Feu Dessert Bar, Hyderabad

Feu, the French inspired patisserie in Jubilee Hills is a welcome addition to city’s list of dessert places. A dessert studio that plans to offer much more than mere desserts opened its door just a few weeks back and they are loving the response so far.

Located at a quite byline of Jubilee hills, I was almost nostalgic, as the spot housed my college days cafe almost 11 years ago. The dessert bar overflows with delights, from Toffee Salted Caramel, Tiramisu, Colorful Macaroons, Isphahan, Black Forest, Strawberry Cheesecake Velour, flavors of Eclair and much more.

Patisserie that offers gourmet desserts that are both eye pleasing and delicious. When I got to know the chefs here have been trained by much talented Sanjana Patel of La Folie Mumbai, my hope went up, because won my last visit Mumbai I had engaged in a lot of desserts from the place. She is not only the mentor to the chef but also help design the menu.

While i really loved all flavors of macaroons, what my absolute favorites at ‘Feu’ are ‘Toffee Salted Caramel Dessert’ that looks beautiful, tastes delicious with a mix of crunch and gooey all in one bite. ‘Tiramisu’ one of my favorite desserts ever is a heavenly blend of mascarpone, sabayon mousse with kahlua coffee-soaked ladyfingers, is great. ‘Ispahan’ , tops my list even though i love anything chocolate, this stole my heart. With a rich almond base and burst of flavors like litchi, rose and raspberries. The confections are not only meticulously executed, they’ are also very sculptural, that will you happy.

They also offer homemade breads like croissants that make for a great coffee accompaniment any time of the day. The crispy flakes and buttery flavor is just a delight in your mouth. Apart from this they also have jams, granola cubes, biscuits and muesli.

Indoor and outdoor seating allows you to enjoy your slice of dessert with a cup of tea or coffee on the premises. Cant wait for the winters to set in, which will make the place even more fun to enjoy the outdoors with a hot cup and goey slice of dessert. ‘Feu‘ can be your next go-to spots where you can get anything from an elegant pastry for a dinner party to your morning croissant. Whats better is they are open from 11Am to 11Pm on all days and till midnight on Saturday and Sunday.

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SLY Tech Bar, Hyderabad


A bust work space remodeled into a Speakeasy Bar by three young entrepreneurs turned risk takers/dreamers. Throbbing and thriving behind a nondescript looking reception area – a space to give that devil may care attitude and letting loose the inner sly in you. The interiors are full of urban graffiti, brick walls and unmissable God Father Movie inspired high Chair, it’s like an IT guy’s dream of turning office into bar.


It’s a perfect place for techies (and others) who needs to let loose from their stressful workday.  A table tennis board, a section with comic books, ranging from Archie Comics, Aster-ix series, games such as Monopoly and Jenga make your waiting for food and drinks worthwhile.

Opening with ‘Mr.Miyagi’– an orange marmalade with triple sec, and shaken served in a martini glass top above a glass full if dry ice, giving bit a Smokey effect, for starters it was impressive, next came  ‘Lychee Rose Martini‘ where typical martini vodka was mixed with lychee juice and also with dash of rose petals and syrup.


Coming to food, prices are very pocket friendly and options are endless. The menu has an array of grubs to enjoy with drinks. However our favorites were, ‘Fish pointing Fingers’ served with chili garlic mayo was a crispy delight, ‘C80s Jalapeno & Cheese peppers’ was mouthwatering cheesy,   ‘Dharamsala Chicken Momos’ with tangy chili sauce was on point with flavors.


The ‘Trainee’s Kolkata Jhal Muri’  was close to authentic, amidst trying all the dishes, this particular dish was by my side till the very end.  ‘SF BBQ chicken Wings’ were glazed to perfection, a definite must try.  Last but not the least- ‘Chili Cheese Toast’ crisp and you just cannot go wrong on this simple yet delicious dish.

Ending on a sweet note- spoiler, they have only one dessert on the menu- ‘Sly Sundae’ which is alcohol infused’ Vodka soaked brownie served with vanilla ice cream and coffee sauce.

Location: Ground Floor, Western Pearl Building,, Kondapur, Ph: 33194183

Cannoli Cafe, Hyderabad


This cafe has been on my list for months now, the board of this cafe at mighty 800 Jubilee has been up for so long but the place is now finally open. In collaboration with Driven Cafe the swanky cars keep you delighted as soon as you step on the premises. The place is spread on an entire ground floor, with a great display of desserts as soon as you step in and further in you will find a gigantic shelf that stocks fresh breads.


We started of with ‘Tomato Orzo’  a creamy tomato soup with fagioli that adds delight to otherwise boring soup, we paired it with ‘Zucchini Bites’,  where slices of grilled Zucchini were topped with dollop of hummus and  lavash crackers and drizzle of beetroot mayo. Next came the ‘Triple Cheese Knots’ this dish is a must try when visiting Cannoli Cafe, it is freshly baked mini bread knots with warm cheesy filling, a delight in every bite. lets warn you its a heavy dish if you are not planning to share it.


In main course we opted for ‘Almond Roasted Bell Paper Pasta’ made of angel hair that is tossed in smoky, sweet roasted bell pepper sauce tossed with almond. nice and creamy i loved the crispiness that came from the almond flakes , tad bit on sweeter side. For drinks we picked the delicious ‘Match Bubble Tea’ and ‘Almond frappe’ the flavors of bubble tea available here are really unique flavors like Blueberry, Taro root, Jasmine


On healthier side i tried the ‘Chicken Avocado Wrap‘ from the Mexican side of the menu. it was a tortilla wrap filled with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and of course Avocados.


I however wished there was a separate entry to this place, as it seemed too over crowded because, one-it was weekend and two-it had a common entrance for Hylife Brewery.

Address: 800 Jubilee, Road 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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ITC Presents a Responsible Luxury Menu

Sunny winter weather, perfect for a meal by the pool in conversation with some vivid foodies and the Chefs- Chef Paul Noronha and Chef Vishal Baliga, is how I spent my (almost) last weekend of the year.

With festive vibes and overindulging days, ITC added another unforgettable gastronomical experience when they hosted an Influences meet at their all day restaurant at Deccan Pavilion, where they launched a new menu and invited me to join the other food bloggers and the chef himself over a well curated tasting session.

ITC has been known to host some of the well researched food festivals in Hyderabad and across other chains of ITC restaurant, so when i see their new menu, i can say there was no effort spared. Well this launch is nationwide; each ITC hotels has added the local flavors and love but the core attention and endeavor was given to choosing healthy and fresh, giving their bit of responsible luxury to their guest (without compromising on taste, because healthy doesn’t mean tasteless; right choices and ingredients can make your meal as indulging and healthy as possible)

Anise Poached Pears

While we were all engrossed in conversations (on food of course) sipping on bubbly wine, our first dish for the day arrived looking all beautiful- ‘Anise Poached Pears’ fresh, perfectly combined with burrata cheese and pesto sauce, i must say it was indeed an incredible start.

Singaprean Laksa

Next came ‘Singaporean Laksa’, well this was my very first time trying a Laksa but after the first sip of this aromatic dish i decided it wasn’t the last. With shrimps, fish, chicken tenders in fragrant coconut soup and rice noodles, i really enjoyed this light textured dish to bits.


Lamb Rib and Broad Bean Tagine

I was surprised to see ‘Grilled Haloumi’ on the menu, but was eager to try it. The dish was a platter of roast veggies, chunk of haloumi paired with tangy tomato sauce (that made a wonderful difference), like the section it comes under (soul food) it was good but hands down the next dish was a clear winner – ‘Lamb Rib and Broad Bean Tagine’ with stewed apricots and mint couscous, this dish blew my mind, the perfectly tender juicy meat and delectable gravy was one dish I finished till the very last existence of it in my bowl.

Green Burger and Katsu Burger

The mini burgers served with fries where a delight to see when they arrived, just when we thought burgers couldn’t be healthy chef explained us about what lay in front of us- ‘The Green Burger’ with caramelized onion and feta; ‘Chicken Katsu’ with horseradish and grain mustard relish. Well I loved the Katsu burger more which had deep fried Japanese style crispy fried chicken stuffed between the buns.

Kaddu ka Dalcha with Baghara Khana & Kacche Gosht ki Biryani

From their section Local love, they served us ‘Kaddu ka Dalcha’ with Baghara Khana & ‘Kacche Gosht ki Biryani’ too full to taste any of it, we gave it a pass, but undoubtedly ITC does serve some great Biryani. (i don’t need to try this to say it, we all love their Biryani)

Chocolate Fudge

We winded up our meal with Sweet Adventures like ‘Pavilion Chocolate Fudge’ which was presented so beautifully, it almost broke my heart to destroy it, but worth every bite, especially the jaggery caramel sauce which was a treat to my taste buds.

Creme Brulee with Apricot Fig Biscitti at ITC Kakatiya

We also had a taste of ‘Crème Brulee with Apricot Fig Biscotti’ served with some floral litchi honey and lime elixir. Well crème brulee is one of my favorite desserts and I thoroughly enjoyed it but… I will have to recommend the chocolate fudge as a MUST TRY. So go ahead and spend some gala time with your loved ones and taste these delicacies and much more.

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Location: Deccan Pavilion, ITC Kakatiya, Begumpet.

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Little Things- A Dessert Cafe

Enjoy the little things, i have been told as long as i can remember, because it’s the little things that make most of the silent smiles and cherished memories.  This weekend i decided to spend at leisure with my sister and post a nice spa day we decided we needed some coffee and indulging in some gooey chocolaty stuff.

So we decided to visit the all new dessert café in Hyderabad ‘Little things’ it’s a colorful little patisserie with both indoor and outdoor seating serving (as the name suggests) miniature desserts.

Filter Kappi- ‘Malibu Copycat’ with chocochip and sesame cookies

It’s a pretty patisserie, with a lot to indulge in. Their signature coffee is all about ‘Filter Kappi’ i am in love with their ‘Malibu- Copycat’ a refreshing twist to kaapi with coconut, and a definite must try. I also tried their ‘Salted Caramel’ a pure mix of kaapi and caramel, it’s a reward to your taste buds (and trust me, it’s the reason why i am over my ‘yesterdays’ favorite Caramel macchiato from Starbucks) and if you follow m lifestyle blog  on Instagram you know i am loyal Starbucks lover.

They also have a wide range of detox tea for all those health conscious people who wouldn’t mind a little flavor, after all why comprising on spending some leisure time with friends just to avoid an indulgence.  Their ‘cookies – peanut butter, sesame, and chocochip’ are crisp and great to take home as well, don’t forget to share though.

Karampudi Burger

It’s not just a patisserie; they also have savories to fill you up really quickly. Form burger to pasta, freshly baked croissants and wraps, their stuff is packed with flavor and nippy to grab on the go. Try their ‘Karampudi Burger’ for a experience of fusion of classic burger and south’s spicy karampodi served with red chatni mayo. They also have unique flavor of our favorite Maggi that you would like to try.

In desserts i loved their ‘Millefuille’, a sinful combination of white and dark chocolate, intricately layered, you will want to savor it with your eyes before your taste buds get lost in  its flavor. I also tried ‘Tiramisu’ but would recommend you to try their ‘Lemon Cheesecakes’, ‘Raspberry Pannacotta’ and ‘Desserts in jar’ before you declare your favorite (all in little portions of course).

The place promises to have something fresh to keep it entertaining for foodies who love to try. So head out to ‘Little Things’ this weekend and share the little moments of sweet with your loved ones. Don’t forget to ask them for the day’s specialty, might just surprise you

Value for money- a little heavy on pocket for the size being served
Location: 13-A-B-C, MLA Colony, Road 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Ph: 33165760

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Healthy Living with Fit Meals Hyderabad

Grilled chicken with stir fried veggies and banana & oatmeal smoothie

Fit Meals as the name suggests is all about living a healthy, well-balanced life through maintaining a healthy “Diet.” It’s a subscription based service that delivers right at your doorstep. All you have to do is choose a plan depending of your need like- weight gain, weight loss or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. (Customize if you want, they also offer nutritional advice)

It’s not a diet system that promotes shakes, pills, cookies, preserved and/or packaged meals. They serve FRESH food that will allow you to achieve all of your goals. They offer a wide variety of meals, snacks and juices (and combos if you want all of it)\, its is one of its first that introduced the concept of healthy meals in Hyderabad

FitMeals Breakfast – Pancakes, Fruits

I just feel making a healthy meal takes a little more time and effort than any other meals. You could just grab something on the go or just eat whatever is available, but healthy meal requires you to do right grocery shopping, cutting chopping, dressing and they should be filling enough so you don’t give in, to your mid meal hunger pangs.

Fit Meals on the other hand does it all for you leaving you with more time for yourself without any stress of multitasking everything. They deliver it to you right where you need it (In Hyderabad) home or office (or even at the little friends get together where everyone is on diet, who said you have to choose between healthy food and chilling with friends?)

FitMeals – Meal in a box

The boxes are conveniently packed, easy to consume on the go as well. A meal by Fit Meals (available for both vegetarians and non vegetarians) will have a Meal of the day, (Quinoa, Grilled chicken, Enchiladas, meatballs or even pancakes, crepes, chia pudding if you are going for breakfast) with a fresh juice/coconut water and a snack to keep you full between meals (sprouts, fruits etc). It’s a proper meal that keeps you full without the typical feel of starving that occurs with other diets. They also offer some snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings without any guilt, great in taste and nutrition.  Hyderabad lifestyle blogger, Hyderabad food blogger, Hyderabad

Baked Fish with stir fried vegetables

Order yours at: http://www.fitmeals.co.in/

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Prost Brewpub, Hyderabad

The trend of microbreweries in Hyderabad has just kick-started and must I say people love it. Being to three of them by now I will happily say that ‘Prost’ Hyderabad (because they have in Bangalore too) is by far my favorite. The three level microbrewery is huge and the interiors are just perfect to the details, every corner has a different vibe from exposed pipes to car heads outdoors. With both outdoor and indoor seating available it’s already a crowd puller.


Watermelon Feta Salad

We tasted some soul filling food; the place is pocket friendly, has endless variety, great presentation and full points for taste. The entree menu is more elaborate compared to the main course. However the most appealing part of the menu is option of ‘Half and Half’ (I personally love it even more because I have lot of vegetarian friends and I end up ordering  veg because I don’t want to waste a portion of meal just coz I can not finish it alone) plus we get to try more variety this way.

I am not a big fan of salads but the watermelon feta salad was an epic one, and definitely coming back for this soon. The layered beauty is a treat too eyes as well as taste buds…and healthy too so no minus points for over indulging in it. We also tried ‘Paneer Gatari’ ‘Crackling Stuffed Fish’ ‘Cajun Potatoes’

‘Koli chips’ with finger licking seasoning is as thin as a chicken (starter) can get, it’s one of the blockbuster dish and a hands down favorite.  The ‘Mutton Kheema Puchka is a surprise dish- where kheema ‘meats’ Pani Puri.

‘Quesadillas’ in veg are also great and ‘Pottery Prawns’ is just a unique and high in flavors, its prawns are vodka based, served on a bed of olive oil in a pot along with garlic bread. Don’t forget to try their “Chocolate Eclair’ to wind up your meal that is going to leave you speechless.

Kheema Pani Puri
Koli (chicken) Chips


Cajun Grilled Fish
Pottery Prawns with Garlic Bread

Don’t wait for the weekend to try this place, just blow your Monday blues over a beer and some great music.

Location: Rd.No. 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.  Ph: 23556235

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Staycation at Radisson Blu Hyderabad

Radisson Blu, one of the world’s leading brands with nearly 300 hotels in operation in 69 countries and territories, announced the “Love Blu, Be Pink” campaign where one room in each participating hotel across the globe has turned pink for the month of October. The pink Business Class guest room features pink décor and other special pink amenities. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the pink rooms will benefit charities that support breast cancer research and awareness.


They invited me to stay over and experience one of their business suits, where the room was turned into pink in accordance with the theme.
img_2081img_2033 img_2131 img_2138img_2119

Food: Street Food Festival
The food festival was part of their restaurant ‘Chill’. While the indoors is quite fine dining experience the outdoors have been altered with vibrant decor and food stalls like tandoor’s, carts and grills, that give you a street side familiarity.
The best part of this food festival is it wasn’t just restricted to chaat treats like pani puri and tikkis but also had delicacies like mirchi bhaijji, chole bhature, idli-dosa, kheema pav and not to forget momo’s.
They even had live dessert counters for Jalebi rabri and cotton candy. The street food festival was however the extension of the regular buffet so we had option to choose form wide variety of salads, breads, main course and of course Biryani and desserts.
Chef also went beyond his way to sneak in a ‘Basil’ (other restaurant of Radisson) delicacy –Lobsters, sharp in aroma but full points for taste.
Overall the restaurant experience for dinner was very good and so was the breakfast, being weekend they have an extended lavish breakfast-brunch that is open till 12.
Like they said- Lavish, it had everything from English breakfast essentials, like beans, sausages, cereal and breads; and also south Indian delicacies like dosa and appam. What I loved the most was wide variety croissants, muffins (what can I say I love thy breads and maple topped pancakes.

Spa: Serena Spa
What is a staycation without Pampering. There in-house spa promotes Ayurveda. Their treatments are specially developed to suit the purpose of relaxation for body and mind. Combining the best traditions of Ayurveda with Aromatherapy and modern massage techniques they give you a unique experience.

I chose to go for Marma Spa, a signature 90 mins treatment for Body mind and spirit. This exotic and highly therapeutic, Ayurveda inspired massage with aromatic herbal oil stimulates the Marmas, the body’s vital pressure points. This full body massage begins with the balancing of the head’s Marmas followed by the body’s points massaged by the therapist’s feet and then by hand with long sweeping strokes. The treatment concludes with a healing, herbal body mask followed by a warm shower leaving you in a state of bliss.


I love the concept of Staycation, its like a mini vacation in this fast passed world for a much needed time for your self, to enjoy your meals in peace, read that long pending book, spend morning poolside and pamper yourself to the core. so dont wait up for a vacation book up and enjoy your Staycation right in Hyderbad.
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Punjab Grill, Hyderabad

Punjab grill is a known name in hospitality industry and after a huge hit in many Indian cities and off shore, it has now made way to city of foodies- Hyderabad. The restaurant is 5000 sq ft of pure fine dine experience, decorated in rich cream and gold and a kitchen separated by glass if you would like to peek in for the live cooking.

Punjab Grill offers specialties from the royal state of Punjab and specialize in styles of cooking like tandoor, sigri, tawa and kadhai — serving up a little bit of Punjab in the heart of Hyderabad.


The first things that came to my table were some yummy drinks like ‘Nimboo Acharroska’ which was a very tangy and south Indian inspired drink (well according to me at least) the ‘Dhaniya Patta’ that came next was definitely a refreshing try and I absolutely loved it. The ‘Meetha patha’ on other hand had a very strong gulkand flavor, I loved the flavor, it was something new but it was hard to finish it as the sweetness kept overpowering the taste of the food.img_1337img_1347

For starters, we had ‘Dahi Ke Kebab’ a melt in the mouth delicacy made from hung curd as main element fried to perfection. ‘Paneer Ka Soola’ and ‘Paneer Tikka Multani’ are roasted and packed with spices but lacked to impress.img_1357img_1344img_1353

In non-vegetarian we had ‘Murgh Malai Tikka’, chicken marinated in rich paste of yoghurt, cashew and cheese, slipped in tandoor for fine result. Next came the highlight of the evening ‘Chaamp Tajdar’– Lamb chops absorbed with flavors of cloves, black cardamom, kasthuri methi braised and grilled in tandoor in proper punajbi style- sure to envelop your senses with a decadent richness.img_1363

It is not just the food, but the spirits are vigorous as well. For main course we went with the classics and ordered some ‘Dal Punjab Grill’ and some much awaited ‘Butter Chicken’ accompanied with ‘Lachha Paratha‘(all of it made with a healthy dose of ghee). The creamy rich dal and tangy butter chicken where the perfect end to our meal.img_1376


Well actually it wasn’t the end for dessert we ordered the desert platter- which comes with ‘Phirni’, ‘Gulab Jamun’ and ‘Litchi Ki Tehri’. ‘Litchi Ki Tehri’ was up to the mark, just when I thought we were done we were served the complimentary ‘Pan Shots’ which and great finish to a lovely meal.

On the whole it’s a great place for a heart who is craving some north Indian touch or Punjabi flavors.

Address: Punjab Grill Hyderabad,  Fourth floor, Guru Raghavendra, Road No 1, Jubiee Hills Check Post.

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