobra

I recently got back from Shimla, also known as the queen of hill stations. The only thing I was really sure for this vacation was, I wanted to avoid busy mall road that offered a beautiful view of buildings stacked on top of each other (which I enjoyed from my drive) and crowded eateries and yet mange to have a good time.   

Sounded tough, because everyone told me that was the while essence of Shimal. Not for me though, for me Shimla was deep rooted childhood memory – chilly weather, hot gulab jamuns and surrounded by green and quite.  After a little further research I found WelcomHotel Shimla, 14 km uphill from busy town of Shimla, the leisure property is nestled amidst Mashobra valley, surrounded by picturesque view, serene vibe and an absolute dream for anyone (like me) who want to be surrounded by nature.  

Rooms: the rooms at first felt quite compact but 2 things that helped me overlook it was – the view- both from my balcony and from the bed. I spent hours watching the breathtaking night sky glistening with stars and also enjoyed the beautiful mornings with the soothing valley view. Second, was the fact that the room is designed in a L shape format that gives absolute privacy (doesn’t give away the look of entire room to someone at the door). Facilitated with all modern amenities fit for a comfortable stay, my experience overall was comfortable one.

ITC has consciously been one of the hospitality brands that is mindful of its resources and encourage sustainability. From eco-friendly packaging of essentials, wood combs and tooth brush to glass bottles in restaurants. Not to forget the current WeAssure initiative that encourages safety of all guests, from temperature check on arrival, sanitization of luggage, hands and shoes. Not only that but the rooms are freshly sanitized, cutlery wrapped, so it touches only your hands while eating.   

Food: WelcomCafe Cedar is an all-day dining restaurant that offers continental, Indian, and seasonal specialties from the region all accessible to you by QR code.  My favorite meal however was the dinner arranged in their Sunset Garden with bonfire keeping us warm under the starry sky where we were served Himachali Dham – an assortment of popular regional dishes that come laid out in a single thali. The ingredients were seasonal and locally sourced, supporting the farming community of the neighborhood.  

Perfect for a leisurely family getaway in the lap of snowcapped mountains, the hotel has indoor and outdoor activities like chess, kids’ play corner and guided local tours. The outdoor activities include cycling, short treks, bird watching and archery. 

Must try: The outdoor picnic by the brilliant team at WelcomHotel Shimla was curated keeping our interests and food preferences in mind. A short drive from the property, a downhill stone path, lead us to a beautiful opening in the forest. The space was set up with a tent for seating, a recliner, a hammock, games that included- badminton space with net, dart board on the tree, board games, speaker for music- food options like pizza from hotel, freshly cooked maggi, barbecued tikkas, tea/coffee or chilled soft drinks it was all there qlong with two members of the staff, who are instantly there when you need something as small as tissue but will merge in background without making their presence felt, giving you utmost privacy

Know more- https://www.itchotels.com/in/en/destinations/shimla

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Adivah, Dharamsala

We have been back on travelling grid for a bit now, and only thing that becomes more and more clear is – if you want to travel, do it responsibly. The hospitality industry is welcoming guests all over India with open arms with safety protocols and making the guest experience as safe and memorable as possible. Choosing a location and property could take an extra effort now. But well here is my bit, first hand experience so all you have to do is just BOOK!

The beauty and tranquility of the Himalayas transcend all others. Situated within the mighty lofts of the Himalayas is the magnificent valley of Himachal. Nestled in the lap of this valley is Adivaha – a resort in Dharamsala. Adivaha resort is a 3 centuries old, heritage building, that has been recently restored and remodeled to serve every traveler in search of peace and tranquility. The boutique resort  is situated within just a 30 minutes drive from the nearest airport in the bustling city of Dharamsala. It is surrounded by lush green tea gardens and is spread over an area of 10 acres.  

Room – Adivah resort boasts of being an all-suite property. We stayed in their Viceroy Suite, that provides guests with a remarkable stay within the serenity of the Himalayas. The interiors of the suites are adorned with warm, elegant colour tones that exude a relaxing ambience. The suites overall are spacious, furnished with plush decor and a separate living room for the comfort of the guests. The best part however all the luxury suites open up to a spacious balcony that offers magnificent views. 

Food: The property has an all-day dining restaurant that offers a buffet spread as well as Alacarte menu. In room dining or a private setup in your garden, they do it all. From continental to Indian the food here is absolutely delicious. We also requested to try the local cuisine and chef served us with a Himachali Thali that was delight to our senses.  Handpicked from different regions of the valley, it was an amalgamation of flavors and a great end to our vacation. With outdoor as well as indoor sitting areas, the dining area serves the best in ambience and flavors. 

I was travelling with two of my friends and not once did we step out of the property. We spent our days laying on grass in our private lawns, brewing coffee, watching sunsets, ordering in room in room dining, cycling within the properties, we even had our own little yoga session in our garden. It was an experience that filled our soul with so much happiness and rejuvenation.

Check them out : www.leisurehotels.co.in 

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Do you ever visit a same place twice and it only gets better with every visit? Dharamshala has become a yearly visit for me and in last 5 years, there is something about its culture, food but most importantly experiences I think, that keeps making me want to go back every year. This year however was a bold move.  I (just like everyone else) was cooped up for a really long time and my friends and I decided to go experience a safe hospitality with Hyatt Dharamshala.  

It was my second visit to the property and under all safety measures their hospitality is exactly what we needed post lockdown. The beautiful room that gave away the view of breathtaking Dhauladhars and pine trees, while in-room it was spacious enough for us 3 girls to have a spacious 3 days of stay. Getting ready in the spacious bathroom and walk-in closet reminded us of the days gone by. The rooms were well equipped with all modern amenities, special mention to the room coffee machine and bath robes that, we used the most! 

While our day introduced us to new experiences our night matched up to it as well. We spent our evenings at 2082, the bar at Hyatt that is one of the best in Dharamshala. An ideal place for an aperitif or after-dinner drink. With both indoor and outdoor seating options, and an adjacent fireplace, 2082 is a comfortable venue offering a wide selection of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, light munches and an afternoon tea selection. What one must try are the locally infused drinks, that were refreshingly new for our taste buds. 

Food – Hyatt Regency Dharamshala Resort offers a variety of locally inspired cuisines which provides authentic Himachali experience as well as the comforting delight of Global cuisine.  Thym there all-day dining restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating, and is an ideal setting for family dining through a combination of interactive breakfast buffets and thoughtfully curated à la carte menus for lunch and dinner.  

The resort features a ‘Home Cinema’ that can accommodate up to 15 persons at one go, delivering an intimate audio-visual experience. On our last night at the property, I enjoyed a dose of ZNMD with my friends and couldn’t have asked for a better end to the holiday.  

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Norwood Green Resort, Palampur

View from the villa at Norwood Green Resort, Palampur

Palampur  has been known as ‘The Tea Capital of North India’. A small city 3600 ft above sea level is a popular hill station of India, rich in historic temples, forts and  its spectacular Himalayan views. Palampur is a plantation getaway situated in the Kangra valley overlooking Dhauladhar mountain Ranges. the town is less explored and least commercialized and that’s exactly what beautifies it.

I was staying at the Norwood Green by Lamrin resort, a place where you could enjoy both- the view of  tea garden when you lower your sight and Dhauladhar range when you see up from the backyard of your private villa. The experience of spending leisure time amidst beautiful Palampur Valley of Himachal Pradesh that is yet unexplored by most tourists, waking up and spending your days so close to nature was a heart warming experience. I was here with my family and we din’t feel a need to utilize the available tv, or play any games. we spoke, went for walks, fed the pet who wondered in our backyard and revisited old memories. I think it was in the air and vibe that all we wanted to do was just hold back and breathe, an experience we haven’t had in a really long time.

Norwood Green provides you an exquisite resort that has a experience similar of a luxurious home stay, amidst the serenity of the Himalayan ranges and sprawling tea gardens. Its charming aristocratic architecture will transport you to a different era, while providing you with every modern amenity you need and your own butler, who bring everything to you on call.

There is a dedicated team at Norwood Green will take care of you from arrival to departure, your food to laundry and also help you plan any activities and walk if you wish to indulge.  Their concept is simple, they offer guests a home away from home, a place to switch off and unwind, to re-connect with each other and with nature. For all the time we were there, we all had one common thought, if ever owned a home in hills, it would exactly be like this.

The beautiful living room at Norwood Green Resort, Palampur

The other side of living room that extends to dining area and opens up to the backyard at Norwood Green Resort, Palampur

Rooms– If you are a group of four or six or more, you can have an entire villa to yourself, we were four and since the other room wasn’t booked, we had the villa all to ourselves. Each of their exquisite villas has four rooms, all of which have flat screen TV, four well equipped bathrooms, private dining area, private kitchen and living area. Apart from this one of the room comes with a spacious balcony, the others have view of the tea gardens or mountains and the whole cottage at Norwood Green has access to rear garden at back overlooking tea gardens along with mighty snow covered Dhauladhar mountain ranges.  Our evenings included sipping hot ginger lemon tea or have aloo parathas, play music and make the most out of the little moments.

Room with a view at Norwood Green Resort, Palampur

The spacious balcony outside my room at Norwood gGeen Resort, Palampur

Charming and spacious interiors, to beautiful panoramic views of the mountainside, every moment at the Norwood Green, Palampur is peacefully delightful. While you feast on authentic, local Himachali dishes, the warm hospitality of the staff will help you retire after a fruitful day.

Activities in Palampur At Palampur you will find yourself surrounded by lush greenery and abundant rivers and streams, and a very pleasant climate that will draw you in, and make you never want to leave. And when it comes to tourist attractions, Palampur has more than enough to offer. Just a walk around Palampur will let you enjoy its beautiful colonial architecture. The tea factory, St John’s Church, Bundla waterfall, Neogal Park are interesting places to visit. The village of Andretta, 13 km from Palampur is known for its pottery. The town of Baijnath, 16 km away is famous for its Shiva temple, and the Tibetan monastery at Tashijong, is 12 km away. Adventure seekers will find trek routes leading out of Palampur and into the Dhauladhar mountains. The towns of Bir and Billing have gained international reputation as paragliding sites. Dharamshala and Mc Leod Ganj are also popular tourist places near Palampur.

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Fortune Park Moksha, McLeod Ganj

Ringed by snow-capped peaks, McLeod Ganj boasts phenomenal views and full experience of the mountainscape, the Tibetan temples, the rooftop sports bars. Mcleodgunj is a great place for people who love trekking, camping, boating, and sightseeing. You will spot crimson-robed monks everywhere and real good street food, there are number of cafes and rooftop bars as well that will give you a memorable experience..

I was welcomed by Fortune Park Moksha for my stay in Mcleodganj. Nestled in the scenic Strawberry Hills with beautiful views of the snow-capped Dhauladhar mountain range and the pristine Dharamshala valley, Fortune Park Moksha is located just 6 km from the main square. The hotel provides guests easy access to all the main tourist attractions in and around McLeod Ganj. Since it was my second visit, I like how it stood on hills giving a piece of blissful seclusion away from the touristy buzz yet giving an easy access for those who want to venture out.

The hotel is a spacious property, with smiling and welcoming staff, available to cater any need, including planning your day or suggesting available activities around the place. The hotel is surrounded by pine trees and deodar forests which leave the air around scented with sweet pine fragrance, making it an ideal choice for a stay in the lap of nature.

I loved waking up to the first rays of sun peeking through the mountains, having breakfast as it goes up amidst the Himalayas and letting moving clouds surround me with every bit of serenity.

Club Room (the one I stayed in) and suites at the hotel are most recommended as they offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and the valley. Interiors of the hotel are minimalistic and soothing giving more credit to natural beauty, long glass window and outdoor spaces. When you mix the modern-day amnesties with luxury of natural beauty surrounding you from the moment you open your eyes to shutting them before you take in breathtaking beauty of open sky full of stars from comfort of your balcony, that exactly the kind of experience Fortune Park Moksha’ offers. The hotel is an ideal retreat for travelers looking for relaxation and peace.

Food: Fortune Park Moksha offers various options to dine in house. You can indulge your taste buds with the choice of delectable food as well as views for company. I had meals at comfort of my balcony or at the Orchid- The Multicuisine Restaurant with an option of both indoor and alfresco seating, that offers an array of culinary delights and sumptuous buffets that makes this multi-cuisine restaurant an ideal venue for an enjoyable lunch or a relaxed dinner.

Spa: The in-house spa by Sansha Spa, was cherry on top pf my cakey stay. If you have been reading blogs for a while you will know, a holiday for me is incomplete without a relaxing spa. The masseuse and staff are well trained and the treatments they offer are wide. I went for 90 minutes treatment that included a body wrap, massage followed by steam. It left me relaxed and my skin rejuvenated, definitely needed it. Post spa I spent hours on loungers by the pool, ending my vacation a perfect note.

Amenities: From a luxurious spa to pool, gymnasium to gaming zone, open lawns to yoga area the property is a destination in itself with best of amenities that you will want to keep coming back to; it’s a retreat you can enjoy with your family and loved ones to get away from the hustle bustle of the city life.

Book: http://www.fortunehotels.in

Naladhera, A mountain retreat

The Chalets Naldhera, Shimla

View from my cottage at Chakets Naldehra

Naldehra is located at distance of 22 km away from Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. Situated 2,044 meters above sea level, it is known for one of the best and oldest 18 hole golf course in the country. Historical facts state that this hill station was discovered by Lord Curzon, a Viceroy of the erstwhile British Raj. Impressed by its beautiful natural surroundings, he decided to make a golf course in this hill station. He also gave his daughter Alexendra Naldehra as her second name.

My log hut at Chalets Naldehra

Where I Stayed : The Chalets Naldehra

Chalets Naldehra is a quiet, secluded and stunning property which is located conveniently away from Shimla. It has one of the most attractive settings, with spectacular views from each corner of the property, beautiful landscaped lawns, gardens ideal for an intimate garden ceremony with a forest backdrop. The charming log huts with forest spread across it is a photographer’s dream and makes for a incredible mountain retreat.

The balcony that offer a beautiful view of  mountains, sunsets, sunrise and clouds clouds that turn fog and embraces you in a hug

The Chalets Naldehra is the first property built in India with the internationally recognized expertise that has come to be associated with Scandinavian log homes. The chalets have been built with technology and wood imported from Finland. These fir logs have been specially treated in a high-tech plant and been given a finish that is enduring, warm and welcoming.

Room with a view at Chalets Naldhera

Rooms: I was welcomed to experience a stay in their ‘Log chalets’ that come under their premium segment. These have a drawing/dining room, a bedroom and a parvis with sloping ceilings , I literally had a debate with my dad on who would take over it, as we both loved it equally. Its almost serene how the log huts blend in naturally with the surrounding forest, welcoming the moments of peace. Indoors are spacious, with a countryside feel yet equipped with modern day amenities and our favorite part was definitely the fire place, where we enjoyed your evenings of endless bonding over wine and hot gulab jamuns. Our wake up routine in mornings would be a welcome serenade of birdsong  as nature and its counterparts greet us in our balcony while we sip our coffee. On our second day we went for a walk on a track that begun from the property (much closer from our room itself) a short one but so mesmerizing that one can immerse himself in the grandeur of pristine, old growth, high country forest. On request they organised our morning tea amidst the nature, an experience that will forever be marked in my memory.

Morning tea amidst nature at the Chalets Naldhera

Coffee with a view from my balcony at Chalets Naldhera

While they have 2 restaurants, i preferred all my meals outdoors, breathing in every moment  i was there

Food at the revolving restaurant at Chalets Naldhera where for company you have moving clouds, endless mountains and obviously good food


Restaurant– Yet another spectacular part of the hotel is the ‘360° Top of the World’ revolving restaurant with huge windows that unfold vistas of the valleys and forests. The revolving restaurant can at a time accommodate up to 24 people and buzzes with Mozart throughout your meal. The food offered at Chalets Naldehra includes, Chinese, continental and Indian.They also offer meals at the shared lawns and an experience not to be missed is the evening tea in gardens with the sight of mesmerizing sunset.

Heated indoor pool at Chalets Naldhera

Pool: They have a pool so gorgeous that can give a modern-day infinity pool a miss. The heated leisure pool of the Chalets has been imported from Australia and placed in a large glass plant-packed hall that seems to bring indoors all the charms of the surrounding woods – it’s almost as if you are swimming with the cedars. Under a starlit sky or on a warm sunny afternoon or for that matter while the monsoon rain patters on the clear-glass roof or when snowflakes swirl, you can take a long leisurely swim or just lounge by the poolside soaking in bliss.

Post spa at Chalets Naldhera

Spa- The spa offers Ayurvedic therapies and massages, sauna, Jacuzzi pool, steam room, hot and cold showers are available. After all what is a retreat without a tranquil massage.

They also have a bar where you pour yourself a strong drink or have a cup of coffee, activity room, croquet green, putting green and library and other facilities. In keeping with the mystique of The Chalets Naldehra, every unit has been given a name that either belongs to the region or has been named after an explorer or adventurer of the region. For example, The Gerard Chalet – named after the brothers Gerard, who were amongst the earliest travelers and mappers of the tract. They also have conference hall that makes it an incredible venue for conferences, so maybe you should take your next team meeting or conference right amidst the hills.

What to do: Naldehra is dotted with several attractions which include temples, lakes, hot water springs, scenic beauty and golf course. Mahunag Temple is one of the most prominent attractions, from which the place has derived its name. Also, a visit to Shimla can be a day’s outing where you can indulge in some famous cafes, stroll around mall road and visit famous structures that belonged from the British era.
Book: www.chaletsnaldehra.com

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Best places to Eat in Manali

Casa Bella Vista, Manali

Casa Bella Vista, Manali

Casa Bella Vista
Tucked away from the main market of Manali, Casa Bella was suggested to me but lot of tourist around. I had read they had the best pizza in town as do it traditional wood fired pizza and serves only vegetarian food.  I ordered for their signature pizza which is a must try, its freshly baked, hand tossed, thin crust and wood fired.. Well a good treat in cold Manali weather.  Like most of the Cafes in Manali, this place has a lot of wood detailing and there are tall coniferous trees giving a very natural vibe to the place. The smoke from their oven, mixed with the smell of fresh baked bread will tantalize your senses even before you begin eating. The pasta however had more Indianized taste to it. Paired with cold coffee we had a really peaceful lunch experience. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, facilitates accommodation in its cottages, and has a small walk-in boutique selling kurtas, organic soaps and also, some accessories. We had a little problem finding a ride back since there are very limited options available on the spot, but the manager of restaurant was kind enough to call a local cab for us. 
Address: Log Huts Road, Old Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Ph:09815444488 

Cafe 1947, Manali

Cafe 1947, Manali

Cafe 1947 
My Favorite place in Manali, that visited 3 time in my entire Manali stay. Live Bollywood music, riverside outdoor seating, cozy indoors, dim lit and quaint, hot toddy and uncountable wins of board games and cheerful crowd. It just a must visit place if in Manali. Enjoy your favorite beer, sip on a hot cup of ginger tea, sweeten your mouth with desserts or just look out of daily specials, a visit to this place is a complete treat.  Located in old Manali on the banks of the Manaslu river surrounded by pine trees, this place will release all your tension and stress transporting you to a complete Zen mode. Coming to food, we had ordered coffee, French fries, pizzas and Brownie with ice cream.  Cafe 1947 is surely one of the best restaurants in Manali and a must visit in your itinerary. 
Address: Old Manali, Kullu, Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Ph: 09418461969


 Johnson’s Café 
Situated at a walking distance from the Mall Road, Johnson’s cafe is known for its expertise of Himalayan river trout. The wood oven baked trout along with roasted almond sauce is must try. They have beautiful wooden interiors, complemented by alfresco seating arrangement amidst the lush lawns and Indoor bar, the live music at night makes it a place that you can chill for hours be it lunch or dinner, or just over drinks and good music. This place also offers accommodation and the host and owner Piya Jhonson was the best company we had in our entire trip. She told us about how this café has been a very natural thing for her, she sourced and grew most of the things keeping a very keen eye for quality. She came from a family that had an open house welcoming friends, family and travelers alike. She sat with us through our meal and entertained us with her travel stories, fats about Manali and some local suggestion we ought to try. 
Address: Circuit House Road, Siyal, Kullu, Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Ph:07018306324 

My Super ride ‘Himalyan’ for Manali

Read about my stay at Anantmaya a luxury resort in Manali here, and also the ATV ride  at The Alternate Terrain and big bear cafe , that you MUST have on your itinerary Here Don’t forget to subscribe below so you get all updates right in your mailbox. Also follow me on Instagram @Fashioneatista , Facebook – FashionEatista, for more instant updates on all things fun food and fashion… also travel my new addition that will help you plan your next trip,

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Anantmaya Resort – Manali

Villas at Anantmaya Resort Manali

Beautiful gardens and passages at Anantmaya Resort, Manali

Anantmaya Resort is sure one of the luxurious resorts in Manali. The resort offers superb views of the snow clad mountains and the valley probably one of the best in Manali. Excellent food and plenty of options for engaging your leisure period at the resort. Snuggled amid mountains and draped in lush greenery, Anantmaya is a peaceful stay in lap of nature making it perfect summer holiday destination in India.

Comfortable rooms at Anantmaya Resort, Manali

A room with a view, Anantmaya Resort, Manali

The rooms at Anantmaya resort, Manali are equipped with modern amenities so you won’t miss out on the urban creature comforts. The Resort contains 42 well-appointed rooms divided into 2 categories – ‘Luxury Room’ & ‘Villa Room’. Bathrooms have been designed to be large, functional & aesthetically pleasing. Rooms have double bed, tea/coffee maker, TV, multi cuisine restaurant and Spa. So if it’s an adventure sports holiday or a relaxing vacation in the mountains you are looking for, Anantmaya resort Manali offers you both. The rooms are designed in form of villas and each villa has 4 rooms, the bigger your troupe the secluded your villa. All the rooms have view that will make your stay in Manali a memorable one, some have balconies and some open gardens with swing, well ours had a balcony and each morning we woke up a little early to enjoy a cup of coffee and breath in the scenic beauty that lay vast in front of us.

Mornings like this at Anantmaya Resort, Manali

The resort caters to your luxury needs, away from the hustle bustle of mall road; Anantmaya is a place in itself that lets you enjoy the serenity in peace.
The name ‘Anantmaya’ – is a combination two Sanskrit words namely ‘Anant’ and ‘Maya’ thereby meaning god’s endless & blissful creation. Designed to enhance comfort & the feeling of personal space – the exteriors of the resort have been inspired by the English Tudor look. The interiors are classic & elegant while providing all the modern amenities one expects.

Luxurious breakfast spread at Anantmaya Resort, Manali

Open spaces have been landscaped into lush, green gardens that are full of flowers, this view will pull you out in mornings for their luxurious breakfast spread, with ample options. You wouldn’t want to miss the Instagram worthy – breakfast with view. There in house spa promises relaxation and is a great place to unwind, though we dint have time to try the spa the rest of the services assure it would be a relaxing experience, for next time. With all this it’s tempting to stay indoors and have a most leisure vacation but we have explored more giving you a complete guide to make the most out of your visit.

Offers: Guest Parking, In house Spa, Multi-cuisine Restaurant.
Travel desk: that will help you with all your activities in Manali
Getting There: ANANTMAYA RESORT, Naggar Road, Shuru, P.O Prini, Manali Distt Kullu. From Airport: 47 Km, From Bus Stand: 7Km. Ph: +91-9816739500 / 8894762500

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The Alternate Terrain & Big Bear Cafe Manali


The Alternate Terrain, a ATV park is a new addition to the activities in Manali, with our experience we must say it has to top you checklist of things to do in Manali.  Alternate Terrain was set up last year to create an unparalleled, authentic off-road experience in Kully Valley. Their property is situated on a river bed 30 minutes short of Manali town, and is a secluded haven for those looking to explore the Valley’s natural landscape. They  offer a range of trail rides (up to 15 kms) along the river Beas that are tailored to suit both new and experienced riders alike.  They take safety standards very seriously and make sure that all riders are well equipped to take on the adventure. Their fleet of world-class vehicles (Polaris ATVs, Dirt Karts) have the highest safety standards, and the crew of Marshal’s guide guests through every step of the way.


The Alternate Terrain also has an in house café – Big Bear Café in the heart of peach and pear orchards with a panoramic view of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar Range. The Cafe offers a multi-cuisine menu with a dash of Himachali flavor, using locally sourced produce (a lot of which we grow in-house).


Book: http://www.alternateterrain.com

Location: Johnsons Orchcards, Village Mahili, P.O. Katrain, Dist & Tehsil Kullu Himachal Pradesh, India 175129

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