An indulging evening at Hyatt Regency, Amritsar

Being in golden city of Amritsar is always bliss. As a routine i come back here every year and right amidst the pleasant weather when, winters is just calming down leaving behind days that are pleasant and nights more chilly. I can’t even count the times i have been here yet i find something new to do and indulge in every time. This time i was welcomed by the team of Hyatt Regency, Amritsar, who hosted me for a lovely day.

While i waited at their all day cafe ‘Tarteria’ a Patisserie that promotes the notion of tarts to the taste of locals and travellers alike. What i really liked about the place is its soul- Chef Shiv who holds the reigns in kitchen and makes sure everything they offer is homemade, only natural colors are used and dishes that will impress your taste buds as well as your soul, after all you are in land of Amritsar. I tried an array of fresh tarts and sipped some coffee, a relief from the windy afternoon outdoors. He promised me an authentic local meal for lunch, I had no qualms about it and parted ways while I checked out the property and went for a spa session that was preplanned for me.

I then stepped into ‘Shanti Spa’ a spacious space that has an inviting ambiance. From the moment you walk in, you feel a sense of luxury and relaxation, leaving the outside world behind. The scents that fill the spa are calming and the spa is every bit stunning as the property itself. I love to leave all the pampering sessions to the last day of my vacation, so I can have a rejuvenating experience before my trip came to an end. The well-lit spa was spacious with masseuse who attended me began with a ritualistic feet wash, and treated me with an hour of soothing body massage. The massage began with kneading and long strokes, the pressure on each trigger point was so fabulous, I let go my senses in no time. You know you are in hands of well-trained masseuse when you immediately slip in Zen mode and next 60 minutes were pure bliss.

Pro Tip- while most of the spa’s make you fill forms and know your requirements. Make sure you let them know about your concerned areas and don’t ever feel conscious to tel them if the pressure is too much.

Punjab Province – Post spa i made my way to the in-house restaurant where Chef Shiv prepared a scrumptious North Indian meal for me. Tempting scents of food and an air of extravagance calls you out in this airy restaurant, I stepped out and took a sit in their alfresco seating, appreciating the slight winter chill.

We started off with a platter of appetizers that had tandoored ‘Chicken Tikka’ ‘Lamb Chapli with Anda’ ‘Fish Amritsari’ and ‘Kala kukkad’ the robust flavours made me realize how no part of India can beat the flavours of Punjab, maybe i was being biased but the food was just a gastronomical treat. My favourite and highly recommended dish is Kala Kukkad, with subtle yet lip-smacking flavours.

For main course chef presented yet another platter in an intricate ceramic plate, with a leaf that had several dishes like ‘Butter Chicken’ i mean you can’t leave Punjab without this. I was so glad it was still end of winters so i got to taste seasonal specialty like ‘Sarso Ka Saag’ paired with ‘Makke Ki Roti’ and side of gud (jaggery) and makkhan (butter) ‘Matka Gosh’  with tender mutton cooked really fine, i am not a big fan of chole so skipped that. The accompaniments like ‘Masala chaach’ ‘Kuchumber Salad’ made the meal elaborate and authentic. For desserts chef had a sweet gesture and presented me with a dessert that was full of different desserts. I mean literally desserts in dessert, it had kulfi faluda, ice cream with unique flavours like pan, gulkand etc all served in a glass. Well i can say it was not just food and presentation but the also the hospitality that made my visit a memorable one.

On my tour to property I noticed a vibrant section dedicated to kids, they had staff dedicated to look after kids while you enjoy a spa session of a leisure drink at the bar. They have 2 rooms divided for different age groups and open throughout the day. Form soft toys to video games, board games to movies; they were all stacked dup so your kids can easily spend a few hours without getting bored. I felt it was a wonderful thought and more and more hotels should do this as it gives the parents a much desired break and make the most of their vacation.

For more check out – Hyatt RegencyAmritsar

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Spa Yoga by Jawed Habib, Hyderabad

To relax and renew is vital for living. Spa Yoga provides a complete luxuriate experience with their Services like body massage, scrubs, body polish and facials. All the products they use are in house Jawed Habib products that promise to give you a much needed pamper session and glow.


The ambiance is very cozy, red and cream details in interiors give you a very majestic vibe. Welcoming with lime water, the staff is humble and hospitable. Once done choosing the treatment we were lead to begin. The first was a typical foot wash, where they dip your feet in water filled with rose petals and rinse them well.


We were then escorted to our massage room, where the masseuse began the treatments. We choose to go with ‘Manipura Abhyanga’ for body; the name translates to beautiful and shining in Sanskrit. The treatment that lasted 60 minutes helps to balance and energize the Manipura chakra, it’s kind of healing therapy that triggers the body’s health by reliving of any stress and knots. The aromatic scents will fill your senses and leads you into de-stress zone. Next step was Body scrub, we choose to go for it as a spate treatment but they do offer some really good package deals.  ‘Shukla’ the heavenly body scrub massage lasted for 30 minutes and was simply phenomenal, the blend of Amalki, Yashti-madhu, Vrikshamla, Manjishtha and Shwet Chandan not just lightens the skin tone and nourishes it with Vitamin C but also makes one skin alluringly beautiful, I could feel my skin a lot softer, almost immediately.  I was sent off for a good 10 minutes steam, to let my skin absorb all the goodness of essential oils and benefit maximum out of my treatment. I love when they have Steam attached to your room, instead of going to some other space, after all its all about extra comfort.  the last treatment was the Whitening facial called ‘Shukla’ which is a blend of Amalki, Yashtimadhu, Vrilshamla, Manjistha and Shwet Chandan, an exclusively unique therapy for 60 minutes  that lightens the complexion and gives a soft even tone skin.


Our treatment ended with some much needed nuts and ginger lemon tea, boosting our immune system and ready to spend rest of the day in relax mode. so if you need a break Spa yoga is place to head. Hyderabad blogger, Indian travel blogger

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Location: 1-8-303/31, NI Towers,, Sindhi Colony, PG road, Secunderabad. Ph: 09010538444

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L’Occitane Spa at The Khyber Resort, Gulmarg

The Khyber Spa is an extension of the L’Occitane brand. Nestled amidst the Himalayas, ensconced amidst unspoilt acres of meadows and pristine nature, is the spa with unbeatable views that offers a luxurious and holistic experiences.

The spa too, like most of the hotel is centrally heated, the property is so huge I took my time exploring, catching glimpse of bits and pieces of winter ice that remained under the shade of property, where direct sunlight dint reach. I was cold by the time I reached the Spa, and was so glad it was centrally heated.

L’Occitane Spa at The Khyber Resort, & Spa, Gulmarg

As the spa manger got me the consent form that included information of my choice of pressure and concern areas, I was soaking in the view of the magnificent pool, one of the finest in the country I am sure. Another member of the staff got me a hot towel and welcome tea, and offered me in-house slippers before leading me to the spa room.

L’Occitane Spa at The Khyber Resort, & Spa, Gulmarg

Soothing, energizing aromas engulfed me and so did the view from my room. I opted for the ‘Revitalizing Aromachologie Massage’ that is a perfect combo of Swedish strokes, Balinese massage techniques and Chinese acupressure. The soothing music, dim lights and the gorgeous view make for a relieving combination

L’Occitane Spa at The Khyber Resort, & Spa, Gulmarg

My masseuse used the Lavender oil which is known to have benefits that reduces mental stress and anxiety, treats insomnia, improves blood circulation and also help relieve muscle and joint pains. L’Occitane Spa uses all in-house products and ensure calming the overactive mind and body. Just as Provence is a unique resting place, The Khyber Spa by L’Occitane is a sanctuary of tranquillity, rejuvenating your body and soul.

An hour and half of rejuvenation, followed by steam and long soak in the tub overlooking the pine trees, it was the most relaxing evening of my stay in Kashmir. Post spa I stepped down for an extended dose of relaxation by the pool, the long glass walls indicated end of another evening in land of hills.

The pool at The Khyber Resort, & Spa, Gulmarg

Heavenly Spa at The Westin Hyderabad

Spa for most of us means a place where you get a massage. Which is actually not the case and at Westin Hyderabad, Heavenly Spa shows us why. The concept at Westin’s Heavenly Spa is to create a complete wellness experience.

I was invited over the weekend to indulge and review their signature heavenly massage. My therapist for the day led me to their massage room, and once I was ready she began with soaking my feet in warm water using mineral salt to cleanse them and began with my treatment. She used apple pie oil that gave extreme moisture to my winter dry skin. I drifted into Zen mode as she began with my concentrated (focus) area with required pressure to relive stress and have a more enhanced blood circulation in my body. 


The pressure was just perfect and exactly what I needed after a long week of work, I enjoyed every bit of it.  As the warm oil seeped into my body I could feel my aches slowly fade away and enter a state of absolute bliss. This goes over an hour and my masseuse slowly kneads on my muscles combining that with gentle strokes. The last 10-15 minutes she spent massaging my face and head. More like pressing the correct pressure points and releasing stress and it was followed by a facial.


I opted for the ‘Illumination’ facial. It is curated to bring back glow to your face. The active ingredients and cooling gel mask brighten up the skin by treating the hyper pigmented areas. This again was an hour long treatment that was done using the ‘Comfort Zone’ products winding up with a pack followed by a serum to keep you skin glowing and hydrated.


At Heavenly Spa you can always add-on, facilities like body scrubs, steam and Jacuzzi right in your room (on additional basis).  The post therapy part included, being escorted to a quite dim lit, waiting area where I relaxed, breathing in an amazing experience I just had while sipping a hot  cup of green tea with some dark chocolates and walnuts for a quick a boost.

Address: The Westin, Mindspace IT Park, Hi tech City, Hyderabad. Ph: 040 6767 6910

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Spa at J.W Marriott Resort & Spa, Jaipur


The Spa & Wellness Centre at JW Marriott Resort and Spa encourages guests to indulge in pampering, and promotes disconnection from daily routine to maintain a healthy balance.


The décor of the spa is inspired by the relaxed and luxury vibe of the resort itself. The spa therapists helped me choose a relaxing treatment, also sharing the in-depth knowledge and profound experience she has about the services offered and products used for the same.


The place was blissful, with calming music and aroma that soothes you the moment you step in. After a welcome tea, more of an immunity booster my masseuse escorted me to my treatment room. I was fascinated to see how certain areas of the spa were heated to keep guest warm and cosy during this winter. The treatment room was well equipped with a private rainforest shower cum steam room, treatment area, a tub and changing area that comes with a wardrobe and safe.


A vacation for me isn’t complete until I have a relaxing spa to indulge myself at the end of it. And JW Marriott Resort and Spa gave me just that. Expert therapists combined with the international range of wellness products, they allow spa guests to experience a higher realm of overall well-being.


The products they use for their signature treatments, are by French marine spa brand Thalgo, which incorporates ingredients such as mineral and vitamin-rich algae. Post spa i headed for a good 15 mins steam and relaxed by the pool for next 2 hours before heading for dinner.


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Elle Spa at Lebua Resorts



Lebua Resort is a luxury all in one destination, and nothing says luxury to me on a holiday than a good spa. Walking up and down the forts all day, visiting all beautiful places does take a lot of steps. So I was grateful when the staff informed us about our pampered evening at their in house spa followed by a dip in pool and snacking.


The 20,000 sq. ft. Elle Spa is a quiet and meditative place with 10 treatment rooms, 2 rooms designed for couples, one relaxation room, yoga studio, steam room, Jacuzzi and gym. There are several options to get pampered with Indian and Mediterranean treatments and massages to restore the balance of forces within your body.

le bua 8

I opted for their ‘Energising Massage’. Before my spa, I took a good 15 mins steam, followed by a lime and ginger blended oil massage that transports you to sublime oasis and gently awaken your senses. My skin sure emerged revived, refreshed & firmer from the treatment ready to take on to another few days of all touristy things lined up.


After a tiring day, it’s just the perfect place to be at, and pamper yourself with soothing massages and other treatments.  Post my lovely one hour spa, I headed to the infinity pool which had a magnificent view of Aravalli hills. There multi-cuisine Vajra Restaurant serves a wide variety of Asian and Continental delicacies throughout the day and it all are starvation met its end right here.





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Monsoon Spa at The Spa by Park Hyatt, Hyderabad

Park Hyatt Hyderabad introduced a Special Monsoon Treatment at The Spa – “‘Herbal Bundle Massage’ that is especially put together for monsoons to re-energize oneself. The Spa  at Park Hyatt is a sanctuary to renew and to delight, where royal fragrances blend with decadent pearl rituals and the sophisticated herbal healing of Nizam tradition.

I was very eager to try it out but waited good 10 days after it was launched,  as i was down with viral fever (and it’s not suggested to opt for body massages when you are down with fever) But let’s just say the timing really worked, i had a lot of body pain even after i was back to work, so i finally blocked a date for this treatment as it intends to relax body and soul.


The Herbal Bundle Massage as informed by the spa manager is a true healing therapy for body stiffness and joint pain. He led me to the spa lounge , where I was welcomed with a Tamarind and jaggery drink in silver champagne glass along with a rolled wet towel.  It’s interiors are all cream-on-beige-deliciousness, dull lights that help you slip into zen mode. The calm color palette continues into the treatment room, all temptingly touchable in natural textures like marble, limestone and leather.

Once changed and ready my therapist began with foot wash with aromatic salt, as in any Ayurvedic treatment.  Post that she began the body massage with liberal application of medicated oils. I had to therapists assigned to me for, there was a missing sync in their moves but sooner or later my entire body was pampered with stretches and right strokes that relived all tension and knots in my body. Post The oil massage they began the therapy of bundle massage that is done with the use of pouches made out of muslin cloth which are filled with medicinal herbs and powders and it’s then poached over the whole body followed by a 30 minutes massage. This special therapy quickens the circulation and aids the muscles in disposing of accumulated waste products. I have had the bundle massage treatments earlier and I felt in this treatment the therapists lacked the usage of it, as it was thumped too fast and retracted any sense of relaxation.


So if you are looking for a treatment with results I would definitely suggest this as it has healing benefits that helps to stretch the tissue membrane, reduces traffic congestion around the compression of the joints, relieve spasticity of muscle, reduces the swelling caused by inflammation of muscles and joints and helps stimulate or increase blood circulation.

If you are looking to relax, I recommend you to go with their option that will be best suggested by the spa manager depending on your need. All in it was a great Sunday; my therapists recommended not have any shower or steam, and let the herbs and oils do their magic. So I used the hot towel to get rid of excess oil, changed and was back to the relaxing lounge for a cup of herbal tea and some apricots.


Where-The Spa, Park Hyatt, Hyderabad
When– Monday to Sunday,9 am- 10 pm
Duration– 90 Minutes
Prices-INR 9200+ Taxes

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Spa Ceylon Product Review

Ayurveda has long been the healing science in India. A solution for all things physical and mental that balances your life. Spa Ceylon in Hyderabad is one such place that, as a brand combines Ayurveda wisdom and fine natural ingredients to bring you the ultimate in Ayurveda luxury.

I reviewed their spa service (read here) a short while ago and coming out at total bliss I was handed over a goodie bag of their products. After using and obsessing over them for more than a month i am sharing my review on the Spa Ceylon products.

While the in-house spa treatments give you a luxurious familiarity of their products (they use their own products for all the treatments) it is only a surplus package while the USP is their products. You can buy their products to transform your home into your very own little (aromatic) spa.

The products not only smell and feel good but heal your skin and body at the same time, thanks to the natural ingredients as well as keen focus on skin type that helps you buy right kind of products for right skin/concern. The line up of products is pretty amazing categorized based on dosha and skin types. They offer bath and shower products and several unique balms and body oil mists which I found really interesting.

Peace- Bath & Shower Gel Spa Ceylon

This one is from the peace range, it smells wonderful earthy, a nice change from the floral and fruity scents that we usually find in bath care products. I find this wash very gentle on the skin and the relaxing spa-like fragrance feels really uplifting!
I think this is a wonderful range for both men and women and if you like earthy scents, I highly recommend this!

Spa Ceylon Cardamom Rose Hand Cream 

This is the best hand cream ever, I am addicted to the light texture, hydrating and quick absorbing lotion and of course the sweet scent. The pump bottle is really handy and his has indeed become a part of my daily skin care essential (i use it on my arms and legs as well and have already restocked on the next).  If you’re a fellow rose lover then you’ve got to try this out, as it is one of the most subtle rose product i have come across( In  terms of smell) leaving the hands soft and fragrant with the sweet scent of rose and cardamom

Sandalwood Soap

The goodness of this all natural soap is that it smells like sandalwood, looks like sandalwood and is made of it as well. It has honey, and natural vitamin E from soya and fatty acids. It frees your skin of excessive oil (so great for summers) so if you already have a dry skin you will need to go for something else, acceding to your skin type.

White Jasmine Facial Cleansing Balm

At spa Ceylon you will find a complete range is white jasmine that is dedicated exclusively to facial care. This is my super star product and i recommended this to each one of YOU. Just massage the product on your stuburronest make up and wipe it off with wet cotton, makeup removing pad or tissues (anything that is slightly moist is better when you remove make up as rubbing anything dry will rob your skin of its natural oils). It leaves your skin soft, moisturized and with a natural glow. This literally is the best beauty product for me. Since i have a combination skin i have always had product that left my skin either dry or oily, but this is just amaze.

Sleep- Hydrating butter

A little strong in aroma for me, but i still haven’t figured this one out yet. The days i am really tired i like to pamper myself with this, which obvious has got a place at my bed side. So i really don’t know if it was the cream that soothed me out or the tiring day, either way its hydrating butter so no loss.

I have also used their Hair mist and Shampoo, which went a total loss on me and weren’t that effective. I would really suggest you to try the product before you buy because the aromas can be strong for some people who are sensitive to smell. Also consult with, happy to attend staff for right product according to your dosha to get maximum benefits.

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Spa Ceylon Hyderabad


Sri Lanka’s well known luxurious Ayurveda spa has made way to Hyderabad offering luxurious spa rituals and treatments , recreating the romance of old Ceylon and taking you on a total sensory journey par excellence.

As soon as you enter the spa cum store (store because they sell a wide range of products under ‘Spa Ceylon’, they were kind enough to gift me a hamper which I will be reviewing on blog soon- so far loving them) the sounds of Ceylon melodies in the background welcomes you along with soothing aroma of Lemongrass that wafts through the air.

Once i picked my treatment for the day, which was a 90 minutes ‘Kandyan Relaxing Ritual’ I was introduced to my masseuse and escorted to a private treatment room with en-suite shower area. While i changed and prepped for my treatment to begin, I went through the products laid out for treatments.

Spa Ceylon has created – and uses – its own natural, eco-friendly products that are alcohol free, which makes them absolutely safe and delightful to experience at the hands of expert masseuse


Treatment: Kandyan Treatment

The Kandyan Relaxing Ritual is a luxuriously relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience that made me feel pampered to the core. The inclusion of soothing head and forehead movements ensures the total ritual and helps improve circulation, balance energy flows, soothe muscle tightness and take away stress, tension and anxiety. This spa ritual includes a traditional full body massage to soothe and comfort the entire body. They also performed a soothing acupressure body therapy with precious mineral crystals.


Products Used: Because it’s all about products at Spa Ceylon

Sleep Spray Mist (sprayed before the treatment) It’s a body pillow mist to promote deep restful sleep, with properties like lavender that helps take away stress and relax senses while luxuriously fragrant ylang ylang calms and clarifies  mind and body.

Aloe Vera Mint Balm (for body Massage) a natural formula with deep action to cool, soothe and protect. It has wheat germ and natural vitamin that help nourish and moisturize while organic aloe infused with fruit oils hydrate dry skin

Crystal Stone – For acupressure.  

Peace Mist (sprayed on face) lemongrass helps balance senses & promote inner peace while lavender in it helps relax, spiked lavender helps restore tranquility and peppermint helps clarify senses.

Calming Balm- (massaged on forehead, temples behind ears back and neck) it gently pacifies senses and promotes tranquility. Helps unwind and assists in promoting restful sleep

Hair Oil Mist (for head massage) Aloe Vera water grass with refreshing aromatic herbs and essential oils helps soften hair and adds luxurious glow

Hot towel– I choose to go for hot towel clean up instead of a shower to let the moisture absorb, because winters requires as much moisture as possible.

Steam – I wanted to go for steam, but since the steam room was outside the room and no gowns available I skipped it.

Duration: 90 Minutes


Post Spa: The experience winded up with a cup of hot herbal tea, accompanied with pineapples and pieces of jaggery. Definitely coming back to try another treatment from their long list of rejuvenating rituals. Top Hyderabad blogger


Before you step out pamper yourself with some Spa Ceylon products (product review coming soon on the blog) so you can enjoy a piece of tranquility at leisure of your home. Hyderabad blogger, Hyderabad lifestyle blogger, Hyderabad

Address: Spa Ceylon, Plot No. 703/A, ground floor, Meritas Omaxe, road no.36, jubilee hills, Hyderabad. Ph: 23555997

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Spa la vie by L’Occitane

IMG_1507[1] IMG_1506[1]

Spa days are the best kind of days. All stress, negative vibes and tension released into the calm and serene surroundings. The latest addition in the list of Hyderabad Spa’s is the Spa La Vie by international brand L’Occitane. Already being a huge fan of their bath and body products (especially the lotions and hand creams…Gosh I am obsessed with them) the spa is a total cherry on the top – for luxury, by the brand. The whole ambiance is very luxurious and calming, the classy crème interiors are so soothing that you will immediately step into your Zen mode. After the refreshing welcome drink (a very strong and refreshing cup of detox tea- combination of lemon, ginger and honey) I was asked to fill out some important details (mandatory before any spa experience as it helps them know about any precautions to be taken) post that I was introduced to my masseuse, who led me towards my spa room. The Treatment I choose was “Aromachologie Relaxing Massage” a 60 minutes Swedish massage which sure left my muscles free of stiffens and completely relaxed my back as I mentioned it to be my focal area. There was a special Chinese acupressure and Balinese massage technique used to stimulate circulation and ease tensions. Well I would say it sure did the wonder, because I was beaming with joy ready for shower and to take over another stressful week before my next spa date with myself. IMG_1511[1]Hyd Spa la Vie (2)LocationApollo Life Center, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Ph:  (+91) 40 2355 9060

Go pamper yourself.
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