Reminicing in Red Ruffle Dress


Dress: AND Earrings:Maithili Kabre Location: Marriott, Hyderabad Photography: Arpita Patel

Happy New Year to everyone reading this, while I am sure you must be reading a lot of – plan your year, make resolutions everywhere, I am wishing you do exactly opposite. I wish you be open to everything this year. While I for myself is one of those who plan a lot, but I have realized in 2017, that I have experienced so much more than I had planned on. Keeping your options open helps you experience things that are beyond your bucket list. It will either be a lesson or a gift of lifetime, a memory to cherish or a motivation to work harder, either way you live and experience life.

Do more of what makes you happy, when things get tough, breathe in the positivity and exhale the negativity. Stay happy and Love yourself more each day, because when you love yourself people around you infectiously become happy.

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Rock it like a Boss

Palazzo’s are stylish answer to summer heat. These airy trousers are great substitute for jeans, leggings and the overdone jeggings. They are really comfortable and when paired with a right top can look really stylish and give you a sculpted look even with loose fit of palazzo.

You can team palazzo with crop tops, kurtas, shirts, tank tops or even stylish blazers. You can choose from prints to solid colors, this style looks great on women of all sizes, just pick a top length according to your shape and carry it with panache.

I love these beige set from AND that I paired with black tank top and black stilettos. It’s a perfect look for any formal event and makes a great brunch outfit too. Paired it with my carry all bag and stilettos giving it an effortless chic look. Heels are perfect for palazzo’s because the added height makes the palazzo flow very well with your outfit.


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Spring Fling with Archana Rao Label

It’s no shocker that pastels are hottest spring’s fling, light pink hues in particular are popping up everywhere this season. Pastels of all shades are welcome be it blue, lavenders, blush, lime.. pick anything.

I really like the tone-in-tone look, when it comes to adding some color to my wardrobe, being a person who is mostly in forever love with black and marsala i have been experimenting with colors a lot and well what better time than spring and summer.

This particular look is chic yet utterly wearable. Archana Rao ‘s garments are a combination of fresh fashion and oodles of femininity ;  adding the bow belt helped give the over sized coat the right shape and fit. The wooden clutch expertly handcrafted, brings more color to the look . I went all in and experimented  with these sporty footwear (i love it for the intricate detailing and comfort) instead of heels.

Jacket by Archana Rao
Shirtdress by Label Pallavi Kandoi
Bow belt and clutch Archana rao


Jacket: Archana Rao Label; Wooden CLutch
& Bow Belt: Archana Rao Label; Inner: Shirtdress by Label  Pallavi Kandoi; Glasses- H&M; Footwear- Kanabis

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Minimalistic Style with AND

It was a chaotic week, so many things rescheduled, i have been trying to be more focused , be more better with my planning. but sometimes you just have those days when things go off the path for various reasons.
I have had 3 such days this week, leaving me with nothing to do. its then when i realized i have been pushing myself so hard that i hardly had time for myself. i mean i don’t know when was the last time i read a book, or watched a movie in theater. I am not complaining, (even though people keep asking me how i haven’t watched ‘Dangal’ yet but well i have my hands full and i feel good about it.

With a full time job and all free time dedicated to blog the only time i get sometimes is to plan and plan and plan. So i took these days and spent chink of time at crosswords reading whatever i could get (undoubtedly picked a few as well, i am not heavy reader but will review few soon) I plan to go movie -Alone, its not a big deal these days, but for me it tops my bucket list. so no more waiting around, the next free day i get i am going to book a recliner for myself (isn’t this what truly means you are independent, that you don’t really have to depend on someone to enjoy what really makes you happy?)

This particular monochrome look of culottes and top i shot was completely out of blue (also when i realized i had picked this outfit because it is very classy and go to style, for work, meetings and well i could were this fr a fashion event.. also Kareena wore it)

AND by Anita Dongre is a fabulous brand guys, you find stuff for all you needs, casual outings, party, college or work. they worth for the value you spend on it, quality wise too and well of-course designs and fit.

Top & Bottom – AND, Shoes- Aldo, FauxFur Bag- Dubai, Glasses- Delhi Street pick.
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Pastel & Pearls

December is one of my favorite months, it gives me flashbacks about the entire year, the trips i took, weddings i attended, failed decisions i took, lessons i learnt and of course memories i made; but that’s not it and i am way too excited for the new year and really looking forward to embrace every bit of it.
But before that i am taking out time to cherish the winter weather, gorge on some hot delicacies and watching loads of movies (will be uploading a list of my favorite Christmas special movies soon) meanwhile i would like to share this super cute and feminine look that i am really loving right now.

This is one of my favorite holiday looks, wavy hair, pink sweat shirt with pearl details and denims. This Top from Label Archana Rao is perfect with  classic denims for a graceful holiday look, and for a casual whimsical look, it pairs beautifully with my tiny sling bag and nude (and almost same shade of ) pumps.

Top: Archana Rao Label, Denims: Forever new,  Shoes: Steve Maiden,
Sling Bag:Street shopping from Bangkok, Shades: ALDO, Nail color Nykaa

The Over-sized Jacket

Women fashion trends have been borrowing pretty much all they can from menswear, for years now. Be it slouchy oversize silhouettes, big bold coats, jackets, blazers, shoes, hats and let’s say even shirts. Call them boyfriend jeans or boyfriend coats it’s all there everywhere.

Blame it on the cycle of fashion, because as much hit as these trends were in 80’s they are all back in vogue now, whatever the reason is I am loving it.

Here I am wearing an AND dress with on of my favorite colors for fall- Marsala. I love the roll neck (or turtle neck/high neck as most call it) as a kid I use to have a section of turtle neck knit shirts with long sleeves that almost came till my fingers.

It’s a fun dress with an A line silhouette so I paired it with a belt, to not make me look baggy and paired with the gorgeous boots and nerd glasses to complete the look.


I am a girl who is constantly torn between desk work at office, attending events, meetings and of course blogging. So I always like to have multiple styling options at hand.

For the second look I teamed up the same dress with an oversized checkered coat which has beautiful botanical embroidery and lace insert panels from ‘Astronaut Likes Tea Collection’ F/w ’16 by Archana Rao

This jacket added a whole new dimension to my dress. Of course I switched to boots for heels, nerd glasses to stylish tote and added classy earrings from Micare to give my style an urbane look.

Over-sized blazer cans be teamed with almost everything, wear it with a dress like I did, or wear it as a dress itself, pair it with jeans and shirt, on shorts, slouchy trousers or even a shirt dress, just remember to add your personal style and some attitude.

Dress- AND; Over-sized Coat- Archana Rao; Boots- Forever-21; Earrings (in the coat look)- Micare Jewels; Tote- Charles & Keith:  Location: Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre 

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Transition Trend: Bell Sleeves

I am loving the off shoulder trend and I wouldn’t really mind making it one of my go to style statement for life; but I’m so amazed that ‘Bell Sleeve’ trend is back in style. Being a 90’s kid I have been part of both the trends before and for me it’s one of the timeless classic styles. Top Hyderabad blogger, lifestyle blogger in India

Bell sleeves or flared sleeves as a lot of them call are a classy yet boho way to make your outfit as trendy as humanly possible. The flowiness of the sleeves gives it a real bohemian vibe, but the neckline and the color (white) gives it more of a classy, put together look. The “bell” of the sleeve can be as dramatic as need be, for example. By choosing a neutral color, the top can be more subtle. Or it can be a loud statement piece, by choosing more bring colors. fashion blogger in India, Indian blogger 

I paired it with heels and pearls for classier look. But you can wear the same, with an array of jewelry to give a bohemian look.  You could wear them with overalls, jeans, shorts, skirts, hats, etc. Hyderabad fashion blogger, Hyderabad Lifestyle blogger

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Print Pattern with Prints By Radhika

I am not a big fan of prints, but I am all in for experimenting. When I first saw Radhika Rawat’s @printsbyradhika I was in awe with the collection. There was something about the prints and colours that made me want to try them out. The silhouette, the cut and the print itself is very astonishing.

This dress reminds me of my holiday, serene mountains, fresh air and dreamy yet bright days. This is something that I am really loving right now. My friend is getting married and I know I am going to wear this for the haldi or mehandi (of course I will share the look with you, it’s not going to be the same) 

For now hope you enjoy this look as much as I loved shooting in it… Strolling in the grass, swinging in the breaks and just loving the wet mud fragrance monsoon has got our way. 

Earrings from @shopatkc on instgaram

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Work That Look- Office Style


It’s a new age in work, where people who belong to fashion industry and entertainment are taking their ‘office look’ more serious than ever. Work looks have been redefined over time and now it’s the chicest formal in most feminine way. Blazers, Satin tops with bows, Ankle length trousers, Pencil skirts or go bold with formal yet fun options like separates ; it’s all about the fit and poise.

It’s been said over again that women must don blazers to get in the race of power dressing for any officially important event like job interviews, promotion meetings, presentations, board meetings or anywhere where they stand as representative or center of attention. Hyderabad lifestyle blogger, Hyderabad fashion blogger

I personally feel I would make a boss like Miranda Priestly(aka Meryl Streep) from Devil Wears Prada (some of my colleagues think I already have a few feature, I can only take it as compliment, because  I am too passionate about my work to compromise on it.)




My work often involves meeting designers, attending events, reviewing stores or restaurant and so i always have to be either dressed up or have a back up option. This blazer from Zara is my favorite and classiest buy this year. It’s minimalist and still adds oodles of confidence and attitude. Hyderabad blogger, Hyderabad fashion blogger

So move over boring shirts and trousers and experiment more, because your 20’s and 30’s are supposed to be spent equally well in everything be it work fashion or fun. Have an amazing week my fashionable workaholics.

Bag- H & M, Shoes- Aldo, Blazer- Zara, Watch- Guess, Specs- Lenskart


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High Street Style with Off Shoulder Tops

I love the concept of high-street style, where you could get ready in the most fashionable way without worrying where you are heading.

In Hyderabad or lets just say India, people think a lot before picking an outfit – thinking about the place, weather, trends, colors …oh my good! what not. I mean yes being in India one has too keep in mind about kind of clothes they wear but not about what others would think of a particular style or outfit.

I dress for myself, I wear black in summers if I want, I where 6 inch pumps for a coffee date with my girls and I have worn t-shirt and ripped jeans for a Saturday karaoke night, I dress according to my mood and I really don’t care what others think or feel and neither should you.

The off shoulder trend is something I am literally obsessed with these day’s, being a 90’s kid I have been around this trend before and spotted actresses wearing the off shoulder tops/dresses with oversize shades, earrings and chokers.

This top from ‘Promod‘ is an easy fit and it’s black (do I still need to give a reason why I love it?) I paired this with my denims and over sized tassel earrings which had blue rhinestones on top of it (I got it online from this store called ‘Vida Loca‘) added my bag from ‘Robote Della Corse‘ and my ‘Aldo‘ heels to give it a high street style, I tried leaving my hair open but finally decided to go with a bun and it was just perfect.

I am loving this particular style and outfit and I am going to go get myself more of this off shoulder tips and maybe oversize pearl earrings.

Have a happy weekend guys, and wear what you love.

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Indian fashion market is booming with young designers, be it clothes, bags accessories…. There is no shortage of fresh designs, art and creativity; keeping in mind the quality and pricing. These young designers aim to offer exclusivity at an affordable price. They are meeting the huge gap that existed between our pockets and desire to own a designer piece.

What I also love, or let’s just say the best part about these designers is that they are going out of way to use the home-grown resources be it metal, cloth or even design technique.

One such designer is Pallavai Kandoi who has carved a niche for herself through her vibrant designs and experimental cuts. Her Label  “Meraki” imparts feminism with element of free spirit. The details of pleating, cut outs, prints are so pretty you will fall in love with them instantly.  The brand plays around with the tie and dye techniques used extensively throughout her collection and they keep trying to experiment with something new in every collection.

Her brand explores the lanes of Jaipur and its vicinity, taking inspiration from it and put in ideas together. The colours are vibrant and bright, the fabric used are 100% cotton and silk or blend of the two; keeping in mind the fall of fabrics and their wear ability.

From the Designer: “ Meraki, a Spanish word means creating something with the soul, love, and creativity. The label is an indo-western clothing line using local materials and skills, taking inspiration from all that surrounds us to make a product that simply connects with people. The brand follows a generic concept of colouring the material.

Born in Jaipur, Meraki brings to you a range of oil colour dyed resort wear. Our inspiration comes from the bright hues of the dessert, the waves that are made by fluttering wings of a bird, swirl in the cloud or even a ripple in a pound. Our roots belong to Rajasthan where we can reach deep in the surface to quench our creative thirst.

The brands forte is marbling and tie & dye technique. Marbling is a hand dying technique which I have been experimenting since my childhood, then as a part of my art & craft classes and today in my designs. Play of colours on the fabric makes every print, a unique design in itself as it is all hand dyed and it would only be sheer luck to make a replica of any design again- hence only one piece, for our customers”

I am in love with her collection, its dreamy and sophisticated, this particular pink dress can be worn in many ways, wear it as a tunic, with shorts, a cover up for a beach party or as a dress for brunch, on holiday or a function, it can be styled in more than one way (therefore every penny spent is rightly utilized) all in all the cherry on the top is the fit and material used which is perfect for every Indian season (accepting that part of the day, especially in Hyderabad is always summery)







Keep up a tab on my Instagram page Fashioneatista because every time I repeat this outfit it’s going to be a different style; also follow Meraki on Instagram Meraki by Pallavikandoi for all the updates about her collection. You can also mail email your queries and orders on

Have a happy weekend.

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Food Walk by Swiggy Hyderabad 


Today I went for one of my first ever food walk in organised by Swiggy. Until last night i wasn’t really sure if i would really make it since they asked us to assemble at 7:30 (I’m not a morning person, but i guess food was enough motivation) lifestyle blogger, Hyderabad

The Food walk was organised of 4 famous places in old City –Charminar, another reason why i really wanted to go.  Even being a localities, the last time i visited Charminar was 4 years back (for the reason everyone goes- to show off the tourist spots to your visiting relatives) I think food walk are just amazing, your senses come alive as you encounter many captivating sights and sounds (and a place like Charminar is just so full of it). It is a great way to indulge in enticing food, and know more about places and its legacies.

We all (all as in more fun and experienced foodies) assembled at ‘Nimra Bakery’ one of the oldest and most famous for ‘Chai and Osmania Biscuit’ center, well they serve much more than that but this is what it is known for. If you have been following me you will know i am not a chai fan, but i was all in to try, a little too sweet for me but what i loved was the freshly made ‘tie biscuit’, crisp layers just melt tin your mouth.


Next we walked towards “Govind Dosa” passing Charminar and obviously clicking a lot of selfie’s and pictures. Govind dosa is yet another famous place for idly-dosa, in a very ‘not so south’ style. The special ‘Cheese Dosa’ is slapped with layer of butter and cheese with paste of veggies and served crisp with chutney. We also tried ‘Fried butter idly’, which is pan fried in butter, anions coriander and of course some spices.. MUST TRY


Ur next stop was “Nayaab Hotel” a place that offers authentic Hyderabadi cuisine for 3 generations now. The place opens at 4 am and what they offer  is no light meal, they serve everything from ‘Bheja Fry’ ‘Paya’ ‘Nahari’ (tastes best with their double roti) they have  a lot to offer, what matters is how much can you eat! I loved the bheja fry the most and undoubtedly all dishes where perfect to its taste. Hyderabad blogger, food walk Hyderabad



We winded up with the best ‘Jalebi’ in town, also ‘Saffrom Tea‘ too milky for me again( if only i was a tea lover) with the scorching heat and such long walks (after eating so much) was just impossible. So two of our fellow foodie bloggers took it up on themselves and brought the jalebi to us, which was served with ‘Malai’, let’s just say it was a truly desi end to truly desi food walk (by now all i could imagine was A/c and bed)

All in all it was a great culinary experience and even better meeting the other foodies. Thank you Swiggy.

Have a great week ahead.

Love fashioneatista.

She – Series of Soulful Words

“She stood there, still through her misery,
Loved it, day in day out.
Breathed he smoke of her burning happiness,
Exhaled her tears, which gushed out.
Till the day she learnt to smile; and bloomed.
Completing her dance of misery,
For once and for all.”

“A dipteran, floating across this face,
Kissing every flower every petal, to know,
If they taste like you, smell like you, or remind me of you.
But they don’t, nothing does.
Only what reminds me of you now,
Is the agony that my aching heart carries,
And the memories;
My brain wants to wash away.”

“She didn’t let her thoughts,
Overpower her vision.
She didn’t let her pain,
Overshadow her dreams.
She was, that flower,
Which stood out in the garden.
She is that flower, which stands out in the garden.”

This beautiful series shot by @passionphotogarpher_  for my blog and words inked by the the very talented @_thenakedsoul_ (follow him on instagarm to get your daily dose of soulful magic in this chaotic world)
This was one of the first blog collaboration, and post  besides food and fashion. as a lifestyle blogger i think i have lot to explore and share the talent i come across. the words beautiful talk about a modern day women who can deal with hr shit, stay strong no matter what and face the world.. with just little love around her. I am actually thinking of doing similar series every week or once a fortnight, share your feedback and suggestions on Instagrm @fashioneatista or comments below.

Have a great weekend
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Classy Meets Cool


I personally feel my style is very classy, I love my blacks and grey’s. The well tailored clothes are my weakness. But I love mixing trends with my personal style.

The cold shoulder tops are a rage this season (in fact so are the off shoulder and one shoulder tops and dresses) So i mixed my grey knit, off shoulder top with maroon pants. (with few folds below, it gave me perfect pencil fit look, even though, they were not exactly pencil… Well let’s just that’s the trick to make an illusion of pencil fit) With pointed flats and grey tote i completed my look with more classy edge. I added spiky (my new favourite earring) which has a hint off copper in silver earrings, adding style to my entire look.

This is one more of the day to night look i love, its stylish for any outing and formal enough for any work or office meeting. with my work as a journalist and writer it never harms to be stylish. especially when it involves so little work.


All set to travel this weekend and have more of off shoulder love to share. have a great weekend guys.

Top- Zara, Trousers- Maxx Fashion, Earrings- Doha, Bag- Bought it online from a store i don’t remember the store.

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Maxi’mise Your Style

Maxis have been my new found love all winters and now summers too. It’s a summer staple for me as it’s one of the easiest pieces I have in my closet because of its double-duty styling. It can easily go from weekday to weekend night.Its pleasant during evening well at least from past few days so i haven reinventing the look pairing it with a soft denim jacket, especially if I’m working or hanging out indoors (A/C places are best, you really don’t need to think about summer heat.. at least the day when you really feel like dressing up)  plus I love a good denim jacket + maxi dress combo. It’s a new classic in my books.

Be it Georgette, jersey, satin, cotton, options are endless. Few years back I thought maxi dresses only looked fab with flat shoes, gladiator flat sandals and the likes, today I could rock this shit with any shoe. Aha. Even bloody sneakers, or wedges, or chunky massive sandals, which I used to hate when paired with a long dress. Besides, the versatility of a maxi is unquestionable and the styles and outfits, even layers you can make with one and play dress up are a blessing.

sharing few Looks to help you rock the Maxi look this season, do share your look and add more to this style by tagging me on Facebook and Instagram @Fashioneatista


  Details: Maxi- Forever 21, Hat: H&M, Shoes-Forever New, neck piece-