Kaftan vibe with Nadima Saqib

I love traveling, well that’s quite obvious but what i love more is Traveling in style. In my recent travel to Ahmedabad, i stayed at a beautiful century old property where every corner had a story.

To much the vibe of the place i chose 5he beautiful Nadima Saqib ,cotton crush kaftan. The kaftan has intricate dori work details on neck and slightly puffed sleeves with mire dori work in slits.

Long and flowy, breathable in the humid Ahmedabad weather, i lounged around the property literally getting lost in a by gone era. A place where Mahatma Gandhi himself stayed.

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Arte – Alter, Calcutta

There is something about clothes that look beautiful and are so comfortable you can practically live in them. Over lock-down I have been trying more and more to bring to work and create content in collaboration with homes grown brands that bring out the best of craftsmanship, are eco-friendly promotes sustainability and are socially responsible.

Arte Alter, a made in India brand from Calcutta, a city that is a melting pot of art and culture and reflects everything a socially conscious brand stands for. They firmly believe in creating impact, from the betterment of artisans in terms of health & safety, to textile revival in a contemporary fashion, everything to minute detail of packaging is encouraged by local artisans making it reusable and eco-friendly. At Arte-Alter, they celebrate handmade and craftsmanship, and that is what we as a country “India” is proud of.

The first thing that comes in mind when I see their collection is free flowing comfort, refreshingly beautiful colors, a sense of simple sophistication and a splash of subtle art throughout the collection. The name Arte-Alter itself means, an alternative form of art. All their products are made by hand, and for them, that is art.

Fabrics They Use: this is something I feel needs to be highlighted as it’s the core of any good garmnet. With comfort and care as a key aspect, arte-alter takes immense care to provide you with fabrics made out of azo-free and natural dyed yarns. The yarns are all-natural yarns, like khadi, cotton, silk and linen. The yarns used are hand spined yarns and hand spinning is an ancient textile art, in which fibers are drawn out and twisted together to form a yarn.
The biggest advantage of using natural fabrics is that, they are biodegradable, breathable, soft, durable and also can be produced organically. These fabrics are very comfortable to wear, they are porous, so they do not stick to your body, and they do not cause any harm to the nature when produced. The fabrics are hand washed in minimum amount of water, after the fabrics comes out of the loom, to make them soft and reduce the possibility of further shrinkage.

Arie hand woven khadi dress
Handwoven soft khadi cotton jamdani dress. I like wearing it as a dress, can be paired with a beautiful scarf / belt, add a pair of pants and there is yet another look. The vibrant color is such a mood and it has hand-stitch detailing on neck and sleeve making it a perfect day wear. Shop Here

Aquamarine hand-woven khadi overlayer
I can’t wait to travel and wear this overlayer everywhere. It makes for a great airport style, adding as a layer to my mountain trips and back in city it makes for a stylish work wear. I paired it with their pink resort dress, that can be worn as a separate as well. This aqua cerulean drop shoulder trench overlay comes with patch pocket detail and is handcrafted in soft khadi jamdani with tie and dye detailing on sleeves. Shop Here

They are a luxuriously affordable brand that offers customization option and a joy of wearing them, complimentary with each outfit.

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Sleepwear style with ‘Blanche’

What come to your mind when you say pajamas or sleepwear? Well I think of comfort, relaxed state of mind and SLEEP (of course). Sleepwear is not just a garment of night anymore, everyone will be able to relate the ecstasy of coming back home after a long day and getting into your comfy pj’s.  We gen next love to laze around in our Pj’s all day when we are at home.

While women’s nightwear was once full of shapeless garments whose sole reason was to just keep us warm and discreet, rather than looking nice and being comfortable. Nightwear is no longer for sleeping only, but has transformed into a fashion statement. Modern women prefer to wear sleepwear with a choice of fashionable cuts, sexy look or like me classy and well groomed.

So, when I had to choose, i undoubtedly went for a classy black pajama set with white detailing from ‘Blanche’ a Jaipur based brand that specializes in sleepwear. While the brand is all about some quirky prints, I was glad to find something that suits my taste.

This particular nightwear has been my holiday accompaniment for last few trips. Holiday mornings for comes with tons of coffee, breakfast in bed and undeniably strong desire to not leave the warm soft bed for the rest of your life. In such cases a comfortable and stylish sleepwear is just the thing I need.

For me Comfort and style go hand-in-hand and I found my hunt for perfect nightwear stops right at ‘Blanche’. So, snuggle yourself in comfortable (but not boring) nightwear, after all why stop being fashionable in bed?

Love Fashioneatista

Oversized Cardigans

Happy New Year guys,
A little late? well its just been 12 days, the beginning of a new year is still sinking in for me. I am not one to make resolutions but i think every one thinks this time as a clean state, our daily chores may not change, nor will your boss and not the people around.. what we can is change our thoughts to more positive ones, fill ourselves with gratitude and do things that make You HAPPY.

I have been enjoying the winters, the cold weather just seems to be at its best these days (and almost makes me late to work..literally every day) Hot coffee taste even better, sometimes i replace it with hot chocolate, wear lot of layers and cosy up on books and sitcoms (after all its the season of comebacks and new shows)

My favorite winter wear (any day) are the cardigans, especially this ruby red over sized one. i added a scarf for visual interest of warmth. my blue denims and boots are perfect match for work as well a stylish enough for any go-to meetings and events.

Cardigan & Boots : Forever 21, Denims & Shades: Forever New, Scarf: Gucci, Bag: Zara, Ring: Hyperbole Acessories

Over Sized Cardigans: 
One thing i really want to share though is about over sized cardigans (since its seasons favorite) over sized cardigans are underrate, they are perfect for fall and winter weather, keeps you cozy and comfy while looking stylish at the same time. Though you need to make sure you get one that fits appropriately, is the right length, and is in a knit or pattern that works with your whole outfit.

The word “over sized” means different things to different people. When it comes to cardigans, it doesn’t mean buying one a size or two bigger than you are, or borrowing one that belongs to your boyfriend. You need to shop with your correct size in mind and make sure that the shape of the sweater itself doesn’t swallow you up. Sleeves should hit at the wrist or just slightly cover the hand. Do not wear a cardigan as mittens and preferably chose to pair it with form-fitting outfit, like skinny or narrow pants, leggings, skirts, or dresses with a tapered waist or belt (just like i did).

Well i have an extended weekend with sankranti on Saturday, look out for my  back to back post this weekend on more festive note. Do follow your favorite Hyderabad blogger on Instagram for more update on whats happening in Hyderabad @fashioneatista.

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So its December and finally the fashion i love- Layering is all back. Hyderabad doesn’t get chilly but it gets very pleasant and a little cold too (at times), just as much to enjoy the late night hot chocolate or long drives with your sweatshirts on (even though the hardest debate of my life in winter is probably to decide to take off or to go office.. every damn morning)
This outfit post is dedicated to most loved, comfortable style (well at least for me).Plaid/flannel shirts have been spotted on almost every celebrity. This fashion piece has become a wardrobe staple, and is a must have this season
I paired it up with my favorite Zara (skinny) pants or jeggings (whatever you call it, its the best thing ever), fringe bag and lots of silver bubbles (which i have been collecting over years), not to forget my Marsala boots (i have been dying to put them on, and i am so happy because they  to finally share it with you guys)

Flannel shirt- Forever 21, pants -Zara, shoes-Forever 21, Bag-Avec Amour Bags, Coffee- just kidding


One of my friend says flannel shirts are to boyish (well its comfortable and effortless, if that is what she means then i am totally okay with it) but styling it right will give you a perfectly feminine look.
So, to balance a plaid shirt, pair it with skinny jeans,  tights or shorts. Add some rings and throw in a chain and you are all set to rock the look. Layer it on a simple tee like i did, and leave the top unbuttoned over it. Tie it around your waist or just pair it with some sneakers or boots with shorts (i wouldn’t mind a bowling hat too.. hahahha). Go ahead and take you pick.

Enjoy this cute comfy outfit style and share your look on Instagram @fashioneatista.

Love fashioneatista


Bringing Back Gingham

CYMERA_20150624_110306Hello peeps,
Fashion is rarely comfortable (not that its never) I mean every best look of ours has some effort, be it getting the perfect winged liner, or standing in front of mirror with a curling machine. Don’t even get me to heels and dresses that require you to be stand like you are on ramp for Ms India pageant.  (Excuse the Cleopatra’s of the world who are born with flawless skin and shiny thick hair.. arghh)
So between all this imagine my happiness when something right form my closet suddenly becomes the most demanding trend and is spotted everywhere from ramp to fashion magazines. Bliss, well Gingham prints are back with a bang. This particular shirt is soft and comfortable, and paired with sneakers is the most comfortable look for the month (Not to forget Trendy, thanks to the fashion makers I can call it my gingham moment)
Gingham prints are easy to carry and can be worn as jackets, dresses, shirts and if you are bold and confident enough to carry it you can opt for some major print for pants paired with plain coloured tops.
So raid your dad’s, brothers, or boyfriends closet (you will find it in abundance there) get it altered and rock your gingham.

Sneakers- Forever 21, Bag Lavie, Shades- Classic couture gallery, Lip Shade- Pure amaranthe- Loreal star collection.

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Love Fashioneatista.