the Art of ayurveda with ‘Sadhev’

Sadhev’s concept of Ayurveda is a way of life that brings about a synchrony among body, mind and soul . By elegantly pouring the science of Ayurveda into every creation giving birth to the art of life, art of living – the art of Ayurveda itself.

I love Ayurveda, and the more I inculcate it in my daily life, the more i see the power of it. There is also a sense of satisfaction that i am not using any chemicals, not using products that are harmfully tested and most of coming close to nature but by bit.


The existence of rose water go way back from queens to Greek goddesses everyone used it, and rankly it is the single most easy to use product accessible to all. It hydrates, is handy, suits all skin types, and mostly helps keep you fresh with just a spray. Sadhev’s Rose Water is a sweet fusion of handpicked centifolia roses and the essence of a 200 year old ancestral wisdom steamed, distilled and bottled.

How I use- I constantly have this in my bag (for a quick spray) or right by my dressing mirror. It’s the first thing I use post cleansing, as rose water is a great toner and helps absorb your skincare routine much better. I also use it post make up to let it all set and give some hydration to my skin for a quick glow.

Sadhev Nalpamaradi Tailam

The ever so beguiling queens from the Pandalam dynasty were believed to illuminate their faces with the potion extracted out of the barks of 4 different trees carefully blended with Turmeric, Sesame and Vetiver. Sadhev’s Nalpamaradi Tailam is a pre shower oil, a blend of essence of 4 tree barks with a 200 year old ancestral wisdom to give the full body a glow.

How i use- I love oils, nothing hydrates a dry skin better. I light some incense sticks and do my own spa ritual at home with this Nalpamaradi Tailam from Sadhev, massage all over the body for 10 minutes and leave it for 15 minutes , I wash it off with some home made ubtan (I recommend not to use soap, unless you have to get dressed and step out), moisturize, wear my satin pajamas and take a relaxing nap.

Sadhev Sunscreen SPF 30

This by far is my favorite product from the Sadhev. As important as it is to use sunscreen, it is exactly that difficult to find the right one. This is the perfect sunscreen for me, the texture is undeniably addictive (it feels like satin and no matter how much rush you are in, I bet you will slow done for this) no white cast, absorbs like magic, non-greasy and an ayurvedic solution to sunscreen. Sadhev’s sunscreen keeps the skin exceptionally tender and supple all through the day. Its age defying essence protects the delicate texture of the skin, reduces fine lines and blemishes and keeps the skin glowing.

How i use- I use it at least twice daily, one post shower (even if i am indoors) second in afternoon once i wash my face and freshen up. I have also substituted it for my regular primer, it is an excellent base for your make up, almost perfect.

Sadhev Aloe Vera And Saffron Gel With Kumkumadi Thailam

Mughal empress Nur Jahan’s timeless beauty was the constant source of whispered envy in the royal corridors. ‘The light of the world’ as her name suggests was truly a woman of intoxicating loveliness who believed in traditional Persian beauty recipes to keep her skin sensual and glowing. Her daily regimen involved the use of rich ingredients like Saffron and the Green Aloe Vera that grew in her royal gardens. Sadhev’s Aloe Vera and Saffron Gel with Kumkumadi Thailam is a miraculous fusion of Aloe, Saffron and our ancestor’s pure love that gives the skin an exquisite shine and lasting beauty.

Saffron contains vitamins and antioxidants that have an exceptional effect on the skin. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties help soothe skin and gently treat acne. It is a magical skin-lightening agent that gives an everlasting morning glow to the skin. Green Aloe Vera contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C that delicately heals dry skin and restores a natural glow. Kumkumadi Thailam is an exotic serum that imparts a golden vedic glow by delicately combining rich ingredients like Saffron, Aloe, Sandal & Vetiver along with the essence of a 200 year old ayurvedic wisdom.

How i Use : I use it every time I have cleansed my face or post a session of face packs. I also use it intensely during summers to clam any irritation on my skin.

Sadhev Kumkumadi Tailam

Saffron was a treasured beauty secret used by Rani Samyukta, Prithiviraj Chauhan’s queen who was known for her intoxicating beauty.  Legend has tales of the queen secretly sourcing a rich and rare ingredient from the valleys of Kashmir. The lovely Red Saffron was used to create a magic potion that she used as part of her nightly beauty ritual. Sadhev’s Kumkumadi Tailam is an exotic night serum that imparts a golden vedic glow by delicately combining rich ingredients like Saffron, Aloe Vera, Sandal and Vetiver along with the essence of a 200 year old Ayurvedic wisdom.

Sadhev’s Kumkumadi Tailam is for those who desire to give a sensual glow to their skin. It is infused with rich therapeutic properties of Saffron and Aloe Vera that enhance the skin tone, diminish scars and fine lines and augment the skin’s complexion delicately.

How i Use : I use it every alternate day as part of my Gua Sha face massage ritual, and let the leftover stay overnight.

Sadhev Herbal Body Lotion

Sadhev’s Herbal Body Lotion is poetry for the skin. It is a bottle of indulgence that carefully repairs and restores dry and rough patches thereby gently hydrating and polishing the skin, leaving it sensually luminous, exceptionally smooth and incredibly desirable. Almond nuts rich in vitamin E nourishes and softens the skin. It also acts as an exceptional anti-ageing agent.

How i use: Sadhev’s Herbal Body Lotion is a miracle cream that softens skin, hydrates it and repairs dry and rough patches. I use it every night post shower before going to sleep and wake up with plump hydrated skin.

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Zilch, Skincare brand my mom approves

Beauty without Bullshit, the brands tag line is just what it says. I received their products as part of the PR package but i was really keen on trying them as they are natural, plant based, no parabens and non-toxic. Zilch offers an array of hair care, skincare and makeup products.

I tried three of their products, that I am happy to say are part of my daily skincare routine now.

Calm-aah Tulsi Hydrating Face Mist

Straight from Himalayan gardens into a bottle, this herb is BFF to your skin, mind and soul. This Tulsi hydrating mist is an Instant refresher / oil neutralizer. I carry it in my bag to beat the heat, use it as part of my home facials, over make up to set it down. Like superfood for tired skin, it is made from 100% all-natural ingredients and has a earthy and invigorating aroma. Gently lifts impurities and oil off your skin, allowing it to breathe again, Instantly balances and restores skin’s pH level, Helps minimize pores to prevent oily skin and acne. Suitable for all skin types and ideal for everyday use.

Insta Bounce Super Hydration Serum

I love everything that gives hydration, especially when its light weight ( which means no clogged pores or the feeling of too much on your skin). Insta Bounce skin recharging serum is super light serum that is a great base, be it for your skincare routine or a base for your make up (I do both). It leaves the skin super hydrated, soft and supple. Packed with a cocktail of exciting ingredients like aloe vera that soothes skin, niacinamide that protects against environmental stressors such as pollution or sunlight and sodium hyaluronate that is known as skin revitalizer. Definitely your go-to-serum for instant recharge and rehydration.

Save the Day Multipurpose Miracle Balm

A product my mom approves and so des my grandma, hell if they knew how they would make it themselves in their kitchen. Packed with Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Tulsi and Neem, this multipurpose moisturizer is an out-n-out healer. My skin is a combination one and its super difficult to find right products that suits its need. Part of my AM routine i use it post serums, as skin healer that soothes my skin, clams by breakouts / inflammation if any, heals dark spots and acne marks and deeply moisturizes it. (make sure you keep a towel on your pillow to avoid your covers turning yellow!)

Next on my list is to order their Vit C glow serum and their lip and cheek tint. While all their products are suitable for all skin types, they recommend a skin patch test on inner elbow to check for any allergic reaction before application on face)

Check them out :

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Gulnare, yet another consciously made skincare brand i discovered over last year, offers 100% natural skincare products. One of the blissful brands where i have felt the results quite instantly on regular use. 


Flower Power, a face cream that is gel based formula, enriched with Hibiscus (the natural botox plant) that  helps in speeding up cell turnover & control acne breakouts, all of which can encourage fresher, younger, and smoother looking skin. It is great moisturizer and cleanser, encourages fresher, younger and smoother skin. It controls cell turnover and acne breakouts.


Add a touch of luxury to your beauty ritual with Goddess facial oil. Infused with 24K carat Gold, Saffron & Rose petals, it deeply nourishes, conditions, and protects, leaving skin with a glossy, silky sheen. The formula locks in moisture, delivers antiaging benefits, and restores the skin’s glowing softness, elasticity, and comfort. The super ingredient in this magical elixir is Rose hip oil, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and even stretch marks.


Exfoliating is necessary to get rid of dead cells and nourish dry skin. This scrub will renew your cells and help soften skin whilst eliminating them pesky blackheads. Almond meal & Oats contain natural cleansers that absorb and remove oil/bacteria from skin without causing irritation while removing the dead skin & cleansing, whilst Argan & Vitamin E oil hydrate and soften skin. Additionally, dried Rose & Calendula petals add a dash of floral freshness to this heavily jar of skin rejuvenating goodness!


A refreshing, soothing and clarifying organic toner that will leaves your skin hydrated, dewy and smelling rosy. This alcohol free blend of Rose water, Witch Hazel & Hibiscus extracts cleanses your skin, tightens pores, boosts elasticity and restores “bounce” to skin. 


This highly concentrated hydrating formula uses a rich blend of Shea, Cocoa butter & skin nourishing plant based oils to revitalize your skin for a healthy, radiant glow from head to toe. Delicious, creamy, and decadently thick, indulge your skin with freshly spun wild honey and Vitamin E oil for a silky smooth finish.

Location: Next Galleria Mall Jaihind Enclave, Hi Tech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad 


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L’Occitane Spa at The Khyber Resort, Gulmarg

The Khyber Spa is an extension of the L’Occitane brand. Nestled amidst the Himalayas, ensconced amidst unspoilt acres of meadows and pristine nature, is the spa with unbeatable views that offers a luxurious and holistic experiences.

The spa too, like most of the hotel is centrally heated, the property is so huge I took my time exploring, catching glimpse of bits and pieces of winter ice that remained under the shade of property, where direct sunlight dint reach. I was cold by the time I reached the Spa, and was so glad it was centrally heated.

L’Occitane Spa at The Khyber Resort, & Spa, Gulmarg

As the spa manger got me the consent form that included information of my choice of pressure and concern areas, I was soaking in the view of the magnificent pool, one of the finest in the country I am sure. Another member of the staff got me a hot towel and welcome tea, and offered me in-house slippers before leading me to the spa room.

L’Occitane Spa at The Khyber Resort, & Spa, Gulmarg

Soothing, energizing aromas engulfed me and so did the view from my room. I opted for the ‘Revitalizing Aromachologie Massage’ that is a perfect combo of Swedish strokes, Balinese massage techniques and Chinese acupressure. The soothing music, dim lights and the gorgeous view make for a relieving combination

L’Occitane Spa at The Khyber Resort, & Spa, Gulmarg

My masseuse used the Lavender oil which is known to have benefits that reduces mental stress and anxiety, treats insomnia, improves blood circulation and also help relieve muscle and joint pains. L’Occitane Spa uses all in-house products and ensure calming the overactive mind and body. Just as Provence is a unique resting place, The Khyber Spa by L’Occitane is a sanctuary of tranquillity, rejuvenating your body and soul.

An hour and half of rejuvenation, followed by steam and long soak in the tub overlooking the pine trees, it was the most relaxing evening of my stay in Kashmir. Post spa I stepped down for an extended dose of relaxation by the pool, the long glass walls indicated end of another evening in land of hills.

The pool at The Khyber Resort, & Spa, Gulmarg

Kama Ayurveda, Hyderabad

Store (4)
The New Kama Ayurveda Store in Hyderabad

One of India’s favourite ayurvedic beauty brands, Kama Ayurveda, celebrated the successful opening of its first store in Hyderabad at Next Galleria Mall. The flagbearer of Ayurvedic beauty is renowned for its passionate focus on the purity of ingredients and efficacy of formulae. Since inception, its traditional, holistic approach to daily beauty and wellness, and high quality, elegantly packaged products have won it many accolades.

There is an endless range of skin products for all skin types at the new The New Kama Ayurveda Store in Hyderabad

 Spread over 800 sq. ft., the store’s high façade jalousie shutters, chequerboard marble flooring and teak and rattan cabinetry reflect the trademark aesthetic of Kama’s flagship store. Ornate brass finials, along with iron shelves, dot the ivory-hued brick walls, their minimalistic simplicity evoking a luxurious sanctuary of calm.  The unique design sensibility is the soul of the brand and the ‘Indian Apothecary’ feel has garnered a loyal cult following for Kama Ayurveda. top lifestyleblogger in hyderabad


Kama Ayurveda as a brand provides traditional and holistic treatments for beauty and wellness; made with pure, natural and organic ingredients.  The Kama portfolio is 100% natural, vegetarian and sans any additives. The means no artificial colours, artificial fragrances, petrochemicals, parabens, urea, propylene glycol or other harmful additives. The product packaging is good as the products itself, I have been an avid user of Kama products and this is one brand that I have always bought refills for, especially their rose water toner.

Perfect for all seasons and skintype, Kama products are part of my daily ritual

IMG_4887I got a chance to try their increasingly popular new launches, that include an All Natural Makeup Remover, an Anti-Acne Cleansing Foam, and a special Cleanser-Day Cream duo for sensitive skin. I love how Kama offers products that are gentle, efficient and rooted in the ancient science of Ayurveda. 



My absolute favourite is this Anti Acne Cleansing Foam from the #newtokama range

Kama Ayurveda’s Pure and unadulterated, Ayurveda based offerings span across Skincare, Haircare, Bath & Body and Wellness. They even have special curations for Men and Mother & Baby, and its all available at the store in Hyderabad

Location: Next Galleria Mall, Upper Ground Floor (Level -2) Block -E, Govt. Quarters, Sri Nagar Colony Road, Punjagutta. #newtokama, Kama store in Hyderabad

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Skincare routine with Lotus Herbals

The hunt for good skin is fervent and one of the most sought-out side effects when looking for a good skincare product. As a teenager, Lotus was the first retail purchase for my skin care, my mom loved the products and I followed her footsteps in purchasing my first sunscreen. When Lotus came up with tinted sunscreen, nothing could get better. Sun protection with a formula that covers minute imperfections was just genius.

So when Lotus sent me over some products to try, I was more than excited. The products included a night time regime that had ‘Serum’ and ‘White Glow cream’ I decided to give it at least a month before I wrote down the review

Sunscreen Matte Gel  Sunscreen & Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock
We can feel the heat and its just the beginning of march, firstly let say, summers or winter, indoors or outdoors a regular use of sunscreen is very important. With summers we are exposed to sunlight more than ever, ‘Lotus Sunscreen  Matte Gel’ is the perfect product to incorporate into your daily skincare routine. I get it- when it’s hot and humid, the last thing you want to do is add an extra layer of product on your skin. Common complaints about sunscreens are that they feel heavy and cloying. But if you want healthy, youthful, glowing skin then sun protection is non- negotiable. But this has an incredibly comfortable texture, perfect for all skin types (mine is combination and suits me perfectly). I recommend this formula because it’s thin and fluid, plus, it sits beautifully under makeup too. And when a sunblock comes with a tinted factor that promises to make your skin look smooth and helps to fix the imperfections, there is nothing more you need.

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow, Skin Whitening and Brightening Nourishing Night Crème-  It diminishes dark pigmentation and boosts radiance and clarity.  Has benefits of mulberry, grape, saxifraga extracts, and milk enzymes.  Grape concentrate present in this night cream sheds the skin and permits it to infiltrate profound while Milk compounds square melanin pathways and Mulberry concentrate goes about as a decent tyrosinase inhibitor, counteracting hyper-pigmentation, lastly Saxifraga concentrate searches free radicals that can bring about skin harm.
All these combined, calm skin gives  a smooth surface, even tone, and whiteness, and puts a gleam all over when you get up in the morning.  It blends in well and instantly hydrates the skin, leaving it supple. It visibly reduces the sun spots, acne marks and give a very dewy finish to your skin.

Lotus Herbals YouthRx Activating Serum + Creme – I have been using this twice a day. Just patting with my fingertips thorough out my face and neck. Lot of people forget the neck, but you need to understand it is very vital to take care of it, whatever you apply to your face just extended it to you neck. The serum by lotus protects the skin from radical damage while also helping to treat it. It contains great amount of revolutionary Ginplex Youth Compound, contains 10 times extra anti-ageing power, removes the extra oil on the skin and also controls acne, pimples and blemishes

Serums are great for your skin, they delivers the active ingredients we love deep down to the skin cells that need them in their most potent form. You can use these under makeup, night cream and even under sunscreen on a no makeup day. You only need one small pump, and unless you’re really dry, you can skip moisturizer.

Lotus Herbals Creame – The day care gel cream has cooling effect and refreshes skin on contact while the plant-based ingredients actually relax tense facial muscles (like Botox, but gentler and from nature) to diminish the appearance of lines all day long. The formula is enriched with moisturizers to smooth and plump skin. The cream, will not only make your skin feel super nourished but also produce a noticeable difference in complexion.

Perfect skin comes with a good skin regime

Lotus Herbals has something to suit your every skin need. Their products will give you the radiant skin you’ve been missing. Lotus products are by far most hassle free and their range of products can easily be included in your daily routine within budget.

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Spa at J.W Marriott Resort & Spa, Jaipur


The Spa & Wellness Centre at JW Marriott Resort and Spa encourages guests to indulge in pampering, and promotes disconnection from daily routine to maintain a healthy balance.


The décor of the spa is inspired by the relaxed and luxury vibe of the resort itself. The spa therapists helped me choose a relaxing treatment, also sharing the in-depth knowledge and profound experience she has about the services offered and products used for the same.


The place was blissful, with calming music and aroma that soothes you the moment you step in. After a welcome tea, more of an immunity booster my masseuse escorted me to my treatment room. I was fascinated to see how certain areas of the spa were heated to keep guest warm and cosy during this winter. The treatment room was well equipped with a private rainforest shower cum steam room, treatment area, a tub and changing area that comes with a wardrobe and safe.


A vacation for me isn’t complete until I have a relaxing spa to indulge myself at the end of it. And JW Marriott Resort and Spa gave me just that. Expert therapists combined with the international range of wellness products, they allow spa guests to experience a higher realm of overall well-being.


The products they use for their signature treatments, are by French marine spa brand Thalgo, which incorporates ingredients such as mineral and vitamin-rich algae. Post spa i headed for a good 15 mins steam and relaxed by the pool for next 2 hours before heading for dinner.


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Women’s Day at Truefitt & Hill,

DSC00445 - Copy

Truefitt & Hill is synonymous to royal luxury, the Oldest Barbershop in the World, as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. The London barbershop has had the honor of serving monarchs Of Great Britain throughout nine consecutive reigns, and even in these modern times  barbers visit either the Buckingham Palace or the Windsor Castle to attend to the Royal Highness.

This women’s Day Truefitt & Hill, Hyderabad opened its all men’s zone for women to pamper and give them a taste of their royal treatments.

The space is done up in dark wood and features interesting decor elements like a vintage gramophone, all this is bathed in flattering yellow light. The reception area has all their products on display. The service area features 5-6 massive salon chairs, each with its own basin and range of products.


They offered services like Head and Foot Massage, Royal Manicure and Pedicure and Peel of Mask. I had recently got a mani-pedi so i went for the Peel of Mask. The staff is very welcoming and escorted me to a private room, which I guess is designed for mani-pedi and facials. The reclining chair was wide and snug. Once i was done with my tea and settled, I was suitably prepped for the treatment.

First she cleansed my face of all makeup followed by a scrub enriched with ingredients like Willow bark, Borage oil and Walnut shell to provide maximum cleaning, toning and stimulate skin cell renewal. Post that a fragranced warm moist towel was placed on face, casing it completely except my nostrils (to breathe of course) which felt heavenly on my face, and I luxuriated in its warmth for about 10 minutes. Calm and relaxed, the final step was the application of peel off Mask. My beautician for the day then poured a thick pink liquid on my face, again covering it completely till my upper neck and left it to dry. I felt like hollow man for next few minutes- well only in pink, I was almost restless, because let’s just say everything from my eye lids, lips were sealed, I did try opening them, but failed (I mean of course I dint try with an extreme force to ruin it) then other half of remaining time, my mind boggled with thoughts until I felt warm hand around my neck that tried to loosen up the mask from edges and then gently peeled it off, I felt so relaxed good, she cleansed the rest with cold towel and there I was left with a cleansed soft skin.

My skin felt moisturized and replenished, and my usually sensitive skin had no irritation at all. Hyderabad blogger, Hyderabad lifestyle blogger, lifestyle blogger

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your gentleman, be it your Dad, Boyfriends, Husband or brother, a gift voucher to this legendary barbershop in Hyderabad would surely be an exceptional treat.  Top Hyderabad blogger, Indian lifestyle blogger

Location: Road No. 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Ph: Phone: 088853 02199Timings: 8:30 AM–9:00 PM

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Bounce Salon & Spa Hyderabad

last year was very experimental for me, i am extremely possessive of my hair and when i decided to color my hair it took mt 2 years to finalize between browns and mahogany. when i finally got brown highlights i was so happy and withing 6 months (when they almost faded) i went for a retouch but ended up with ombre of same color. I loved every bit of it.

My Ombre Look before i went global

But then it started wearing of the and brown started changing to almost copper’ish color (trust me it looked very weird) and i was in need of major make over of my hair and that is when i headed to newly opened Bounce Salon & Spa in Hyderabad and consulted their expert who took over all my worries.


Post my color i also went for a Hair Spa, they suggested me – ‘Elements Hair Spa’ and as the name suggest the products used where from Elements, a quick wash followed by massage (this is the best part,  the kneading strokes eases tension and stimulates blood flow) post massage they gave me a nice steam to soak in all the goodness, post which a wash and blow dry completed the treatment. Idly its not suggested to go for blow dry but since i have sinus issue i get it low dried partially.

This is how my hair looks now, i love the brown that subtly glows in sunlight and my hair feels great even after 2 washes.

Impressed by range of their services and with time on hand i decided to try out their skin care option as well and after a glance at my skin the expert (yes they have on for your skin issues as well) after voicing my concern hey suggested me to go for ‘Hydrating & Nourishing Cleanup by Comfort Zone’and as i relaxed my way to a glowing skin they tailor made a process for me when i mentioned i need an extra glow for the upcoming wedding i had to attend (which they were happy to give). Starting of they did a 3 step clean up treatment, that cleanses, brightens and lightens your skin for a perfect glow (30 Mins) they then followed up with a Illumination Whitening Treatment that helps to reduce the look of uneven skin tone, pigmentation. This treatment is for immediate fix but you can have maximum results with a few settings depending on your skin (as suggested by their skin care expert)

Bounce Salon & Spa has special rooms for skin care regimes and spa services 

They offered me a complementary pedicure service which was no less than an extended foot spa experience. The place is hygienic, spacious, the staff is well aware and trained. i am definitely sticking by them for my future spa appointments.

The Mani-Pedi Section at Bounce Salon & Spa

I made a day out it pampering my self to a make over, cleanup, pedicure and hair spa and totally had an amazing time. They also specialize in Nail, Spa, Bridal and Make up services along with Hair and Skin.

So don’t wait up for the weekend and get yourself pampered, don’t forget to take an appointment before hand and for even better service do ask their in-house experts to suggest what suits you best. With 3 outlets in the city, there services are more accessible than ever.

Locations: Jubilee hills, Road No.36, Banjara Hills, Road no.12, and Inorbit mall, Level – 3.

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Reinvent Luxury with- ‘Skin Yoga’



I discovered this young skin care brand called skin yoga a while back which is an Indian brand and is derived from traditional Indian beauty routines and elements. (That in today’s time is a definite luxury. Why? Well firstly it’s non chemical, then it saves the trouble of making it yourself and turning your kitchen in some sort of Ayurveda test center and most importantly has power to give immediate results, if you needed one more reason well it was the only source of skin care/ beauty products for royalty and all the beautiful Maharanis)

Saffron, Turmeric, Walnut, Coffee, Green Tea are just few ingredients behind their skin care range. There products apart from being truly natural are rejuvenating and they always keep coming up with something new.  Their description of products and easy access helps to get the best (and fresh) for your skin.

Except for sunscreen and body wash/lotion i try to avoid as many chemical products i can when it comes to skin care. These products give results and i say so because I am writing this after a complete use of my products (and ordering myself some refills)

I really don’t know which amazing product i should start with first, so let me get a little partial and start with the ‘Coffee Scrub’ (all u coffee lovers hold your breath because now you can enjoy the existence of coffee in more ways than just in your cuppa) it’s favorite not only because i can enjoy the aroma of coffee right when I step in my shower but also because this scrub helps in beating cellulite ( those tiny little bumps on your thighs and butt) and most amazing part is after washing it off it leaves your skin nourished and soft (thanks to the essential oil added in this recipe now i don’t need a moisturizing ritual post this) just avoid white towel after.

Coffee Scrub from Skinyoga

I am never falling out of love for this product and it will henceforth be the most important part of my bath essentials (I solemnly swear, like any coffee lover would) I mean imagine all that wonder in just 10 minutes (I use it thrice a week, not because it states so, but thanks to my work were every mooring i am just in a rush to reach somewhere)


Coming to their ‘Saffron Walnut Scrub’ it’s great, and i use it twice a week. The saffron helps lighten the skin (remember how they always show luxurious baths in milk and saffron in  movies and commercials that claim to be pure, well we all know how those soaps are, but this for sure is purest form) The added presence of walnut helps in regeneration of skin and allows good blood circulation ( a good 2 minutes massage while washing it of is what I do to get most out of this product) sandalwood helps with dark spots (the irritating little things that makes us use a lot of concealer, well time to use this and you won’t need that anymore) it also works great as an anti- ageing remedy (great to gift your beautiful mom’s. Trust me they will thank you later)


The ‘Green Tea Mask’ is another amazing product; i have been using it a lot. It leaves my skin really soothed and refreshed. (especially in this confused weather were my skin can’t decide to be oily or dry, this is a great rescue)

Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub from Skin Yoga

The ‘Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub’ is perfect for pampering your feet at home (while we easily take time out for our face and nails quite often, this particular product is a quick treat for my feet and also helps maintain my pedicured for a longer time) I used it to scrub away the dead cell  (hearing the latest ‘Dhere Dhere’ starring Sonam and Hrithik on repeat mode, I love the song) and washed it off with warm water and voila (I don’t even need a moisturizer after all that goodness of coconut which by far is the best source of pure moisture for your hair to feet) put on your socks and enjoy your day with happy feet.


The ‘Neem Purifier’ (this was the last product i used, because it said post I used it the day i was back from my road trip this weekend and i just needed a shower (at 1 30 in the night) I wasn’t tired but needed to get of the clothes i was wearing the entire day, using public toilets and dining at a very weird dhaba (FYI I love dhaba food, but the sticky weather , absence of sanitizer and dengue rumors made it even worse) even as a kid when i got sick my mom used to add neem to bathing water and i wasn’t more thankful that night to have this at my disposal. After washing myself with some pleasant body wash i went for a handful of scrub and massaged all over (especially my hands , neck and legs ) and rinsed away, all set to get ready for a good night sleep.

I have already ordered my refills, and hope this review helps you orders yours. Its available online and delivers worldwide. Do share your experaince on @fashioneatitsa on Instagram.

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My luxurious skin care from Skin Yoga

Msm Box Review

So I was on a holiday last week-off to Mumbai and had some great time with my friend who is soon getting married.
Just before I left I got my first ever MSM(My Style Mile) box and I took it along. Well what better way I thought to try and share the review. Started by a beauty junkie- Bindu, the MSM team is pretty good at curateing products that are more than just skin care and grooming. What I loved the most is the cute box they came in (totally reusable, stack, store or even re-label and use it as a gift box)
My holiday was very relaxing and I got up on my own terms (extremely late you can call it) and lounge around, shop and travel (we did a lot of auto and cab rides, just because we dint get to do it much in Hyderabad).
IMG_5489I must say I was happy with my MSM select box and even gladder to carry it with me (since they were travel size products or you can call sample but good for me). The ‘H20+ Cleansing Water’ was really good for my confused skin (well that type when you apply it becomes oily and when you don’t do anything it goes dry) with all day long walk at colaba and auto rides the cleansing foam was really gentle to my skin, moving dirt and hydrating it (I dint need a moisturizer, also because of the humid weather). Also the ‘Coconut Lime Shower Gel from Mia’ was so good, leaving a hint of pleasant smell after a tiring day(I just have something for things that smell so good, especially at bed time)  The hydrating tissue mask called ‘Masker Aide’ was really good (I used it just before our visit to colaba social – what a place) technically I have always been a fan of these instant glow mask, but this in particular gave my skin a fresh look, and a very soft glow (you know like the glow you get on that filtered apps) definitely one of my favorite one. I said one of my favorite because I was so glad to get a ‘Benefit Pore Fessional’ in my box; I have been using the product for a while and is hands down amazing. It clears the visibility of the pores and you really don’t need much to do after you apply it (just a little blush and mascara does wonders)
My love for lip balms, and lotions is just well- perverse. I can’t tell you how many I have stock up right now (well my mom defiantly doesn’t understand because I am bad at sharing them.. don’t you dare touch my yummy smelling lotion/lip balm..LOL) so yeah the  ‘Natio- Tinted Lip Balm’  was great to carry around during day and I used it daily (still do) before sleeping and woke up with supple lips.
IMG_5491The box also had a pair off bangles, well I gave it to my niece and she really loved it. Looks like the box just made more than one person happy.
Well I really like mine and would definitely try on the other range of box next time. It’s pretty good way to try products for at least a few times so you can decide to by them or not.
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My Envy Box Review


Valentines is special no matter what people may say. This valentine I celebrated by pampering myself with a nice extravagant brunch with my friends who are more like my soul mates and no doubt some great online shopping that was made sure to reach around valentines.

One of the special valentine loves was from ‘My Envy Box.’ Their February box is called ‘Miss Malini’s Box of Love.’ The black box (usually in red) had all items packed in nice pink satin pouch which was just wonderful and like always they had 5 mini beauty products.

My favorite part are the perfume vials they send (I am obsessed with perfumes and lotions) so I went for it first. This month they had Reveal by Calvin Klein. The fragrance is strong and musky and perfect for any night out.

Looks like L’Occitane is all set to be next obsession, first the whole spa experience and now the L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Youth Serum which packed in cute little bottle  (like some magical portion) helps the skin look fresh and firm. Another win-win this time is the full size LYN Nail Lacquer, an amazing shade and my new favorite without any doubt.

The next product is from my favorite – Skinyoga, even otherwise their range of products are just so effective that you will see results in just few days(after all that’s the beauty of natural and organic products.) So I was more than glad to see the ‘Post Workout Neem Purifier’ great to get rid of post workout germs and any kind of skin allergies. The last one is ‘Vana Vidhi Himalayan Wild Rose Bath’ that smells heavenly, for first few days I dint even use it because every time I opened the little bottle, I just end up inhaling the fragrance and keep it back for next time. The bath salt is natural and smells divine (oops! did I say that already?)

Hope you enjoyed this quick review, and if you are lucky you will end up with same products,

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